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  1. I would say send in a ticket
  2. shadowkyuubi

    April patch 2019

    have you try to verify the files on steam
  3. shadowkyuubi

    Na servers

    Physical location of the actual server really doesn't matter too much because I'm in North America and I play on a UK server and get very little lag
  4. shadowkyuubi

    Can we tame bunny dodos?

  5. shadowkyuubi

    Lost Character and Tames

    You post a ticket in the support section of the website
  6. shadowkyuubi

    Artifact of the clever not spawning

    Was anyone else in the cave with you that might have grabbed it themselves
  7. shadowkyuubi

    My 5 giga died with 29:50 min timer on the bag

    Gigas have always been gluttonous with their appetites
  8. Death is just another stop on the circle of life
  9. Try a different PVP server
  10. shadowkyuubi

    managa Disappears on the island

    its a known issue
  11. shadowkyuubi

    Fert Giga eggs vanishing

    Maybe the eggs fell through foundations or ceilings depending on what the floor of your incubation room is made
  12. shadowkyuubi


    I'd rather enjoy the fixes they are adding for a little while longer before they start adding more new stuff
  13. shadowkyuubi


    Only way to get ahold of a gm is the support ticket system
  14. shadowkyuubi

    Pc pve extinction 465 still down

    Remember to fill out a server outage report
  15. shadowkyuubi

    Lost Character and Tames

    I'm thinking the ticket submitting thing is to put you on a list and then they go from whoever submitted first down on that list to restore characters