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  1. @Zaphajust tame a male yuthrannus and a couple females and 1 oviraptor and set them off to the side of your base and that will handle producing the top tier kibble which can be use to tame every Dino in game
  2. The only way to get assistance with that is through support tickets, unfortunately no one on the forums can assist you with that
  3. The genesis pass gets u the genesis 1 and 2 dlc
  4. There hasn't been any new server announcements
  5. are you playing on PC or console, if PC then steam, linux, or Win 10?
  6. build on a raft and use it as a mobile base
  7. did u log back into the server that you transferred to
  8. I just crafted a pod and the fridge , both in a drop, so it does work
  9. most likely u will be able to take your character to genesis but no items or dinos at first
  10. Unsubscribe to all mods, let them uninstall, then subscribe to them again and download them
  11. our server cluster just reports that stuff to the admins and support team and them handle cleaning it up for the most part
  12. the 2 buildings in the yard, the one with the tek quezts on it and the 1 under the flying wyverns right wing are rebuilt ruined buildings
  13. the right circle, there is is a supply drop that spawns there @khedrak
  14. New ARK annoucement https://survivetheark.com/g/
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