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  1. Congrats on finding a friendly server (PVE I'm guessing). Seems to be more of a rarity.
  2. The very first thing you have to learn... 'private server' good, 'official server' bad. But seriously, if you play on the official servers, prepare to have your dedication to the game challenged. Private servers are generally more relaxed places for you to learn the game, while official servers are crawling with people who just want to ruin your day in the funnest way they can.
  3. The game is meant to allow progress to the point where you grow beyond the initial challenges. Obviously your narrow definition of survival isn't likely going to allow for that. You can't have your cake and eat it to. Based on your definition of survival, you'd have to choose... either you want a survival game, or you want a game that you can beat. Pick one.
  4. The game has enough settings options that it can be played however you want. So 'yes' it is a survival game. But people's idea of 'survival' will be different. They just have to adjust the settings to suit their definition of survival.
  5. Run a backup before you change anything, then test.
  6. You have to especially love it when the problem isn't consistent for everyone. It's like if your car broke down on the side of the road and someone stopped just to tell you that their car is working fine. "Just turn the key!" LOL.
  7. All the problems trying to get 'flyer carry (PVE)' working on my PVE non-dedicated server. It's so stupid. I check the box for PVE, then you should be able to simply check the box labelled 'Flyer Carry (PVE)' and be able to carry wild dino with your flyer... but no... the only way to get it flyer carry working is to not play PVE. What's really ridiculous is that when you Google the problem, the very many complaints about 'Flyer Carry (PVE)' not working go back for as long as the game has been played.
  8. Question: When stack sizes reduce, such as the tek vacuum compartment max stacking going from 100 to 5, presumably it's going to take 20x more 'shelf space' (slots) in containers. So if they make that change and you happen to have a locker stuffed full of the items, do you lose the excess after the stack size reduces? Or will the container still retain all the items, until you have a chance to move some out?
  9. The fact that there are legit companies like Host Havoc making their income renting dedicated ARK servers kind of blows up your claim. I'm pretty sure the invoice they send out each month doesn't 'ask for a donation'.
  10. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... good luck with that.
  11. Good grief... what's the point of having a server setting to allow flyers to pick up dinos in PVE that just gets ignored or reverted by the game? Evidently the only work around after four years is to just not play PVE? Talk about ridiculous.
  12. Doing a Google check, evidently there have been problems with this particular setting 'AllowFlyerCarryPvE=False' as long as the game has been around. I even tried editing the 'GameUserSettings.ini' file then setting it to 'read only'. When I run the game, it still doesn't allow flyer carry in PVE, but when checking the file again afterwards, this time it wasn't able to change it and the 'GameUserSettings.ini still says 'AllowFlyerCarryPvE=True'. Of course, what good is that when the game seems to ignore it anyways....
  13. Making Server Settings Adjustments In addition to the couple of dedicated servers I join, I also have several non-dedicated games that I play on my PC locally. The first time I setup a local Ragnarok game, I adjusted the setting 'Allow Flyer Carry PVE'. By default it's unchecked, and I checked it. Then I started a non-dedicated session on Ragnarok. Unfortunately, flyer carry wasn't allowed still. I ended up restarting the server & making the change over and over and over again, until finally it stuck at some point. Now I'm running a local non-dedicated game on 'Extinction' and running into the same problem. Except this time the setting just doesn't want to stick at all. So I researched how to edit the 'GameUserSettings.ini' file. I change the 'AllowFlyerCarryPvE=False' line to read 'AllowFlyerCarryPvE=True' and save the file. I open the file and verify the settings change saved; yup! When I start the game, I noticed that the check box setting is now checked! Hurray! Except when I start the game the in game admin manager says 'AllowFlyerCarryPvE=False', and sure enough... no flyer carry. So I exit the game completely and check the 'GameUserSettings.ini' file that I edited. It now says 'AllowFlyerCarryPvE=False' again. What the heck is going on? How are you supposed to reliably make server settings changes?
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