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  1. With ark 2 releasing what looks like possible NPC's do you think we will get more story mode? Sort of like how we got the Explorer notes it would be awesome to fill out the roles of people in tribes and in history by receiving maybe a tattoo from them from the implant. I propose a new idea. 1. Tribal Tattoos 2. Ascension Tattoos 3. Lore Tattoos Tribal Tattoos, Back when Survival of the fittest was popular we could all make our own symbols and tribe flag. Maybe having a symbol to represent a tribe somewhere on the character could be possible. Ascension tattoos. Upon each bo
  2. Always have been a fan of these Primates in this game. Maybe it's time for tlc. Mesopithecus: 1. Crafting Speed Stat, as a primate it just makes sense. The crafting would be accessible through a wheel menu to access it's inventory. Making it the perfect crafting buddy (Courtesy of Udam's idea) 2. Double Gatherer, to make the mesopithecus more useful pre-game, while on shoulder harvesting bushes gets double berries into the mesopithecus inventory. 3. Door lock mechanic: The mesopithecus has the ability to open doors from thatch to wood, why not have him able to lock doors behi
  3. I think QoL for a game like this is a MUST. We need Hat craftables, Clothing Costumes, Shoe types. I think they should add a Tailoring Table for new items. Sort of like custom recipes.
  4. Fecal Roombas, Top thing I've heard today. Real Dung Beetles gather fecal matter into spheres and roll them around. If that could be real in ARK then the spheres could be turned into condensed feces which could lasts longer. Sort of like a second Choice instead of conversion of Fertilizer. My TLC idea for the dung Beetle. 1. Keep the Conversion from feces to fertilizer the same, But have more animations with it's conversion, Maybe a graphical UI update to see progress on poop conversion. 2. Second choice rather than conversion for better quality dung. I'd say have a roll around
  5. Well, I would think that would be obvious, but for a quality of life update for the Compass, Maybe an attachment for the Compass, that can detect Cave Drops, and Any type of Supply drop with a distance feature. It could be unique, and would also give more use to the Compass.
  6. I've seen many ideas for the Brontosaurus TLC (Which might come soon based on the pattern of dinosaurs) I have some ideas to make our favorite moviestar Brontosaurus feel more comfortable and more used. Sitting animation, Just the ability to sit in a curled pattern would make the platform saddle more useful and appealing. The Brontosaurus would be detach a ladder inwards and you could climb up just for quality of life. I think a new type of harvesting method should be brought in for the bronto, as a massive long neck they trample over trees and rocks. I think they should be able to b
  7. While I agree with a new TLC pass, this won't be soon with the rate of TLC's coming out. However it's always good to think of new ideas. Increased bullet damage agreed, while tamed would be nicer. I think they should have the movement ability similar to the Megalania. Along with a versatile turret mode. That would be unique.
  8. The OP said he almost bought scorched earth, Knowing that the new free maps have scorched earth components and creatures. Ragnarok came out after scorched earth this people were able to get free scorched earth components.
  9. Great Idea, The Oync hasn't gotten much love just yet.
  10. So for one, It was really hard to understand this post, Do consider using bullets and more defined ways to tell what you are saying. You are saying you want Troodons and Parasaurs to be unable to detect Purlovia Traps, and Rock Drake Invisibility. Good balance, however every nerf needs a buff. This could be plausible if the Parasaur had a dismount feature (Similar to a panic on a Equus) when an invisible and cloaked creature is nearby. Also maybe add an extra 1/2 Time of normal cooldown detection time to the cooldown. As for Troodons, I think they should stay the same. They are meant to b
  11. I don't entirely regret it after being one of the veteran players able to play it before ragnarok came out. Was fun to have an exclusive desert map.
  12. I got one for you, Hopefully after the new DLC's you will appreciate some nostalgia, I'm a veteran player who's returning after a year. I joined when my Darling Mesopithecus joined the ARK. I would hop on every day back then before school. Keep in mind, I'm 19 Now; I used to play this one server with friends on PVP Island. I would always take "Ozark" (my Meso) on my pteranodon to use as extra weight and as a warning system. Thankfully Ozark was there, I was flying over the northwest part of the what used to be before snow area. There lied my grave, fortunately and unfortunately my bird got sho
  13. Dear MR frost. I just begun Survivetheark, so I'm sure you know where i can post the digest entries. Can you tell me?

  14. Dodowyvern... Like Dodorex ahahah...
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