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  1. I mean, they kinda did.
  2. Yes. If you own the season pass you still get extinction.
  3. ciabattaroll

    USA only country with. ..

    It primarily has to do with Wildcard being an American company, but a quick googling also points to July 4th being Liberation day for the northern Mariana Islands and Rwanda, as well as Republic day for the Philippines. In the case of the former two, the holiday is very much their independence day. In the case of the latter, it celebrates the day that the US released the Philippines from being an American territory and is treated as a second sort of independence day, with their first one being celebrated in June 12 commemorating their independence from Spanish rule. All in all the day is just a very independence-y day to celebrate.
  4. ciabattaroll

    A message to Wildcard

    Mostly this. It's not exactly like Wildcard put up an in game message saying "hey go check out this whiz bang timer we have on our community hub!", they put up a timer then kept mum about what it's about. People let their imaginations run wild and built up expectations, and are now complaining that their expectations didn't line up with reality.
  5. Again, the event isn't tied to Mother's day at all. Nowhere in the announcement of the evolution event do the words "mother's" and "day" show up.
  6. There's nothing saying anything about the evo event being tied to Mother's day. Past events have actually bothered to make mention that they are connected to a holiday like easter, christmas, and halloween events of the past. That said, community yearning for a breeding/maturation event doesn't paint this in a better light either, basically saying that moms are just good for making and raising kids. So if we take out all the non "mom friendly" boosts all you're left with is 2x exp and 2x taming, which doesn't line up with them trying to change up evo events since those have pretty much been the things that get activated in basically every single one.
  7. ciabattaroll

    Ark Devs Showing favoritism

    There's also the fact that Stardew Valley is putting multiplayer through beta, which would draw people back to playing it, fyi.
  8. ciabattaroll

    megatribes cheaters prosper!

    Squids weren't around in august 2015.
  9. ciabattaroll

    megatribes cheaters prosper!

    Tester here, can confirm this is bunk. We do not have access to admin commands on official servers at all. Whatever the exploit was, it wasn't that.
  10. ciabattaroll

    Patch 277 Nerf To Tank Dinos

    This doesn't make sense unless you're absolutely new to the game, at which point the sci-fi stuff is every bit as obvious as "dinosaur game". Dragons came before wyverns which came before griffins as far as implementation to the game goes.
  11. ciabattaroll

    Aberration missing in the PS Store?

    SE was made available for purchase on the same day that it was released. It's not a far stretch of imagination that Aberration will follow a similar vein
  12. ciabattaroll

    Server Dino Cap Discussion

    Having tons of dinosaurs, specially in very localized areas, contributes to lag. The dino, structure, and now turret cap that wildcard placed was an effort to combat that lag. Simply put, there just isn't a mean right now to please everyone by solving both the dino cap and the lag, and some of the suggestions here aren't really that much better. Should things be relegated to limits being based on player size you'll have solo tribes complaining about their desire to, as the poster above me said, "continue playing the game as they see fit" being infringed upon. But that said, we also aren't running on machines that can afford everyone infinite dinos and infinite structures. If ever a solution were to be achieved, it will only be done so by both sides working toward it rather than just one group relying on the other to carry the burden.
  13. You are absolutely all over the place. Please calm down and collect your thoughts. I answered the other user in regards to their maintenance costs, you chimed in about how there's no need to bother with repairing because they blow up anyway, and are now stuck with "1000s of turrets" (your words, not mine), to which I reined it back towards the maintenance issue by telling you that you now have a sizeable reserve of one of the ingredients required to make heavy turrets should you lose said heavy turrets in conflict. Now you're bouncing off to talking about coverage and living in caves, neither of which are in any way connected to what I was responding to at all.
  14. Considering that you yourself state they blow up in one rocket then you clearly now have a pre-saved amount of turrets you can use for crafting replacement heavy turrets when they get blown up.
  15. I was answering his post in regards to the cost of maintenance for turrets, how slow or quick the turret gets destroyed was something fairly irrelevant to his statement.