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  1. 90 armor MC Giga Saddle blueprint. Got three of them so far in the desert loot crates on Rag.
  2. Ah, sorry I missed the fact he was using Xbox. Thanks for the correction on that.
  3. You don't need to go with Nitrado specifically. I imagine there are lots of options for server rentals. We use Host Havoc and they also have a system for users to donate to the cost of the server. Our own experience with Host Havoc has been pain free. Super easy to use and manage.
  4. Without a doubt the one that does the most for me is the Wyvern. As good as utility dinos like Ankies are, they can't access resources as quickly or easily as a Wyvern can. I can use a Wyvern to carry tons of building materials across Ragnarok in a coupe of minutes. You can almost go anywhere and do almost everything when you have a Wyvern. They make everything easier, and you can kill just about anything you want on the back of a Wyvern. You can't say that about many dinos.
  5. Was over visiting a new tribe member today. He's new to our server, but has a lot of experience in the game (2500+ hrs). Anyways, the one area he's still not that experienced with is the stat breeding and breeding for mutations. Since I'm on the search for good Rex stats to work into my line, I took a look at his three recently tamed Rex's. I did a double take as I noticed a natural 47 roll on one of his Rex's melee damage. 47 !!!! With his permission I brought my male Rex over for a little Rex on Rex action, and got an egg. First egg hatched gave me a male with the 47 levels on melee damage... that's more than 400% at hatch! Now just to weed out the crap stats and transfer that 47 to my breeding line.
  6. See... you're 'a good neighbor'. Patient, and not just looking out for yourself. Getting along with others in Ark is just a preview of what some people's real world social skills are. Looking over some of the threads that pop up here, I'd hate to see what some people's actual neighborhood relationships must be like. They must have some spectacular neighborhood shouting matches or physical scraps going on where they live.
  7. Built my first tri-ramp pitfall trap in a taming outpost not far from the Ragnarok green obelisk. The outpost location has several narrow paths up to it, with three possible approaches, so I thought why not build a pitfall trap with three possible entry ways.
  8. No it doesn't. Check the massive feather plummage. It's a Zhenyuanlong suni.
  9. The new creature is a Zhenyuanlong suni. Feathered variant of the raptor. Discovered not long ago. https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/vvbae9/this-new-raptor-fossil-confirms-that-scaly-naked-movie-raptors-are-dumb
  10. The irony being it would take more bytes to represent the name of the stat, and display the stat, than holding the stat value itself. 😜
  11. I think you mean if a 'stat' uses a single byte, correct? 8 bits representing a single value between 0-255
  12. Built another pitfall taming pen, this time near a Rex spawn. Went for a slightly more 'no frills' version with no out buildings or electricity etc. Just the pitfall pen, and some extra space to land a Quetzal and load up any Rex tames.
  13. Exactly. There's a reason movies are released in trilogies as well, but if you want to experience all of the content, you still need to watch all of the movies.
  14. I'd argue that Tapejaras are actually underrated, since most people don't see them as necessary. Same with Quetzals. Until they see how useful they are. But it's not a fault of the Tapejaras that many players are short sighted. The Argentavis is very useful and its usefulness is way more obvious early on. But I'll tell you what... now that I'm mid-game, my Argies sit unused now... unless I need a slower flyer to lead wild fliers into traps. Wyverns, tapejaras and Quetzals do everything else. My Argies biggest job is to look good and make eggs & poop.
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