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  1. What exactly Is happening with legacy

    That's a rather grim mindset. I mean, why keep living if you know you will eventually die? Ultimately, what ever the reason they have for playing on those servers, it is their choice to play on them.
  2. The developers don't deserve this hate

    None of the classic game bugs were ever fixed, due to the nature of classic games not being patchable, it took more than one day for Arkham Knight to come back to the steam stores, and various assassin's creed issues still persist, like infinite falling on unity even though Unity is now 3 years old, and origins gives vague timelines on when issues are to be resolved. So no, it's not "a lot of these issues were fixed within a day".
  3. The developers don't deserve this hate

    Respectfully disagree with this notion of flawless "top end games". I mean, cougar man and the bird people of Red Dead Redemption? Pretty much the entirety of the Assassin's Creed Franchise, ranging from infinitely spawning guards to everything wrong with Unity to bipedal Hippos? Diablo's error 37 messages during it's big launch? Batman Arkham Knight being so bad that it was actually taken off the steam store? None of those ring a bell to you? This isn't an issue with more modern games either. You had the negative world in Super Mario, the Rambi bug in Donkey Kong Country, Megaman's pause damage trick, Duck Hunt's stage zero, etc. etc. Ultimately, there's probably never going to be such a thing as a "bug free game", but game developers still try.
  4. Pretty sure it's more to do with being solid on a stance against cheating. I mean, as a comparison, if you say "the legitimate non murder-by-guns majority is being punished by the government" for having to have proper licenses and registration, I'm pretty sure you'd get laughed out of whatever establishment you say that out loud in. PvE or PvP, duping is still duping. Whether you gain an upperhand on other players by dominating them in combat, or just have a leg up in the game by circumventing the need to grind for materials, you're still making use of exploits. You have to really be stretching the definition of cheating by trying to invalidate it due to saying it's a victimless crime.
  5. Those themed foods, etc. aren't the Halloween holiday though, just promotions centered around said holiday. It's nothing like Christmas where you have the entirety of advent leading up to it, or easter where you have lent that paves the way. It's the equivalent of doing your house spooky : a celebration of, but not the event at all.
  6. To be fair, real life only gets 1 day for a Halloween event. In comparison 2 days of trick or treating in the game is 100% more Halloween.
  7. Whistle land command

    It's more that I'm comparing this particular "useful" whistle to all established whistles prior and realize this doesn't affect creatures in the same scope that the previous whistles do. EVERY tameable creature can be set to neutral, passive, aggressive, or made to follow, attack, and stop. Only flyers would be affected by a "whistle to land". "Importance" of flyers bears little relevance when compared to how few creatures this suggestion impacts compared to others of it's kind.
  8. Ark: Aberration

    It's not really just a modern thing. Games coming out not being bug free have been around for forever. From Super Mario's negative world warp pipe to every single bug that speed runners exploit in marathons and everything in between. I'm not saying that to excuse the modern practice, but rather to have a reminder that as game development technology (and gaming in general) becomes more complex, bugs become more glaring.
  9. Whistle land command

    People can opt to circumvent the terrain just fine using beds or sleeping bags or uploading themselves through supply crates/obelisks, or even through the tek teleporter. It's not some wunderkind notion that's native to flyers. I'm not saying cargo transport is not a big deal. I'm saying it's something other creatures can do fine, or even better if weight limits are to be considered. Heck you could even throw in speed as a factor there as you can pump a ground/aquatic dino's speed stat while you can't with a flyer. Talking about taking things to a place "risk free" is just a combination of what's been previously stated, personnel transport and circumventing the terrain. Those creatures can easily be made to reach their destination through non flyer means. At the end of the day, this suggestion's still a request for a whistle that only affects a select few when all other whistles prior affect every creature.
  10. Leedsichthys removed or nerfed

    1) This game has from day 1 been geared towards people working together as a tribe. If you can not somehow socialize to have even one friend in the game then that is not a fault of the product. 2) Honey aggros from a respectable distance. You don't need to have them "right up to your boat" 3) All dinos go for honey before going for what target they had intended prior. 4) Wearing a full ghillie suit negates getting stung by bees. This means that outside of the snow biomes, you can manage having a hive on your raft.
  11. That's a very bloated sense of value for the american dollar. I mean, I don't see how it would only be worth $5.00 when the kinko's price of the material alone (204 entries to copy on colored paper since it's not on standard paper) is $9.00 Never mind the labor costs for the artist that did those entries, cost of the game, soundtrack, and the materials as a whole.
  12. Dinos do automatically die if their timers come up whilst unrendered.
  13. Leedsichthys removed or nerfed

    Well for one thing, you don't need to throw hundreds of honey, just enough to keep a leeds distracted while you steer to safety. For another, you can place a hive directly on the raft, so having one readily accessible helps with the issue of spoilage. Though if you really insist on targeting leeds then I suggest progressing even more. If memory serves right tek turrets have a programmable exclusion list.
  14. Leedsichthys removed or nerfed

    You could just have a buddy chumming the waters with honey. I think ultimately that would be a better defensive measure.
  15. Now Wildcard favors the trolls

    I think it's less to do with favoring trolls and more to do with having a hard line stance of seeing pillars as something meant for construction rather than all these extra functions people have used them for. I mean, it's great that you fancy yourself as the pillar equivalent of Robin Hood and all, but ultimately spam is still spam, intent notwithstanding.