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  1. I haven't played much since this came in so not for or against, but it all seems kinda counter intuitive to save server resources - Is the whole point of this to stop us popcorning, was that the prob?
  2. Luizza

    Survive The Ark

    This is my favourite mission, I go spear to start and then tek rifle for the remainder and max out the tames. I can do gamma and beta fairly easily after practice and I'm still working on alpha, but I know it's do-able, just need that lucky run.. and improve my skills more prob. There are many youtube vods of people doing it solo on alpha too - it is possible. I find it odd you can't do with a full group, although there seem to be a lot of ppl in Ark who don't worry about prep, hp / gear management and just turn up and hope for the best (not knocking that approach, it works for the m
  3. Just watched you do Alpha master controller solo, i seriously didn't think this was possible on official settings - well done! Awesome job!
  4. I'm hoping there will be a new batch of servers closed down pretty soon, some servers are almost abandoned, I myself am maintaining bases on a Gen1 and an Aber server where there is never anyone else online when I visit to refresh timers. They are a waste of resources. They should be shut down and the servers repurposed for more Gen2 servers where the pressure from players is still very high. Also, I love visiting old inhabited servers too, it really does feel like a 'survivor' world - and on top of that If we were given notice that certain servers were to be shut down soon I would transf
  5. I have no idea at all which or what youtuber wanted it, most people don't care - I wanted it, that was why I voted for it. Also the vote was only for one creature, this 2nd one appears to me to be a bonus addition and wildcard's choice.
  6. Keep going, they do act in situations like this all the time, usually fairly quickly. Try and get a different GM, some are better than others... it's a lottery who sees your report I guess. One tip tho, I can't tell by your screenie but it looks like you only sent pics, maybe an explanation of what the problem is, when it happened, any attempts you have made to speak to the 'griefer' and resolve the issue, and how it is affecting your ability to play would help.
  7. As someone who played both single player, unofficial and pvp over the years but ended up back on official PVE, and stayed there, I'll try and explain why. The people. The trading. The longevity. Those are the big draws, why people end up on official PVE for literally years. It feels like a completely different game compared to the other modes, there are challenges:- - lag can be a problem on some servers (not all, it's worth checking out servers via battlemetrics to see which are 'crashers', which are overpopulated) - pillar / base spam is a thing but pillars can also
  8. That isn't an error code, it's just a generic message - have you tried joining the server again? As for the network being healthy - it certainly isn't (1003-1004-1005-1006-1007) have been offline for 13 hours, the same as last weekend.
  9. I'm so hyped for the lovely little sinomacrops, can't wait! One question though, sounds like it might save ur life if u dc while flying .. would be an awesome QOL addition
  10. You know what u gotta do - get that genesis pass, it can be really cheap sometimes in sales. There's a TON of content in those 2 expansions. That will prob take you right through to Ark2.
  11. The vaults have longer timers for a reason, they are places tribes can store their most valuable items and know they have a longer timer. Useful if they go on holiday or have other more important things to attend to. People do often get reported for what you are doing and get their structures removed, keep doing it and they will wipe u - I've seen this happen more than once. You have a very strange attitude for someone playing pve - maybe you should consider PVP, or are you only interested in easy targets?
  12. Still impossible for most ppl in PVE to build on a skiff
  13. Imagine having to incubate and then hatch them all and then actually look at them to see if there's a mutation I'm still all blissful 'cos the incubator makes things so much easier to worry about RSI. What you really want is someone else to do it for u (btw fwiw I just do 30 at a time, load up the incubators, scan over them removing the ones I want to keep by transferring to my own inventory, safely store them, then transfer the others into my inventory using 'T' and eat them. don't think I've even once used the destroy egg button)
  14. I've left eggs in the incubator for days, they never show the stats except for when you first place the eggs in, I have to remove and place back in to see stats again. If the egg is ready to hatch I can never see the stats. Official PC.
  15. I really like the shadowmane taming method ... it's a complete pain, and that's why I like it. Taming got too easy. Successfully taming gives a sense of achievement. As for the fish you need to prepare more, build a covered fish tank for them (they will eat from a trough fine in my experience so far)
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