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  1. From my experience, if you aren't positioned close enough in on the pad, or are moving around during the transport, you can be kicked from the transport. Also, if one of the Rexes takes a crap on you during transport. Rule of thumb when transporting to arenas: 1) stand still, 2) don't stand under dinos, and 3) try to be as close to the pads center as possible.
  2. I did not say 'lesser' OS's. As a matter of fact I studied Computer Science, and have an appreciation for all variety of OS's. I said 'less popular', as in lower market share. On the other hand, you plainly stated that you 'detest Windows' and made specific reference to a popular anti-Windows rhetoric... 'spyware edition'. You can turn off the reporting and lock Windows 10 quite nicely if you knew what you were doing. The Windows 10 upgrade CAN be reversed btw. Not that I would recommend an upgrade to Win 10. Windows upgrades are always inferior to a straight install.
  3. I work in Enterprise IT. You clearly have no clue of the challenges involved. 1) More easily said than done. You can't actually prevent DDOS attacks, you can only minimize the impact of them, which requires an expensive infrastructure and enormous bandwidth. Which wouldn't be a realistic expectation for game servers. 2) More easily said than done. Getting rid of bugs is an impossible challenge. It's a constant battle. Getting rid of exploits can be even more difficult. It would be easier to literally track down the offenders, visit each of them at their home, and give them a reason not to be idiots. None of which is a realistic expectation.
  4. 1) DDOS isn't something you can fix in a game. The root cause of DDOS is players being idiots. 2) The game doesn't need to be good... it's already great.
  5. All I want to say is that I was gifted this game by my brother who loved it so much, he wanted to share it with me. I've now spent several thousand hrs in the game over the course of the last year, and I'm probably going to be playing it for quite some time to come. Once I'm finally done, i's a game experience I'm going to remember for a very very long time to come; lots of great enjoyable & fun memories. I can't think of a single other PC game that I have ever got so much from, with so little, beyond my time, invested. It's not a perfect game or perfect dev team. There are no perfect games or dev teams. But it's as damn close as you can get for the price of admission. They could charge a lot more for this game and it would still be worth every penny. So for the critics out there... get your heads on straight. No one wants to read whiny rants from people who can't properly manage their own expectations.
  6. Rexes work fine for the Dragon. It's easier to just uses Rexes all around.
  7. Mutations should be the last method for boosting. Prior to mutating, its best to tame wild dinos to collect an array of high stats, then breed them together into a single mating pair. Example: tame a Rex with 40+ HP, then another with 40+ melee, and another with 40+ stamina, whatever stats you want boosted. Then breed them together until you get a single mating pair with each Rex being hatch having 40+ in each of the important stats. THEN when you are satisfied that you can no longer find and tame better Rexes to boost those stats higher, begin to breed for mutations that you work into the line. Similar with Gigas, but I just tamed two Gigas... one with high HP and one with high melee damage, then bred them together to get a breeding pair that has both high HP & MD. The only stat really worth leveling on Gigas is melee damage, but it does help to start with as high a HP as possible as well.
  8. Welcome to the world of operating systems that don't matter as much. It's all a matter of OS market share. An OS is an OS. Windows isn't a worse OS, its just a more popular OS, which also makes it a higher priority target, for both good & bad. When you gobble up the anti-Windows rhetoric and jump ship to Apple OS or Linux, you aren't getting a better OS, you're just getting one that's a lesser priority, for hackers/viruses, and game developers. Take your pick. Live with it.
  9. The thread is ages old. You're responding to people who posted nearly two years ago. Something tells me they don't need your recommendations any longer.
  10. That was awesome! Loved the paratroopers, and the music you chose. I would say retire the stronger ones to their own estate, letting them sire the future legions. Then let the weaker ones command the future legions in coming attacks.
  11. So you want to play PvP but also don't want to play PvP? PvP is basically 'kill or be killed', and the only way to 'survive' is to learn to adapt and keep your head down, which essentially means no building anything to be wiped unless its completely covert. The only way to find a less hostile PvP server is to look for a private server where the population is less bent on immediately wiping others.
  12. If you think Meks are bad, you haven't met my Gigas. Equating your perception of something being 'OP' to WC dropping the ball is ridiculous. The game is highly configurable. That means the game can be very different from one server to the next. Players just need to find servers that are the 'right fit' for them. So stop crying about it, and play on a server that suits you.
  13. So your idea of 'balancing' seems to be making someone who plays a lot equal to someone who plays casually. For starters, don't play on a PvP server if you can't handle PvP. Secondly, if you're going to play PvP you need to do it with more dedication than that. It sounds like PvE is more your speed.
  14. Thanks for finding and posting that. Even if they really wanted to prevent people from reloading the game to insta-spawn resources, killing the respawn entirely if the player leaves the server is not the answer. It would make more sense to put a timer on a respawn that stays statically linked to the server's up-time. Kind of like the cryo-pod sleep sickness timer. You can't just reload your game to kill the cryo-pod sleep sickness timer; it has to run its course. They could do the same with resource spawns, except it wouldn't be linked to the player's presence on the server like cryo-pods are; just to the server's up-time. It's definitely impacting the quality of play, as people are forced to modify their server settings to make resources spawn as soon as they move out of range. I would prefer to have a slightly longer time between resource re-spawns on my non-dedicated server, but this bug doesn't leave us that option.
  15. So resources meant to re-spawn, that NEVER re-spawn, are an intended mechanic? LOL. It's clearly a bug. Perhaps you don't understand what I'm referring to. Normally when you gather resources, and spend enough time at far enough distance away, they will re-spawn. However, with this bug, if you leave the area entirely before they spawn back, the resources NEVER re-spawn regardless of how long you wait, even if you go back and wait at a distance for hours and hours. After days of trying to find an answer, I did find that there's an unreliable 'work around', that involves setting your server settings for resource re-spawns to 0.0. Just doing that alone won't bring them back. However, if you go back to where the resources were after setting to 0.0. then spend some time there (they still won't re-spawn), then move just out of render distance - but not too far away, they will SOMETIMES re-spawn. I had to do this a number of times before it finally worked. Incidentally, my server was already set to fairly fast re-spawns before the issue occurred (0.25). So it was never an issue of not waiting long enough. They were gone for many real time days.
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