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  1. Messing around in the devkit, just trying to learn all the things and have fallen down at my first learning project. I want to change the fuel a modded version of the motorboat consumes, making an 'ecoboat'. Where on earth do I find that value, I read every single entry and I still have no clue, it doesn't appear to be in the dino 'food' section, or am I missing it? Any expert out there can point me in the right direction? No need to tell me exactly what to do, just where do I start? Give me a clue
  2. How do we sit like in the first graphic in the crunch? Searched all my emotes, pretty sure i have them all, can't see it.
  3. Dragging out all the anti-PVE stereotypes I see, do you actually play official PVE or run an unofficial PVE server with 'donations' by any chance? Always ready to talk down official PVE. Pillars can be a method to grief, but they are also needed and appreciated by most PVE players. Griefing with pillars is something WC should be more proactive about, but they are not the problem, the players who use them to grief are. They solve a lot of other worse problems. Which you would absolutely know if you played official PVE for years. Also PVE LDL servers would be awesome, not every player got to experience those maps before downloads were allowed and experience them just with the tames they could get on that map, great for vet players too who are looking for a new challenge. They could 'legacy' some of those servers with hardly any traffic and bring up a few new LDL ones.
  4. That isn't a bug, it's just the way the game works - every single game you have to figure out how it works, not just how u assume it works. Most things ppl (well, new players) call bugs I don't even notice anymore, you learn to work around them, it's just part of the game. Learn THIS game or move on and find one that works exactly how you assume it will work, it's the only sane thing to do.
  5. Even if Ark2 was a carbon copy of Ark1 just on a new engine I still think nothing at all should transfer from Ark1 - a fresh start, let the old servers die off, there's no way WC can keep running all those official servers forever anyway. There's already plenty of servers with extremely low player counts, graveyards of massive bases being timer reset week after week for years ... I'm really surprised WC isn't doing a rolling shut down of these servers and doing something similar to the legacy system where players get good notice to move and are then able to download a copy of their map after shut off. If they prune the servers down there's far more chance of some core lively Ark1 servers surviving another decade... or 2.
  6. I don't think the rug is as random as it first appears, it muffles ur footsteps over metal foundations, which a lot of people complained about as it can b super annoying to some. Not me, but I remember it bothered a lot of ppl.
  7. Luizza

    Price Ark 2

    As it's coming out as early access and considering how WC usually do these things there will be a discounted price for Ark2 to start, or even more likely pre-ordering. I'm assuming it's gonna be around $20 but tbh I can easily see it being cheaper.... or more I may have thrown my toys out of the pram over 3rd person only but I'll defo be buying whatever it costs. EDIT: I'm talking about PC Steam, no idea what the others will do, fairly sure it's gonna be included in gamepass for xbox tho?
  8. Ppl build around them all the time, but if someone reports it it will be removed. Problem is it needs to still be able to be accessed by the original owner if they turn up on the server again to collect their stuff at any time up until the timer runs out. Also keep in mind it may turn ppl on the server against u and think of u as a griefing tribe, which never ends well in the long run.
  9. Forget dolphin chasing, build a trap and let it follow u in, actually once u have a trap get a megalodon. Or even better bypass that too and get a basil. Also, I love the oceans on Fjordur, they are so much more varied and interesting than any of the other maps, a real pleasure to explore the first time.
  10. Omg r they the same people who released that? Jeez, that is utter shameless garbage, they wrecked the game, and they knew it when they released it. Seriously, you'd think that studio would never work again - if anyone reading this doesn't know what happened just google it.
  11. Dunno about the youtubers u are watching specifically, but players on official achieve those high levels through breeding - current boss rex's for example are born lvl 377. Putting it simply keep stacking mutations in the stats u want. And yes, megatheriums are pretty op straight from tame, they get a buff from killing insects. You should probably be fine, if you're worried tho why not take a few extra you have bred from ur best current stats, bred and imprinted dinos get 30% dmg reduction which helps a lot in boss fights.
  12. Buggiiest boss, I got the levels for master controller but not the engrams... twice. It happens a lot that people have to go back and do it again.
  13. Full of bots arguing about whatever they wanna brainwash us into this week - I avoid it like the plague. You'd think the folks who's job it is to communicate with the player base would use their own forum instead of an increasingly disliked, culturally divisive, commercial enterprise like twitter.... or at least spend the 2 minutes it would take to copy and paste whatever they said here. Meh.
  14. If it doesn't say it has died in your tribe log, then there's every chance you'll find it again. Using 'h' will put a green arrow over all ur dinos heads which can help if it's gone into the mesh or inside a foundation. Apart from that flying around using whistle 'all follow' and ask others to keep an eye out is all u can do really. I've found many over the years after giving up, it's worth trying.
  15. And now you know just how much work went into those boss dinos (thanks Bert for the rexes and basils) you can trade for on official. Uber stats are just rare, even on Rag, rarer than 10 tames being a guarantee.
  16. Loving the map, really loving it tbh. But then I love them all when they come out. Andrew's are the unsung heroes of the new creatures imo, it's obv how great bats and hawks are, but the Andrew can do so much, they've got to be my unexpected fav.
  17. Awesome idea, don't know why nobody has suggested this yet. Maybe small amount of building so u can place down a vault for ur gear, etc, maybe on 3 hr timer or something and limited to maybe a few placements on the whole server. Altho i guess ppl can upload anything they want to store on only a temp basis. Would hate to see an awesome giga on those servers and not be able to put up a trap ... v short timer would solve any mess caused by traps too. Anyway, great idea.
  18. When u watch his vods, look at the settings and stats, they are not anything anyone on official would recognise, even if he says they are. Entertaining yes, useful for official, no.
  19. Everytime you put a dino into a cryopod you are recreating a new dino when you throw it out so I don't have a problem with that, my brain has already jumped that hurdle. The examples I posted are boss dinos which I worked hard to buy from even harder working breeders, even on 500x breeding (which I don't even know is possible tbh) that's a lot of tedium to get something I've already had a long time on official. They were just a bonus tho, I have dinos I have had since feb 2016, my first (well, 2nd) ptera, the crappy egg farm parasaur which is the OG and last survivor in a raid by raptors spawning inside my base, my element dust gacha which I tamed maybe 200 gachas to get - things like that, memories of the great time I've had over the years in the game. Those are the dinos I was more focused on getting exact copies of tbh. I've been playing since the beginning, I've been a volunteer tester, I've done 4hrs imprints on gigas with no sleep for a week, I had massive egg farms, put up with long months of dino caps, tamed and bred every new creature as they were released, just one run over all those years, I don't think there is anything I haven't tried. Starting fresh with nothing but my dinos is challenge enough for me at this stage - a true Ark Leaving official is quite tough for me, leaving my bases I reset timers on a gaziliion times at 3am while working / studying hard, and all the great people I've met along the way, but the time is now and this will make me happier about the move, I still have to beat all the bosses again solo (dreading master controller) but taking my dinos with me just feels better. And I do feel much better about it since finding this method.
  20. Awesome - so how would you find out ur own ID in ur single player game? Or is that an ID ur creating for the creature? (I really just muddled through this as you can prob tell)
  21. Luizza

    Base defense

    I don't even play pvp but even i know you get all the missions and kill the boss on gamma on gen2 (u can even do this solo) then ur char can always make a cheap exo mek which does all the work of a replicator and much more, but you can cryo it and upload it for 24hrs at a time or hide it somewhere super random until u r established.
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