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  1. I hope they are able to make this an option! I would love my eyes to not be damaged everytime i walk into a metal base
  2. I think my most vivid memory of ark is experiencing the notame pvp server. It really showed you the competitive nature of people. Driving rafts into people then going into game chat and try to negotiate while your tribe members load up on ammo incase something goes south was one of the craziest rushes ive had. Having to constantly watch your back and communicate helped me break out of my shell and taught me how to tell people what i felt we needed to do. Its crazy the range of people you meet from lost helpless people who know nothing to egotistical gents saying they rule the server at day 2. It was fun. It kinda ruined my sleep pattern every night cause you rushed to get as much done as possible but still fun. I wont forget it.
  3. Hope the generated arks will be great!
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