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ARK: Fear Evolved 2!


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Get Ready for ARK: Fear Evolved 2, running from October 27 through Nov 6!

This sequel to the ultimate Survival Holiday-Themed Event will test your skills and your courage as you hunt for the legendary DodoWyvern across Scorched Earth, collecting up new cosmetics and costumes along the way. Back on The Island, you'll get to tame Snakes, and encounter rare Vampire Bats & Rabid Dire Wolves -- being bit by these infected creatures will give you Vampirism or Lycanthropy! Though you will become a monster, you will also gain incredible powers, whether it's the superhuman sight, speed,  strength, and gliding of a Vampire, or the moon-triggered body-morphing ferocity of a Werewolf! Just beware the burning daylight (and stay stocked up on blood)! In Fear Evolved 2, sometimes the most dangerous creature on the ARK... is you!

Patch 248

We wanted to provide you with an update regarding the delay of the latest ARK Survival Evolved patch. Unfortunately, it’s going to take us a bit longer to get this out to you, this patch is filled with a tonne of content and new features and we’re needing to spend some more time on it -- the new v248 Release Date is October 18.



A key feature of the patch our new Procedurally Generated ARK system. This will lead to endless opportunities for survivors to explore new lands and create new memories. We’re doing a lot of work to ensure that this first pass is really up to par to make sure you get a fulfilling experience and also creating a friendly user interface to make looking after your maps (multiple saves), and customizing & randomizing them much easier. Also, you’ll have the ability to share your maps very easily with others! Plus that’s not all we’ve got cooked up for this patch, there’s a tonne more to come and you can check out the rest of the upcoming notes here:

So we apologize for the delay and hope you understand our reasoning for holding it back until it’s shiny, however once the patch does come out it’ll be better than ever and would have definitely been worth the wait!

We’ve got a lot planned in October and for the months ahead, and can’t wait to share it all with you! Thanks for your ongoing support and feedback you provide, it is all valued and pivotal to making ARK as good as it can be!

All the best,

Wildcard Jat & the ARK: Survival Evolved Team.

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The Vampirism/Lycanthropy "diseases" sound really fun. If things go well with them maybe they can be developed into the game permanently. There can be tribes of vampires/werewolves!  I don't mind the 248 delay so long as the update is properly executed and polished when released. Keep up the good work WildCard!

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10 minutes ago, Spazegamer said:

How big are the procedurally generated arks?

Same size as far as area but the one seed (procedural generated ark ) to another will have mountains in different areas, possibly spawns too. The water areas will be different, etc. The whole map will cover the same area as normal but generate with different landmass, water, ocean, etc.

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10 minutes ago, CarnageRex said:

Will Xbox get to experience the event? And will snake taming become permanent?


9 minutes ago, Suprinity said:

yes, I hope the snake taming becomes permanent. It's about time we have tamed Titanboas :-)

There is a decent possibility of this. To my recollection you can still tame Onyc and Araneo, and both of those critters being tamable debuted in the last halloween event.

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25 minutes ago, GDP said:

No one gives a poop about procedural generated maps enough to delay the patch that long because of it.  Get ur poop together.

I guess I am one of those "No ones". I believe that Procedural Generated maps is a great addition and once working properly after the "Initial Testing Experiment" of this update, the versatility of this game will have become unlimited. So many thing to do, so many new maps available. So many more uncharted territory to explore. The same old map gets old after a while. This will open up extended play.

By delaying the update to smooth it out instead of sending out trash too early is in fact them getting their poop together. This was a wise decision.    

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