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DEV ALERT - Base Grief/demolish/raid infestation

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DEV ALERT - Base Grief/demolish/raid infestation



please take action 

always the same... 1 flies around your base with an owl.

a bit later you hear them saying cryopods got stolen.


PLEASE do something, don't want to lose my collection after lose our big tribe collection of 1k event clonables on another server.

this is happening on Extinction494 (EU official)

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17 hours ago, BertNoobians said:

this is pve and they are not in your tribe but have full access to everything.
happens in pvp also but on a smaller scale, here you just see items dissapearing from your vault but there is nobody around.

Guess im still not understanding. How are people having full access to your stuff when not in your tribe. I do remember a while back there were a few people going around that somehow got GM access and were stealing stuff but from what I remember that was taken care of and havent heard anything about it since. Is this what we are talking about here or something else?

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