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1 hour ago, CoatedScarab102 said:

what is the best animal/dino in ark

It depends on the task. For wood collection mammoths are pretty BA, for rolling around chewing on faces gigas are great, for collecting metal the tek stryder is amazing. It even goes so far as to depend on which boss you are fighting for what would be best to fight it (though the answer there is usually rexes)

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On 1/21/2022 at 2:53 PM, CoatedScarab102 said:

what is the best animal/dino in ark

Its all a matter of perspective and opinion.....A great many will say rex's, just as many would say giga's. Inevitably it is boiled down to experiences and personal preferences. Maybe even usefulness beyond attacking or defending. 
Its because of that last bit that while many would argue for the big guns such as rex and giga, others might argue for the mammoth cause it can gather wood and play the part of the big bad dino too. Or the shadow mane cause it already has natural armor built in and you don't need 500k metal for rex saddles along with the breed run. With that said tho, many people would at least mention an argentavis. In fact even after getting into gen 2, most people still tame up an argy Sometimes for its ability to cut weight, other times cause they are just pretty. Especially during the holiday events. 

Admittedly, the argy is one of the best tames you can have and is a must have as a new player on the island. However you will not be able to use them on Aberration and gen 1. But on the free maps, island, SE, extinction, and Id wager gen 2. Id bet almost everyone has a couple of argies.

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