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  1. I guess I'm not giving away any state secrets but never use stone. Get an iguanodon or 2, convert berries to seeds inside them by using the command on the command wheel (having a few static roll rats always out collecting or a bronto is great for this), feed the gachas those, you can stuff them full of far more (up to 300 stacks, leave space for a pellet or two they can pick up as they produce) and they don't expire. Very easy to store too. Using that method I collect more than I need easily with 2 gachas left in front of owls and just stuff in seeds when I know I will be around for
  2. These towers are all over the servers I play on, they take up immense amounts of space. Devs should really limit the number of gachas each tribe can have on a server... or something. Why do tribes need this much dust if it's not for selling for RM? You gain enough dust to buy anything you want that is legitimately for sale in game, or create more than enough element for months with 4 gachas in a few hours.
  3. Once a night, every night, a raptor claus flies across the sky dropping 5 or 6 gifts. These usually contain much higher value loot than can be found in any other drops or events. The problem is that every player wants them, but they easily become a massive source of tension as only one player can loot each present. Many servers try to ease the tension by having gentleman's agreements that each player will 'claim' a dropped present, but ofc players choose to interpret the claiming rules their own way. Also there are plenty of tribes / players who just like to annoy others. Arguments
  4. Every year PVE and unofficial servers turn into pretty toxic places to hang out with players arguing constantly over 'stealing' of raptorclaus drops during the Xmas event. This year, of all years, this is a plea to the WC devs to make the dropped gifts lootable by all who get there in time.
  5. EU PVE 492 Down for 14hrs so far Server was running badly then simply went offline... 14hrs so far.
  6. The experience is not the same, whatever you call the rates, it was double what it is now on official. Anyhow this is not my row to have, I just ignore abusive posts so am not aware if there has been a running theme going on that is exasperating the regulars. I just find it irritating when people use semantics (or rates and rate changes) to alter or muddy the waters over what the facts are / were. Rates were indeed higher than they are now on official for weeks.
  7. Because we had 4x for weeks. Not everyone follows these forums and just know what they experienced in game... not necessarily caring much what the reason for the 4x was. EDIT: and yes I know the base rates have now increased and what we considered 4x for those weeks would now be called 2x. 2x what the rates are today.
  8. If the server is down then they will be ok if you get straight back on as soon as the server comes back up - good luck!
  9. You can't expect a game with so many players to take recordings of every action on their servers, so simply reporting an incident which is as vague as teaming is going to need more than just screenshots, screenshots can easily be doctored or selected to only show one side of a story. You wouldn't want someone on your server to be able to accuse you of something and simply provide a screenshot to be believed and action taken would you? Most people are aware that in most games these days if you want to prove cheating you have to be ready to provide video proof, most graphics cards have that
  10. Lazy way is to spawn in cryos, pod them all and just drop - they will despawn quicker, with less effort, than any other method. On official we just leave unwanted dinos in pods in a normal storage box and forget them, takes a month but u can use the cryo again after.
  11. Ahh ok, thanks for the tip. I had moved them over from another server so I guess that was the problem.
  12. Dinos in cryos have no breeding timer cd reduction? Just popped a couple of dinos I had in cryos for at least a month and the female still has a nearly 2 day breeding cooldown. Is this just a bug? Or aren't they supposed to countdown in cryos? Seems counter intuitive for the timers not to countdown in cryos as that means you have to keep any female breeders out just in case someone wants a baby?
  13. If they can invest in all we see in that image, they can certainly invest in magma's and skiffs. Far, far less stress on the server. Far, far less effort too.
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