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  1. shadowkyuubi

    Bug lag

    You will have to fill out a support ticket
  2. shadowkyuubi

    what happen to X2

    Error 404 2X not found
  3. shadowkyuubi

    2X so what happe?

    Maybe they decided that officials could live without the 2X
  4. shadowkyuubi


    I hear a fix is coming for this, they are aware of it
  5. shadowkyuubi

    Tek Dino loot on The Island (use for Element Dust)

    if u travel to extinction, learn the unstable element shard/unstable element engrams then travel back to the island, then u will be set to convert that dust to shards and element
  6. shadowkyuubi

    Why is Wildcard deleting my support tickets?

    If it was a fertilized egg it's best to incubate those in a locked room that they can't get into, that way you will not have that problem Just have a dino gate attached to that room to move the dino outside after it hatches
  7. shadowkyuubi

    Possible server transfer

    You can transfer from drops as well Btw is it like that on all obelisks?
  8. shadowkyuubi

    No egg incubation time change... no imprinting change

    They are aware of it
  9. shadowkyuubi

    4th managarmr eaten by wildcard

    Suppose to be today
  10. shadowkyuubi

    4th managarmr eaten by wildcard

    Managarmr Fix bug causing Managarmr to die randomly Potential fix for client crash Ice breath is no longer stopped by a Dino Leash Potential fix for Managarmrs floating away Whistle Stop and Whistle Follow will interrupt the current ability Increased time between freeze buffs Ice breath freeze amount is now more significantly reduced by distance  a quick check of the forums from about 16 hours ago would have found this, just a fyi this is todays patch notes from the valentines event
  11. shadowkyuubi

    Can my Poison Wyvern kill a deathworm?

    Yes, if u are careful and watch ur hp
  12. shadowkyuubi

    ARK PVE 628 The Center, Down for days and dinos dead

    The only thing that you can do is fill out a support ticket and wait for a response
  13. Easiest solution if managmars are killing you in PvP is to get a mamagmar yourself
  14. shadowkyuubi

    They are bottlenecking the map on purpose!

    People are always going to be unhappy about something
  15. shadowkyuubi

    Overpriced Sale Market for Dinos, etc

    Sometimes months of work go into those dino lines, so they are going to be sold for what the seller feels is reasonable