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  1. I accept that the game is not realistic... riding dinos and all ! --- But we should have realistic physics and the applications of said physics...if you don't accept that at the least then I suppose we should all just sit back and watch our legs drift off into the sunset as that's not realistic either ? ?
  2. No, I doubt that the rules can really be enforced... I'm more trying to suggest hard coded (server setting) ways to lessen the "cheatyness" so that it's more playable and enjoyable for all.
  3. @Jen, @JatheishSome ways you could stop some of the ill behaviour on the small tribes is :- 1. Disable pin codes for anyone not in the same tribe. 2. Disable un-claiming of dinos. 3. Make all fertile eggs raised by anyone outside of the tribe turn into non-fertile eggs or non-claimable.. 4. Perhaps give offline raiding protection a go, as there are no alliances, it would be "somewhat" harder to exploit. (example; it would be harder to make another account and build close to active tribe to make invulnerable walls to hide behind.) --anyone else got some other ideas?
  4. Being able to pick a painting off the wall and move it somewhere else would be nice... I mean how can I sell my art works or have them stolen and appreciated elsewhere ! lol -- I'd love the ability to "un" snap an object... There's been a few times when I want to place an object, but can't place it where I want due to the object snapping to something off to the side! But as to the question overall; : Is it the limitation of the game engine or the game developer - I couldn't say? -- There can at least be something done about some things however to improve quality of life!
  5. I refuse to buy any DLC's until fundamental issues that Ark has are addressed... Including but certainly not limited to "building mechanics" ! The building in this game is so awful, I consider it still in Beta Stage, at least where building is concerned. Why it has been left to this late in the stage of the game is still beyond me ! ?
  6. Without Alliances, people aren't able to use exploits like hiding their bases behind alternative accounts, which is great! This could work, but are there any other exploits?
  7. I believe this is true... however, if they prove to be popular, Wildcard has said that they will consider making them go longer (what ever that means)... So if you don't play these new servers because they aren't permanent, which may result in them being not popular, ensuring no possibility of a permanent sever.... -- If we really want this kind of server (small tribes and no alliances), it's probably best to show it as much support as we can !
  8. I see nothing wrong with making it like this... There should be better programming logic placed on foundational structures... I hate seeing mass deforestation(de-spawning) happen by just placing down even one square tile. It also makes it impossible for a small tribe to hide in the woods. As an example of better re-spawn programming logic... If you have a walled perimeter, make anything inside that perimeter not spawn back, while outside the wall you have a shorter distance so things are able to spawn back much closer to your base. Also, not to make this outside spawn distance the same distance that another tribe can build. Another idea, though somewhat drastic and would not be liked very much... Make it so that you cannot place foundations "X" meters further than your main cluster of foundations. As in , if you have a base that would be considered your main cluster of foundations thus limiting the distance that you can build away from there. Meaning no ability to make outposts, nor spam pillars everywhere. But the first suggestion needs to be in place in order for this to happen. If we were giving two or three tribal tokens (say a custom paintable flag) which could enable us to build 1 large base and only a couple of smaller outposts elsewhere. While massively reducing foundation spawn blocking abilities; Would this be better than what we have now?
  9. I think the idea has merit from a PVE perspective. If there was a time limit of 4 months to ascend before an asteroid hits and resets the maps - would make it interesting. So in order to play the next map, the one tribe needs to work together to get to the next map/level. Would only the people who were online at the time of ascension ascend?, or just the people who fought the bosses? I'm leaning towards just the people who fought the bosses would ascend to the next map/level -- One problem though, when would the next map be wiped? When the first survivor arrives on the map, or at the same time as the original starting map...? That would make it insanely hard by the end of the 4th map leaving only 1 month to complete each map, some maps would be quicker, so it might balance out well. Would force people to work together if they want to survive to see the 4th map, which would be good ! 1st person to arrive on each map is automatically the tribe leader, next five could be admins for the fun of it ! Kicking from the tribe would have to be disabled though. If a tribe leader goes to the next map...Any admins or next in line would automatically be the new tribe leader, unless there can be some way to have gladiator fights to determine who the next leader is might be fun !
  10. I'd make drop locations fully random for this idea, so no one could hoard drops...
  11. 3 Tribes only (forced into one of those 3 with no ability to defect, unclaim stuff, no alliances. etc) (one team cannot exceed 1/3 of total number of people able to play on the server at any one time) No drops, or if there is, set it to random locations with random loot of all possible items in game. each tribe has to defend their obelisk artifact (found inside the console) Objective is to place all obelisk artifacts in your teams obelisk console to win (winner is declared on a leader board with number of kills to individual players ect... game is then reset) Leaders of each tribe if that's a good idea will be determined by the player of that team with the most amount of enemy kills or something like that. (if no leaders, some kind of preset so that the tribe is not self sabotaged if that's possible.
  12. I just don't get how to active this event.... I use Ark Server Manager (not single player) and I just don't know where to place the line of code to make it work?
  13. Give me 3 teams, 30 players in each team, and the entire map of the island to play on with not so ridiculous modest boosted rates... and I'm in !
  14. Could you make the Bronto have a little more stamina and have the ability to knock down at least three trees in one tail swing. A tiny Anky can knock down two trees in one swing, yet a Bronto can't?
  15. I went swimming in the island volcano for the fun of it as you do... I was amazed at how long I could swim around in lava before dying. --- The under lava graphics look real crap! The visibility under lava is clearer than in the ocean, you shouldn't be able to see anything as your eyes would have burnt out due to crappy graphics !
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