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  1. How to get out of bola?

    Eat Organic polymer. It will immediately get you out of a bola.
  2. nice update..................

    Moving this to bug reports and support since the OP used up all 4 of his daily posts talking about a bug in general discussion instead of reporting it under the bug reports and support section, as devoid of details as his posts are.
  3. Hyena and salts

    That's because the Hyena saddle pack is created specifically for the preservation of various meats rather than for overall food items.
  4. TEK Wyvern Saddle?

    The dune buggy is NOT part of the standard items you obtain in vanilla ark. You do not obtain it by unlocking an engram and crafting it. It's an item that's there for modders to make use of and play around with. That is what I mean by "default item in the standard game".
  5. To be released Patch Notes - I hope this is a joke

    Please refrain from spreading misinformation. If you do not read of it here or any of the other outlets Wildcard has for dispensing patch note information, then it is merely an unfounded rumor.
  6. Rescue vehicles

    Ascension to play on other maps is a mechanic that only exists in single player as Wildcard wants people to experience the ascension process and understand the story of ark.
  7. Getting picked by birds

    To kill the person? I'd say the whole whip and bolo that's been suggested by people above. To deter a person, you would probably do well with getting your self infected with swamp fever. To annoy a person, I guess shooting them or their bird with an aggro dart would probably be a hilarious sight to see, specially if you're in the swamp where meganeura and dimorphodons abound.
  8. TEK Wyvern Saddle?

    There IS a tek wyvern saddle in the devkit. That said, not everything in the devkit makes its way as a default item in the standard game (i.e. the dune buggy).
  9. PreRelease Question

    You now own the retail copy of the game.
  10. Leeds have broken the sea 100%

    It doesn't matter what material you try to box your raft in. Leedsicthys are designed to directly hit your raft.
  11. Leeds have broken the sea 100%

    It's not exactly a hidden fact that honey can be used to distract creatures. It's actually in the trailer that announced the giant bee. That said, as painful as it sounds, messaging your entire server beats keeping people ignorant.
  12. Then he can sort through his favorites as "auto favorite joined servers" is set to on by default.
  13. A New Server For Me and My 4-6 friends

    Feel free to browse through the myriad advertised servers on the server advertisement section of the community hub.
  14. Titanosaur Climb Limit

    It's not so much that they glitch through anything as much as it is their active range exceeds that of rendering range.
  15. I am looking at it as team vs team, and the team with both the greater size and greater time invested tends to have a very clear advantage over the team that's fewer in size and resources.