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  1. Happens more frequently on certain maps I've noticed. Mine always walk forward with a bit of a turn in their movement as well. Like dogs... circling looking for just the right position to lay down. On Crystal Isles, if I jump right back on and off again, they stay still.
  2. They are pigs. They 'pig out'. The Daeodon is a deprecated 'white elephant'. Give it as a gift to someone you don't like, and hope they don't 'thank' you. That's it's most useful purpose.
  3. First of all, you don't have to knock their health down. They consume huge amounts of food while bola'd. All you have to do is not feed them for a few bolas, then start feeding them when the food is sufficiently low enough for them to eat enough time to be tamed based on the taming food. For all anyone knows, that's normal for Tropes. Btw... I've tamed tons of them both ways on a private server. The normal method works fine for us. Must be an official server issue I guess.
  4. You can always fire up a local non-dedicated session and load whatever map you have access to. Depending on the setup of the dedicated server you usually play on, it's also possible to tame a creature on your non-dedicated session and transfer it back to your dedicated game.
  5. It's a pretty generic message and could mean a lot of possible things. I get it if I accidentally type in the wrong password. Also, not having the right versions/updates installed can give you the message.
  6. Crystal wyverns are already a challenge to tame considering the prime crystals expire. I'm only interested in playing Ark to 'collect' Dino's. If I can't transfer them after all my hard work, then I have zero interest in the new map.
  7. On the contrary. You get what you get on official servers, and you live with the restrictions and admins you get. Playing the unofficial servers you get much more choice as a player.
  8. Another HUGE advantage of unofficial is that you play unclustered servers, and then transfer dinos and resources from a non-dedicated game. Or back again to 'archive' them. I have a non-dedicated game (private - just me) to 'archive' anything I collect from other dedicated server maps. Because time stands still when the non-dedicated server isn't being used, I never have to feed anything, my gas powered generators never run out fuel, etc. When I want a specific dino or resource, I just load into my non-dedicated server and transfer it to the dedicated servers that I play on. When I collect new dinos and resources, I transfer them back to my non-dedicated map for archiving. Then we can change up the dedicated server maps occasionally, and I never lose anything... always accumulating. I have a 'vanilla' bunker on my non-dedicated Rag map, where I keep hundreds of dino cryo'd. We use S+ mod, but I keep my stuff archived in 'vanilla' structures so there's no risk if S+ goes away suddenly. It also give me constant access to the resources of Ragnarok if I want. If anything's lost in transfer, I keep transfer file saves, and just bring stuff back if I want. It also allows for long term breeding, which I enjoy. I can pull the Giga's out and make some breeding progress if I feel like it, then put them away again when I want to focus on another project. It's a great system for playing the game. I can't recommend it enough.
  9. Sounds like Gacha Claus spawns on Extinction (PC, private dedicated server) - two years, and no fix. I've played through two full Winter Events without finding a single one, and I used the Tek Transmitter to scan for them as well - NADA. Are you able to use Tek Transmitter to try scanning for Tropeos?
  10. Hey, I didn't start it. Quote chump and tell him.
  11. I won't pretend to know. I just know what is seems like to some folks.
  12. You miss the point. Everyone was expecting a delay. The issue isn't really that there is a delay.... for some it's that it seems "what's going on in the world" was used as an excuse for the delay. For others, "what's going on in the world" isn't a valid reason for the delay. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Your 'entitlement' to chastise others for having a different opinion than you is what should be checked at the door.
  13. Do you realize that racial profiling is racism, regardless of a person's skin color? Not to mention there's no data to support that claim. I get that you may be trying to be anti-racist, but you're actually being racist.
  14. I'm curious if anyone was planning any 'in game' virtual protests or memorial events to coincide with the release event. Maybe Wild Card's more afraid of that potential?
  15. You know, I can kind of see why not celebrate today, sure. But kind of ridiculous that a celebration has to be on the day of the release. Even if there weren't 'other considerations', I think Wild Card should avoid celebrating until after the initial launch anyways. Release today, celebrate next week after the initial bugs and major release issues are past.
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