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  1. That's not a fix, that's just kicking the can down the road and opening up other problems. Years ago, people were using dino/behemoth gates to mesh into the terrain. I don't think anyone here would want any gates gone. This also just highlights how exploits evolve, which is what Ced said in the post.
  2. Yes. If you own the season pass you still get extinction.
  3. Again, the event isn't tied to Mother's day at all. Nowhere in the announcement of the evolution event do the words "mother's" and "day" show up.
  4. There's nothing saying anything about the evo event being tied to Mother's day. Past events have actually bothered to make mention that they are connected to a holiday like easter, christmas, and halloween events of the past. That said, community yearning for a breeding/maturation event doesn't paint this in a better light either, basically saying that moms are just good for making and raising kids. So if we take out all the non "mom friendly" boosts all you're left with is 2x exp and 2x taming, which doesn't line up with them trying to change up evo events since those have pretty much been the things that get activated in basically every single one.
  5. Whatever caused your server to dc is more than likely completely an unrelated item. Your claim that it isn't the turrets is one anecdote of one incident on one server, as opposed to Wildcard's testing over several servers.
  6. If you can make those 200-400 turret caps give the same performance numbers as the 100 cap then sure knock yourself out. But as it is Wildcard's concern is improving framerate. They found that people clumping a buttload of turrets densely in places was what was causing issues, so if this fix somehow makes "turrets to be more spread out" like you're proclaiming then it's only going to help framerate issues.
  7. Remember boys and girls, do your own appendectomies and heart transplants. You're the one that has to work with your body in any given state, that doctor that went to medical school knows absolutely nothing about fixing you up.
  8. That's pretty flawed logic, like saying a dentist doesn't know squat about fixing your teeth because you've been using yours your whole life.
  9. If Plant X wasn't included in that list then people would just shift to that instead of the automated turrets and you'd be back to square one. Excluding a turret type isn't fixing the problem, just shifting where the problem lies.
  10. Apologies for going off-topic here but let me get this straight. You're saying that if you do things that "goes against everything ark is about", like using pillars as "resource protection", it's fine and well, but this change is absolutely over the line? That's a pretty messed up double standard.
  11. In the history of warfare soldiers in the battlefield didn't have to deal with framerate issues either, I'm not really sure what your point is bringing up such a history lesson.
  12. Yes, remove veggie cakes and not only remove the viability people have found in using therizinos in boss fights, but taming snails as well. Introduce a 10x damage multiplier from turrets would be cool and all, if only players don't moan and groan about the time they take in raising dinos only to see them go splat to a turret. Removing armor on dinos would be great too, then everything in the wild would be even deadlier to them since they no longer have any armor values, and we'll get back to people moaning and groaning about the time they invested only to have them go splat out in the wild. Lowering dino health will be a marvelous thing too. Because everyone and their mom remembers how players reacted to the first dino nerf, amirite? I'm not saying your heart isn't in the right place, it clearly is. But the thing is, your suggestions don't take much in scope, just 1 situation in 1 moment in time. Wildcard has to consider not only that situation but everything else that would stem from it.
  13. The players don't understand their own game at all obviously. They have things like 1000 turrets on a tower, 500 dinos in their tribe, 500 dinos in their alt tribes and somehow they think they get to complain about lag.
  14. Those themed foods, etc. aren't the Halloween holiday though, just promotions centered around said holiday. It's nothing like Christmas where you have the entirety of advent leading up to it, or easter where you have lent that paves the way. It's the equivalent of doing your house spooky : a celebration of, but not the event at all.
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