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  1. If they can invest in all we see in that image, they can certainly invest in magma's and skiffs. Far, far less stress on the server. Far, far less effort too.
  2. 1. They will as soon as they are juvenile (more than 10% grown). 2. No, they eat as normal 3. Yes, the nanny will feed them if she has fish. 4. Yes, they only eat fish... for life. They will eat cooked fish meat, but sry I've never tried with prime fish meat cooked or raw, but I would assume yes.
  3. Yeah the leeds demolish the whole raft, but they were removed from rag so it makes that the perfect raft base map.
  4. Online is pretty full, always has been tbh but recently there was a big influx of people getting the game free on Epic so.... You could always try an unofficial server but you will need to do your research, they all have different rates and benefits / disadvantages, you may have to try a few to find one that suits you. As someone who plays official myself though I'd say it's worth persevering with those. Spawn areas will always be packed on official servers but speaking from experience there is always some space available somewhere, you just have to find it. On the island you will probably have to head inland, on Rag there is usually space around the desert area and ofc as Rag doesn't have any Leeds you could always make a starter base on a raft to scout for a larger spot. Official may have it's problems but the large community and massive opportunities for trade and having so many servers to transfer between make those annoyances worth it, and still preferable to unofficial or single player for most people. (& btw there will be dinos on those servers, just maybe not as many as you are used to, if there was a dino shortage you'd certainly be hearing a lot more about it on the forums)
  5. Seems to me that's a whole waste of their time and a drain on the server... ppl come up with the strangest ways of doing things as inefficiently as possible sometimes.
  6. Could just be an oversight that nobody but you has noticed before
  7. The thing that is odd about it to me is they mostly have saddles from what I can see.... that makes me think this isn't a simple breeder.
  8. Can't remember if I've ever dealt with GM Rose specifically but my, and my tribemates, experience of GM's has always been good fwiw. They do need more of them though, tickets are replied to pretty quickly but appointments can take forever due to how overstretched they are.
  9. I'm now thinking they may just leave them as they are. They don't feel OP or too much at all (and I played back in the days of 4hr staggered imprints without cryos on vanilla 1x so I'm not anti grind), taming still feels like ages, and breeding, harvesting is still a grind - just not as bad as it used to be. Main reason though I'm thinking they may leave it is 'cos of all the new people, these days there is MASSES of content for them to get through and I can't even imagine how much of a huge mountain that must feel like to climb for them, a good mountain but all the maps and content must feel daunting - and tbh they are already moaning about the grind at these rates and I dunno if I can cope with the level of moaning there will be if it goes back to normal rates
  10. What rates from tomorrow when event ends? Anybody know what the rates will be tomorrow when the Summer event ends? Rates before the event were similar so I'm wondering if that will continue. Anybody got a link to a dev comment about it? All the Epic newbies are already moaning about how grindy the game is (tbf if they were attracted by Ark type games they would have bought years ago), I can't imagine how moany they are gonna be when if rates return to normal pre covid / event rates - I might just hide for a bit
  11. I've tried repeatedly to tame a 2nd turtle, my first was tamed in the first week after release and was 'fairly' easy but time consuming.... overall it was fun. Since then it seems my server is too built up to make it possible 'cos if you can get them to aggro onto you (mostly not possible, but rarely does work) they are far, FAR more interested in structures. If they go anywhere near a structure or raft with any structures then that's it you've got absolutely no chance of getting them away until they all die. They're also far too interested in turtles but at least you can kill the turtles. I keep trying every now and again.... but it's so frustrating.
  12. You paid for the game, and not nearly as much as it is worth. You can play single player on your own computer, on someone else's unofficial server, or pay for your own unofficial server. All of those options can be backed up and you could rollback to get your stuff. If you choose to play on official servers, which you do not pay a sub for, they are free, then you cannot expect top notch support, the costs would be far too high. If you can't accept that then it's easy not to play official. Btw most long term players never take their best stuff anywhere, that's why people like bp's so much and breed / clone copies of their best dinos. Never take anything into a cave you are not prepared to lose, even without the antimeshing system if your internet goes down, or the server does, then you will most likely die and anyone else can take your stuff even on PVE.
  13. I agree the XP part of the events is OP. also that taming and breeding at 4x seems about right for regular rates. Switching to 3x for the the Summer Bash is gonna feel slow and pointless tedium. I wouldn't put the blame on the events though, they are far more than just rate increases, they just need to take a fresh look at what standard rates should be and adjust.
  14. Summer Bash - please make taming 4x We've had 4x taming for a while now, it's going to feel like a definite downgrade when it becomes 3x for the Summer Bash. Player XP and harvesting won't be felt nearly as much as the change in taming rates. Please make taming rates for the Summer Bash 4x. Please, pretty please
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