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  1. We're talking about official. Unless u mean it's easy for the devs to just toggle on the event from last year... then yeah, I guess, but I dunno if that would include all the new creatures.
  2. Report them, take screenshots with co-ords and explain you were there first. If they have surrounded you with pillars they are griefing you by stopping you build in ur own area, WC will remove pillars in those cases. I once had someone put foundations in the middle of my walled 'courtyard' as I had not pillared that area, make sure you pillar any open areas within ur base.
  3. Always log off naked and laying down on a bed. Also if uv got those types on ur server, never PIN lock anything, just lock it, PIN can be cracked, and they will try - if it's just locked there's no way in.
  4. Steam has already banned them from purchasing new games, microsoft have banned them from all games, there are sanctions in all areas of life already enacted - it's not a novel idea. And yes, if I am online and manage to get a screenshot ofc you can bet I will report in a heartbeat, unfortunately I was not in this case.
  5. And also... while I'm annoyed, why have we got Russians playing on our servers? My ukrainian friend who has played Ark for years will not come back onto official while they are there mocking her ppl. While civilians were attacked and died yesterday, as they were shopping, these players mocked my friend. Steam needs to ban them from playing with the rest of us, Ukrainians should be free to play without them on WC servers. If you don't wanna do that WC, give them their own servers... away from us.
  6. But as soon as they're born they can be separated from their parents and stuck in a prison camp if they dare to cross an arbitary man made border. The hypocrisy of you people is astounding. Well done WC for taking a stand.
  7. Good to hear they're still working on single player as I think that's where most ppl play - I'm talking about PC PVE official.
  8. Afaik he was too slow to respawn... but could be another bug. BTW I have heard of that happening before but only with wyverns, i wonder if they've put something in to stop ppl using that mechanic to steal wyvern eggs easily? If that was the case we'd hear it about drakes too.
  9. I heard WC were aware of this and were working on it, but that was just a random tweet, but it's days now and it's still the same on my server. Is it fixed on any of your servers yet? Or anyone on official PVE that still has dinos spawning?
  10. I've used the elixir a few times on Hawks, you have to be stood on the ground, close, and looking directly at it, but if defo works. Also they return whatever you have on ur body, even if you're overburdened, so weight isn't helpful for that. I've been levelling hp, but tbh I'm not sure if that is even worthwhile as they are invulnerable when they are on ur shoulder. Maybe oxygen is a good thing just in case in the rare scenario you are underwater and you accidently throw it off ur shoulder?
  11. We have same problem on 1207 - very, very low spawns, the ocean is a desert apart from alpha megalodons and even they are scarce.
  12. It's not possible to get a perfect tame with every single creature, I don't think it's a bug. But if ur spawning stuff in anyway then why not just force tame one?
  13. I don't think much at all has changed tbh. Only thing I can think of is you can now carry an anky and it will autoharvest. There have been new maps with new creatures but you can easily check them out by looking at the steam page and then googling those creatures. Sry couldn't be more useful, but it's tough to think of what has changed unless you gave a complete breakdown of what it was like when you left, otherwise it's all a bit vague
  14. +1 he doesn't play like the rest of us do, it's all about entertainment, not entertaining himself. He doesn't use the same creatures as we would for a task, because he is an entertainer, not just playing Ark. Taking a Bary into a cave instead of a desmodus is not something a normal player would do, please devs don't take what he does as representative of normal gameplay. He plays in 3rd person a lot just 'cos it looks better on camera, real players never do that. I hope to god the devs didn't think we all play in 3rd person from watching him. I do find him entertaining and watch him, but if the devs are watching him as a normal player it will take them way, WAY off course.
  15. I tamed my first fjordhawk last night, lvl 60 and with an elixir it took 7 bred ovis. Couple of things to note, I used the slaughter function to kill the ovis and I had maxed them all out in hp and let them heal up before I killed. Dunno if that's relevant or not tbh,but thought it might be.
  16. Well, I guess I did, for each map too, toxic ppl are usually around the first few months a server opens, that's when the most toxic clashes happen, but they soon move on in my experience, it's easy to just ignore them when you know that won't be there for long. And I guess pillars don't bother you when you already have a base, and you usually know why they are there. I must admit though, gacha farming towers that have literally been full steam operating for years by 'unknown' silent box tribes stinks of RMT so much that is pretty annoying. They aint going anywhere.
  17. " v346.16 - 06/23/2022 - Minor version for servers and clients Fixed Fjordhawk not eating tamed corpses on PvE " Yay!! Big big mwahh
  18. I actually came back this morning to edit my comments last night as I thought that was a little strong, Ark means a lot of different things to different people and generalising like that is rarely helpful. So, yes, everyone is entitled to their opinion and if it is different to mine, or different to what I hear a lot of people in game saying, that still doesn't mean it applies to everyone. I play official PVE because I like the social interaction, that's a huge part of why I return again and again. I can see however that if you play singleplayer (which I beleive the majority do) then combat could seem stale. Still doesn't change my opinion that 3rd person and the innovations seem a step too far away from what gave Ark it's charm... for me.
  19. But it's not tho is it? It's tame a variety of creatures for a variety of tasks. Vast majority play PVE / singleplayer 'cos of the huge amount of different things to do ... 3rd person, parkour and combat 'innovations'? No thanks, there's a dino for all of those 'new' abilities they talk of already, and if there isn't that's what they should be thinking of. If ppl want to play a game like Souls or Witcher, they will play that, and you can bet those devs have already got their next sequel well underway with some pretty awesome innovations on mechanics they truly understand already. Basically if you like the sound of Ark 2, you're prob not an Ark player or just dabbled in it from time to time.
  20. Well I guess that's 2 of you who are still hyped - the rest of us are just more worried the more we learn.
  21. Such a shame, especially now we all know more about Ark2 and are not that interested anymore. Stopping work on our beloved Ark to make a game most of us won't play for long, if we were interested in games like that we wouldn't be playing Ark, they are 10 a penny. Sad Hoping Ark3 will be a return to the real Ark experience.
  22. Not in PVE, it's then considered another player's tame and can't be damaged.
  23. Afaik the in game list only counts steam players, players joining through epic aren't counted. And yeah, this happens every time there is a new map, lots of players will drop off and go back to their main maps soon and the queues will disappear. It's been taking me around 15mins to get in game, you just gotta keep trying. If you get desperate and want to reset timers then there are always quiet times in the middle of the night, pop on then just to reset everything.
  24. Pretty gutted they removed that you could use ur own tames. Raising a small army of tames to be used has got to be just as much effort as finding random wild tames, and on official PVE where spawns of anything seem to be incredibly low it's almost essential. Please WC rethink removing the ability to use your own tames, how about only tames imprinted to the tamer can be used? A good compromise as it requires the effort of breeding so doesn't make it too easy.
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