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  1. The multiple post on servers not working, the "fix this, fix that" section
  2. best back up your data that is on that drive just in case
  3. they probally arnt responding because this is a holiday weekend
  4. It is the holiday weekend in the US so some of the workers might be on vacation with the families
  5. Maybe they dont like multiple characters
  6. If you haven't done so already, make sure you fill out a support ticket
  7. send in a support ticket here on the forums
  8. Remember to get the dermis of it for the taxidermy stand
  9. if they did that, it would bug out and you would get stuck in another tribes building
  10. are you using extraordinary Kibble or 1 of the old kibble classed as extraordinary Kibble
  11. they were just throwing out ideas, nothing to worry about at this time
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