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  1. it probally fell down there and they wont replace that stuff more then likely
  2. you will have to fill out a support ticket
  3. the Daedon Method was said to be aloud a while back
  4. client is up to 304.43 and server is up to 304.44, just load the game and see if it says 304.43 and the lower left corner
  5. Wildcard seems to have just pushed out client patch 304.43 and it seems to have fixed it, testing it on our cluster and looks good so far
  6. Legacy servers have been living on burrowed time and have always been destined to die at some point
  7. give it time, sometimes they add it 9-11pm EST
  8. Use the simple spawners mod to add them
  9. They do not spawn on Valguero normally
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