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  1. fill out a support ticket on this site
  2. they wont region lock servers
  3. I believe they have said about a couple months
  4. Yes character transfers are open but no items or dinos
  5. If you're using the cryo pod in an area that is too small for a wyvern to get into it will do that
  6. https://mobile.twitter.com/FeralBeagleLLC/status/1141742419563577351
  7. I saw it on the ark Dev tracker I believe from Twitter from Ced @Waytipsy
  8. They were saying the update for Linux and Mac should hopefully be out the next day or two
  9. Make sure to fill out a server outage report listing the the problems
  10. You will have to fill out a support ticket
  11. Submit a ticket with your proof of DDOS
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