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Lost Island Creature Voting Is Now Closed


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  1. Are the emails to track packages still being sent out? Its been 24 hrs since Wildcard Chris posted his tweet and I still haven't received one.
  2. Its been three days since I ordered mine but there hasn't been any status updates. Can anyone in Wildcard help me out?
  3. Will Xbox get to experience the event? And will snake taming become permanent?
  4. The never promised anything. They said that they would consider it as they held the right to alter unreleased creatures, and maybe they did, as it has torpor and tame animations in the Devkit, but they never "promised"
  5. The longer they charge the stronger the attack, so....possible Giga killer?!?!??
  6. It's just sayings its passive tame, nothing special
  7. They've said time and time again, the island is gonna stay this size
  8. I was wrong. Vaga is Portuguese for roving, or traveling constantly. Castrum is Latin for castle. Vagacastrum = Traveling Castle
  9. Vagacastrum is losely translated to "Vacant Castle"
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