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  1. Transferring of Items

    it might be just fert eggs we can create at will
  2. Transferring of Items

    Kibble also works that way
  3. Transferring of Items

    Fert eggs that are produced on a server can only be transferred once to another server once there you are going to have to incubate and hatch them on the server you transferred them to
  4. water reflexion bug report ark ps4 (not pro)

    What is the water reflection bug
  5. Expansions and/or DLC content

    u have to buy the season pass, or u can buy the DLC 1 at a time
  6. Auto-decay claiming way too much.

    Is your tribe set to tribe owned on building and Dinos or personal owned
  7. Supposedly they were always supposed to Decay and never be claimable from what I've heard, this was them fixing that problem I for one can live with this because it might help the dino cap issue in the long run
  8. Xbox Single Player Crashes

    Just a heads up if this is on Xbox you might want to put this in the Xbox forum so that way the correct people see this
  9. My Precious Skins

    You have to make sure the option for giving the Survivor default items is checked
  10. Cannot log in Xbox One

    You might want to put this in the bug form in the Xbox section
  11. 2X?

    Well they did this do a massive bonus weekend last weekend so we're not going to get one every weekend
  12. Fast-travelling makes base invisible.

    Its been like that for months at least
  13. Ark: Aberration

    Its called a "SURVIVAL GAME" for a reason
  14. Fog (worst than before)

    try updating your video card driver to the newest driver, and set sky quality to 2/3 to the right then exit game and relaunch, that might get rid of the blue fog for some of you between 00:00 and 4:30 game time
  15. Do basilos fit through a dino gate?

    You could build small pens but use the Behemoth gate to enter two or three of them