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  1. You're right. It should be delayed indefinitely until conditions improve. Same with Sony and the PS5, who chose to delay revealing information about their new console due to the same recent events.
  2. Shhhh. Don't break the narrative. Remember, this is all a ploy to excuse never releasing any DLC on time. They're not actually sympathizing with people given the current state of the country that the company is in, that'd be crazy talk /sarcasm #tinfoilhats.
  3. An ocean filled map was never confirmed by Wildcard. It was mostly a suggestion that gained massive traction when Scorched Earth first came out. I have vivid and fond memories of the suggestion thread for it, and even pitched an idea on said thread of a harvestable plantable flora that would provide you with oxygen if you were to swim within an area around it.
  4. That's not a fix, that's just kicking the can down the road and opening up other problems. Years ago, people were using dino/behemoth gates to mesh into the terrain. I don't think anyone here would want any gates gone. This also just highlights how exploits evolve, which is what Ced said in the post.
  5. Yes. If you own the season pass you still get extinction.
  6. Again, the event isn't tied to Mother's day at all. Nowhere in the announcement of the evolution event do the words "mother's" and "day" show up.
  7. There's nothing saying anything about the evo event being tied to Mother's day. Past events have actually bothered to make mention that they are connected to a holiday like easter, christmas, and halloween events of the past. That said, community yearning for a breeding/maturation event doesn't paint this in a better light either, basically saying that moms are just good for making and raising kids. So if we take out all the non "mom friendly" boosts all you're left with is 2x exp and 2x taming, which doesn't line up with them trying to change up evo events since those have pretty much been the things that get activated in basically every single one.
  8. Whatever caused your server to dc is more than likely completely an unrelated item. Your claim that it isn't the turrets is one anecdote of one incident on one server, as opposed to Wildcard's testing over several servers.
  9. Those themed foods, etc. aren't the Halloween holiday though, just promotions centered around said holiday. It's nothing like Christmas where you have the entirety of advent leading up to it, or easter where you have lent that paves the way. It's the equivalent of doing your house spooky : a celebration of, but not the event at all.
  10. To be fair, real life only gets 1 day for a Halloween event. In comparison 2 days of trick or treating in the game is 100% more Halloween.
  11. As flattering as this is, just exactly how big and tenured in the game industry do you think Wildcard is that you're comparing them to super established billion dollar video game companies like EA and Bethesda?
  12. Looks like the Jerboa and Otter have a rival in the cuteness department!
  13. This means that you will have to purchase aberration to access the map. However, if memory serves right, I believe that you get a discount for purchasing the season pass since you already own scorched earth.
  14. Scorched Earth and Aberration are two of the paid expansions for the game. When ARK came out on playstation there were two versions available for purchase : the $30 version that only contained ARK (and the center as it's a free DLC), and the $50 that came with ARK and Scorched Earth (plus the center).
  15. If you purchase the season pass it would cost you less than if you were to buy aberration and the further expansion when it comes out separately.
  16. There's no certain list yet about what "vanilla" creatures will be present on aberration though if megalosaur would be included, their activity (or lack thereof) is more tied to the day/night cycle than it is being in a cave. If I had to hazard a guess, it might be possible if aberration has longer nights than days.
  17. You do know the team is split up between their office in Washington and their office in Florida, right?
  18. Your stats and the stats of your equipment factor into the amount of resources you harvest.
  19. Lovely entries as always! I hope the Florida team stays safe and stays dry!
  20. People that own Scorched Earth receive a 33% discount to the season pass.
  21. There's a limited list of dinos that have bionic skins. You can see them on instagram.
  22. Actually, I'm saying it because I was part of the folks making the trailer, not just because I'm a moderator.
  23. It's no lies. The Argent was sprinting in that scene. Believe what you wish but that's how the shot was made.
  24. The Argent was sprinting whilst the Tapejara and Ptera weren't. Furthermore, the Ptera was weighed down for the sake of synergy with the Tape.
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