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Ongoing Server Instability & Crashes


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Please report official server outages using this form: https://ark.gg/outage

If you lost in-game progress such as your character, etc. due to a rollback please submit a Support Ticket to get in-game assistance.


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That's the 7 day up time for the Gen2-OC-PVE-980 official server. I've submitted about 30 entries to the server maintenance teams using the link at the start of this thread. I've no replies from anyone and the server is still crashing every 15 mins. Has been this way for 8 days straight now.


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For quite a while, maybe a week at least, all officials servers and presenting performance issues (just to give some examples):

  • Troubles while mounting dinosaurs (your camera gets frozen on a position and can't ride or use the dinosaur on gentwo servers).
  • Difficulty when trying to interact with inventories (both player and structures alike) on different maps.
  • Constant "Server Timed out" during the day.
  • Even more crashes than usual on gentwo servers (and server been down for almost a week at least).
  • Servers "disappaer from the official server list when launching the game, you have to refresh multiple times in order to find yours, even in the favorite's list.
  • You don't spend stamina while running or swimming and at the same time you can't use properly tek suits or interact with items.

I just validated local files through Steam (I thought that was the issue because my internet connection is more than ok), took me 2 hours at least and found out that 5 files needed to be validated (first time with that amount of trouble files), I enter the game to try and refresh but still the same issues pop up.

An event is around the corner, will it be playable or just a huge "Ark lag/crash/bug/glitch marathon"? Having an event close by is not an excuse, just mentioning it.

Are you seriously doing maintenance on the official servers? This started at least a week ago and nothing has been done (not to mention the constant bugs, the memory overload and disk space every time there is an "update", the glitches).

Will you do something about it? WE PAID FOR A COMPLETE FINISHED GAME.



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Hoy vengo a comentar que tenia una base en extinción servidor 1126 extinción y para la gran sorpresa de que varios días estado esperando el servidor y para encontrarme con la gran idea de que el servidor fue borrado o bajado de la lista de servidores de ark oficial tenía todas mis cosas ahí mi personaje y a consecuencia de eso perdí todo mis 7 meses jugando en ark 


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There are a number of gen two servers with the IP starting with 95.156.213 that have been down for a day and a half, and prior to that they were going up and down of a fairly regular basis. I'm beginning to wonder whether or not WC even cares about these issues anymore. My server, Gentwo 974 is currently in this group, along with 973 and 978.

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god good why didnt i research the server i just joined on battlemetrics ..... gen2 990 EU ... its been concistently up and down for days now shiiiiiiiiiiiiit what a load of rubbish servers / enforcement / dupers whatever it is that makes WC so crap at running official gen servers .. 


I had heard they where bad but didnt think they where this poor first time on them and boom toon locked on it for god knows how long during an event too teaches me to even try some of arks new poop

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99% of all Genesis 2 servers are ( not playable )



 Is the problem known 
are they working on it ?

I report the servers via 
(ARK Official Server Downtime Report)



5 - 6 hours offline time in 1 day ( 24 H )

Server 926 / 1006 / 985 /973 and all other servers...

hmmm Server Offline
45-2 hours later ok it is online + 15 min backup 
30-2 hours later ohh is offline 
and always the same online -> offline -> online -> offline ....


EU PVE 926 



EU PVE 1006 



EU PVE 985








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So....After trying to report my server crashing 5 times per day...Reporting that it was down for 8 hours today, up for an hour, then down again...they send me to this link



Of course...that thread is no longer supported, looked at, or frankly cared about.

My Server is NA-PVE-Official-GenTwo977

Please Help us. some of us still enjoy playing ARK. and while  yes we are looking forward to ARK II...We Don't ignore the gurrent game in the process.


Kabukiman --- Gen2---977

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3 hours ago, Karoo47 said:

Yeah, offline for 21h...

Well, NA-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles840 has been down for more than 4 days and no one seems to care. Of course I filed an ARK Official Server Outage Report but I received nothing, not even an automatic reply.

I really enjoy playing ARK so I've been thinking about buying Genesis DLC, but with that kind of support I think I should rather look the other way 😠


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