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  1. They will but be quick, get the ticket in ASAP, as it will take some time and time is ticking. I'm assuming there is no-one else in your tribe and you r on official?
  2. This NEEDs to win, so useful and gorgeous too! Love this submission SO much.
  3. "we" - speak for yourself, TSOTF is awesome, tons of fun you can just join for an hour or so when you feel like it...love it! Was pretty disappointed as an OG sotf player, but tbh the new version is great, different but so much fun! And as for Ark2, why do u even think it will come out on time, just chill, it will be here when it arrives, nagging in forums won't speed it up any.
  4. Just got an alert for a major version update - but where do the new patch notes live? Last lot were in general? Also, how about it's own new section, the old SOTF threads should be separated? Confusing for newbies.
  5. And how about if uv conquered a boss on a map you can transfer element in and out? Let us all spread out across maps more, not just hunker down on the ones where it's easier to get element. Dunno if any of this is a good idea or not mind, could regret suggesting this if it makes things too easy.
  6. They have changed direction multiple times over the years, introduced certain things, dropped other things due to player feedback - I've been here since the beginning, I haven't always agreed with them bowing to player pressure but they definitely have. As someone who came from WoW, believe me they most definitely do listen and don't have that reputation at all.
  7. It's not really intended to look like a mesh, it's a kinda tek gate. You are 'sposed to go through. It's more obvious if you've played Gen1 where there are underwater caves with large breathable areas with large gateframes around that 'mesh'. Just swim (enter low to the ground 'cos u will fall) or walk through and enjoy
  8. Of all the games I've played WC listen to the players more than any, not even close. Most of the game has come from suggestions or player pressure. WC are awesome in that way.
  9. Messing around in the devkit, just trying to learn all the things and have fallen down at my first learning project. I want to change the fuel a modded version of the motorboat consumes, making an 'ecoboat'. Where on earth do I find that value, I read every single entry and I still have no clue, it doesn't appear to be in the dino 'food' section, or am I missing it? Any expert out there can point me in the right direction? No need to tell me exactly what to do, just where do I start? Give me a clue
  10. How do we sit like in the first graphic in the crunch? Searched all my emotes, pretty sure i have them all, can't see it.
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