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  1. Official servers are controlled to prevent people from going on single player and spawning in all their stuff to move to the official sever. There are other reasons too. There is a limited and controlled cross server function in the works and being refined to link some of those official servers maps together. In single player, you can move what ever you want between other single player maps or unofficial servers that allow downloads. No restriction except it appears that if a player moves a fertilized egg from one map to another, it hatches at level 1 regardless of its original level or the parents level. I know this is fact between unofficial server to unofficial server. Any other combination, I do not know. How can anyone know how the caves will look on procedural generated maps that can make infinite maps? On one map, a single or multiple caves might be easy to spot but the next map, they might be hidden more and they in different locations. The maps will be generated as new, unseen maps. Since they have not been played on, how can this be answered? Guess this will be found out after the mechanic is implemented.
  2. They looked at the picture and started typing "will this be on Xbox too" even though the answer has been there hours or longer before. Ha. I see the first response and then don't answer anyone after that. They can go read the forum first.
  3. It is great to have events and on such a young map. Keeps thing exciting and challenging. Some people thought the way you do now when the fear Evolved was coming last year. Oh-no, my base will be gone. Oh-No, I will lose everything. This is not an extinction event. So calm down. I think the dodoRex and DodoWyvern are cool and I do not live in a thatch hut or troll servers. The statement of "Only Players" and "Majority of players" carries no weight, especially when making a personal opinion. I play on an unofficial server with only minor changes to default (nothing big at all - still need to grind and wait on long tames, etc). I am preparing now to take the fight to these creatures. Will I lose tames? Yes, but that is part of the game. I am looking forward to this event. If you are fed up or disagree to how the game is going as well as make threats of leaving (including deciding for your friends to leave), then now would be a good time to load up your dinos and go bye bye. But you won't leave. In the extremely rare chance that you would leave, you will be back. I don't care either way. I seen players complain last year before events (all events) but then after the events, hmmm, attitudes changed. Guess they realized that they were actually fun and different. Have a great day.
  4. "Danger noodles" - nice. I like it.
  5. I guess I am one of those "No ones". I believe that Procedural Generated maps is a great addition and once working properly after the "Initial Testing Experiment" of this update, the versatility of this game will have become unlimited. So many thing to do, so many new maps available. So many more uncharted territory to explore. The same old map gets old after a while. This will open up extended play. By delaying the update to smooth it out instead of sending out trash too early is in fact them getting their poop together. This was a wise decision.
  6. Same size as far as area but the one seed (procedural generated ark ) to another will have mountains in different areas, possibly spawns too. The water areas will be different, etc. The whole map will cover the same area as normal but generate with different landmass, water, ocean, etc.
  7. Oh, this DodoWyvern is going to hurt. I am so dead. Starting to gear up and make tons of back up gear too. Looking forward to having several saved worlds and testing the procedural generated Arks. Don't worry about the delay. Take the time to get it smoother before launch. Have a great day.
  8. Display large and proud. These are always great and take a significant effort. I say, 1080p. Thanks for asking.
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