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  1. Arat Prime could be the part 2, After the simulation was defeated, I wouldn't be surprised if the corruption corrupted the space station, maybe the new map is the space station but with special features, teleported, small worlds, etc? Long shot, but maybe this is where we get to explore the Arks.
  2. Sounds like this is getting under control! Nice job guys.
  3. Allosaurus and Carnotaurus are Terrestrial Dinosaurus, the Megalodon is Aquatic, and is quite different from land dinos. I think the Aquatic part of ark needs a revamp, maybe more detail, more graphical details. Personally I think: Carnotaurus needs a visual overhaul with an additional attack or ability. Megalodon needs a visual overhaul, maybe an resize (bigger). I think most aquatic creatures should be able to surf easier atop the ocean surface. Even jump through the water surface.
  4. Ark is a story still in motion. Ark is a game that evolves with it's community, I'm sure one day some shorts/animations will come up! Right now TLC passes are on the way.
  5. I hope for a new Plant Species. Imagine, Plant Species Flame. They emit an ember that burns nearby targets, but that aside. Would flame turrets take bullets? And would it be metal?
  6. Healing Pig = Base Game (Aka Daeodon) Healing Bird = Extinction (Aka Snow Owl) The next TLC is probably gonna be for more base game dinos, a healing featherlight would definitely differentiate the aberation charge-light shoulder mounts. Who knows, future is undetermined. However, if the Featherlight were to get a TLC the other charge-light shoulder mounts should all be different, who knows!
  7. Hear me out, Closed mouth idle, open mouth when recovering stamina, all dinos could use more detail like this!
  8. ImpureFrost

    Tek Wingsuit

    Well, OP's Idea could be changed to where a TEK Wingsuit could be upgradable version of gliders, aka propelled by gasoline, Just an idea though, could make travelling and flying more fun and quick.
  9. What I want to see, as far as new dinos, would be... Platyceramus for black pearl collecting, or a new type of pearl, a large clam with the ability to trap survivors. Nuralagus, for burrowing, as far as giant bunny can go, I would love to see burrows become a thing for new survivors, to live in, steal things from, have these giant rabbits take your things back to burrows, so you have to retrieve them, it'd be interesting. I have more ideas! but these are the main 2 Exciting ones.
  10. As far as I know, Phoenix only spawn DURING Heatwaves, And if you check the Wiki, they spawn in the middle as a Rare spawn. Once a Heatwave is over, the phoenix will fall into an ash pile, looks like a black dirt mound with a burnt tip. My advice, is to start a search with a friend or 2, and look for the mound, or scavenge the sky in a grid pattern, they have a very unique render distance, you cannot see them from far away. The heatwave doesn't last long so be quick, or be ready to wait a couple heatwaves.
  11. Exactly, Scorched Earth was released DURING, Early access to give more content at once. Each DLC may not have many new Dinos, and Scorched only came out with a few less than Aberration, but starting the DLC Chain with scorched is by far the best option. Only but the bundle if you know you will make it through the DLC's in the long run! I bought the bundle cause it's an amazing game, I mean, C'mon (DINOSAURS).
  12. Wild Card, has always had some community issues, but they are HUGELY improving, Been here since 2015, Seen meshing evolve, Bugs been fixed, reading patch notes to discover new things fixed, They will always in the end put their community first, it just takes time. They want their game to thrive! Just like the ARKS.
  13. Dear MR frost. I just begun Survivetheark, so I'm sure you know where i can post the digest entries. Can you tell me?

  14. Dodowyvern... Like Dodorex ahahah...
  15. Hi, my name is @AlbinoArchaeopteryx2008. I followed you because you seem awesome, and, I have no one to talk to. I hope we can discuss things about ARK Survival Evolved! My name is Josh, by the way.

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      PS, how do you get points?


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      Rep Points? If so.... All you gotta do is be an active participant, and people might reward you if they like your posts :3

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