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  1. If you are playing single player you can activate this and past events whenever you please. The activation code for this event is in the crunch.
  2. This hasn't ever happened to me but my first thought would be to cryo and un-cryo it and see if that helps, failing that upload or transfer it to another server and transfer back .. might iron out any bugs with that creature's data. Worth a try.
  3. I'm kinda hoping that when Ark2 comes along WC will do a rolling shut down of most of the Ark1 official servers and allow us to download the save files similar to what happened with legacy. That means every player can save a copy of their characters, bases and dinos, and play their old map in single player or on a private server to finish personal goals or just to continue playing - leaving just a small amount still up for those who want to continue. I am, ofc, hoping Ark2 blows Ark1 out of the water - which is gonna be tough as I think Ark1 is awesome as it is
  4. I know this is a minor point but lots of people like to decorate their main bases with the bosses they have killed, now they are non-transferable it's a bit annoying Anyhow, got me thinking .. why not give us a 'master' trophy or maybe a large wall shield we can display which shows our character name and all the bosses we have conquered - similar to the info on our implants. Would be a nice touch and allow people to display their achievements / get some completion before we all move onto Ark2.
  5. Also rafts, ppl hoard tame slots by placing lots of rafts, you can report those too and WC will wipe those.
  6. We're not ok with it at all, personally I think they should lower tribe tame caps to 250 or even 100 - no need to have all dinos out even when breeding. Taxidermy was a solution to those tribes who like flexing and displaying their dinos (which no-one else on PVE cares about) but they don't use it. But as I said this has been going on a long, long time
  7. This has happened to quite a few Gen2 servers, and tbh is to be expected during an event. I myself chose to avoid Gen2 over the event as I knew my server would be crashing more than normal, and it has been. Before cryopods some servers were tame capped for years, don;t expect any rules about tame caps to change now. Why not raise those babies elsewhere? Rates are the same on all maps over the event.
  8. Just a tip if it is ur graphics card stopping u playing and ur gonna have probs getting a new one / getting it fixed. You can set up a free account with geforce now (free accounts allow 1hr play time), you can even play on there from most phones (anything capable of directX11). At least then you will be able to refresh the timers on ur stuff. (You could also use this service to connect with ur PC to see if ur graphics card or whatever just can't handle Ark anymore)
  9. Perhaps 'serious' decisions like tribe merge or ally should be a different colour on the wheel - like slaughter is on ovis. Maybe also allow extra seconds to think whether it is actually a good idea, when ur new to a game it's all dutch anyway, you need a minute to think (or google) sometimes. To OP - sorry this happened to you, this has happened many, many times before to many people, don't let it get to you. Change server and start again ... bigger and better this time
  10. Yeah, we really need some news about this. It's fine for the stuff on there 'cos we'd assume no time is passing while it's down - but what about the people who's chars are stuck on there and they are going to lose stuff on other servers as they can't get there to refresh. Please let us now what is going on WC!
  11. EU PVE Rag 434 has been down 3 days, multiple reports put in - no word at all from devs.
  12. I feel you're nitpicking because you don't like the point of my feedback / suggestions or maybe just having a bad day? No idea why we're filling the thread up with this 'fluff'. I said my bit, no EVO event weekends feels bad, taming and breeding take too long, I gave multiple suggestions, clearly not all can be at the same time, that's obvious. There is no need for me to keep reiterating my feedback again just 'cos u have trouble understanding multiple points / suggestions which obviously can't be implemented at the same time. Sigh.
  13. I didn't contradict myself, I offered up 2 suggestions to remedy the 'feels bad' element of a no EVO weekend (in fact I offered up 3 suggestions). And yes I know rates have been increased over time, everyone does. Taming and breeding STILL feel like they take too long. It also doesn't alter the fact that things take 3x longer to do than they did a couple of weeks ago and that feels bad, especially since 3x is still nowhere near as an easy grind as stryders made gen2 and a lot of people are coming directly from there to start a new map.
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