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  1. Bionic skins on steam?

    Those preorder codes were for consoles i believe
  2. Path blocking

    You put a ticket in every single day until they get tired of getting them and look into it

    I know, personally I have no problem with having to pay for scorched Earth and then getting Ragnarok free

    Wildcard didn't release ragnarok, just made it official
  5. Vault on saddle platform

    Try it and find out
  6. Who won the $2,000.00 prize money?

    And a set patch day
  7. Path blocking

    Is blocking off paths and access routes to various areas considered griefing and/or harassment
  8. In game mini map

  9. issue Rare blueprints uncraftable

    Might be worth a try at least
  10. In game mini map

    For some reason whenever I bring up the in-game minimap it always is positioned in the way that part of it is cut off so I can't see it at all It seems to be shifted off screen in the lower left hand corner
  11. issue Rare blueprints uncraftable

    Try making a pair of pliers and using them to craft it in your inventory if that allows that
  12. Auto decay

    Did u connect the foundations together
  13. Logged in dead on PvE server

    Oh did they finally fix that
  14. Logged in dead on PvE server

    He may have also dehydrated or starve to death
  15. Aberration Map

    My map is stuck in the lower left corner when i have it out to where i cant see all of it