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  1. yeah EU 521 isnt too happy atmo either we seem to have had an influx of shall I say not native EU members and its getting more laggy region lock SHOULD be a thing imo only problem is been in a multicultural tribe - that could be sorted by having a few not region locked etc .. but hey ho .. been like this since forever
  2. yup seen em all but u was on about turrets firing on people .. kinda made me think pvp AND i have been afk for a good year now hence why i am still puzzled at so many parking lots hey ho game hasnt changed too much in some areas it seem
  3. and you are a PvPer which in a way dosent make a sound in this debate because PvP dinos can and will be killed - the main discussion was around PvE hoarding of dinos and doing bugger all on the server to add anything to it other than trying to make a profit - a full tek base with 100 or so dinos is normal my old base would have been similar but parking lots are a bit of metal / stone majority and thats it - after a number of hours u cant get a refund from steam either people commenting here look like old time players that know what they are on about for and against so keep it civil please
  4. complaining? nope i was simple stating a fact. i have pumped 4k+ hours into this game and seen the devs 'try' to control the parking lots badly its a shame that people like you cannot read and understand what the question was ... also people like you are part of the problem. Single player is for testing builds in god mode and messing with lvls not the actual game design, i have a tribe i enjoy playing with other people BUT when u cannot understand the squares or they do not communicate with others at all and simple use the server as what i said they are doing 'storage units' to circumnavigate the tame limit it seems then i asked the question to see if the community still sees it as it is or has other views - so far its the same - thank you to all the normal constructive feedback and thanks to the rest for proving the community is still a human cesspool at times
  5. as i said in my OP the main dinos i see are wyvens LOTS of them - I can semi see the 'trade' idea of having them on display BUT many of the tribes are either squares or VERY rarely on eg reset timers so to even deal with them it is a hassle but an egg farm is easy plus i used to have my rex army out 24/7 but that was literally used almost daily if not more depending on the day lol so i can understand that opinion it is literally the huge bases full to the brim with dinos that are not used daily / or even semi regular - i have seen one wyven on my new server flying about so far lol
  6. Why do we STILL have parking lots? As the title says really, I am a returning player from a year or so ago now when cryopods first came out population of dinos on servers dropped which is ace but having returned i have seen the server i am on full of parking lots again ... huge pointless bases with tons of the same type of dino mainly wyverns so far - so i ask the wider community why? seriously why the clans have to feed these etc so why not just pod them all and have a smaller footprint if its only going to be a parking base, we can name the cryopods etc so it wouldnt be hard to see / organise them either. I know its a PvE only problem since in PvP we can just 'kill' the opponents dinos but im a casual PvEr
  7. from been sooooooooo clever and narrowing my search it looks like the end of the easter event
  8. same on the EU servers imo they should be region locked seeing multiple lines of squares is annoying as hell plus they as far as i have met so far in game can be totally ignorant and quite disrespectful but a region lock would also limit the factor of playing with friends i know ...
  9. As title says any clue what is changing / where to find out since it seems the 'official' forums are not really kept upto date - lemme guess twiiter? if so /groan im an old codger and hate social media sites with a passion
  10. i keep telling people that this server is poop but no one listens to me and just thinks im a troll or something for trying to ruin their game .... when in actual fact i am trying to save them their time and sanity by telling them that 347 is poop hey ho i might get through to them eventually ..... plus the influx of squares hasnt helped .....
  11. EU PvE 347 STILL down .. yeah ive filled a server outage form in for what its worth every dam weekend now regular as clockwork ... almost 12 hours and counting
  12. sheesh! 22k ingots ..... thats insane lol
  13. all true BUT hod screwed up in his attempt to embrace WC .... you do not publicly post a vid up on youtube like he / they did and expect no retaliation .....a email / something much more less public would have been the correct approach - whether WC would have listened thought thats the difference ....
  14. i read earlier in this post that he only lost a little of his base to the meshers... i was called a few names by someone due to typing 'he was wiped' so tbh i dont know which is the truth and do not care either way, whats done is done now
  15. imo he broke the EULA a ban would have been the same as ANY other player would have got if WC got hold of a video and 170k+ followers watched it ....... it was kinda asking to be hit with it BUT atleast all his followers should be happy now ..... if it happened to me i would be crap outa luck .... although i have more common sense than to do something as silly as that in the first place ....
  16. holy crap 16 pages and still going strong... and it seems we are now openly talking about meshing .. adding meshing ALLOWED servers for real??? . ... nope one of the reasons i prefer PvE - i have never been a fan of any PvP tbh not in games like this where u spend hours build something awesome then log off and in the morning its flattened .. waste of my time - and my time is precious to me. However hod has been unbanned /yaaay the masses leaned hard enough and WC gave in .. or hey reviewed the vid properly and thought .. hmm knee jerk reaction .. either way i dont care too much, BUT as people have already said they do need to TRY and be more proactive in stopping the REAL meshers and/or FIXXING the holes / abilitites that allow people to mesh, granted after this there will be another 'exploit' that us humans will find to grief / cheat etc etc but that is human crappy nature
  17. This 'huge' community uproar is from hod's followers and maybe a little of the already knowing playerbase .. the rest of us are breeding / meat runs / taming ingame so yeah GL with this active 'boycott' of ARK ... i am pretty sure that this could be a breach of the EULA we all agreed to at the start too ... but i dont give a toss and am not trolling through pages of fine details to check i just use my common sense and dont cheat and try not to rock the boat on the OFFICIAL forums ..
  18. so by that thought anyone who plays PvE should not get in the fight either ..... REAL players... now then ..... that is EVERY SINGLE person that bought the game EVERY SINGLE one they we ARE players so jog on u break rules u get burnt
  19. i went off the other person saying he was 'wiped' - i dont really care if he did or not the end result is he SHOWED HOW TO mesh. AND trust me i am no 'fanboy' of WC i like ark but the devs and company are far from me been a fan of them since bugs that where in beta STILL exist ..... so plz take a chill pill hod fanboy .. he broke the rules he got hit with the banhammer its WC game u play by their rules but if u break them AND get caught dont whine when u pay the price ....
  20. he got wiped .. so he has nothing to lose .. getting banned didnt mean poop to him then ... congrats he is stirring the pot of pity and anger lashing out out and trying to ruin what the devs ARE trying to fix albeit too slowly for many players, so this was in all intents and purposes a really dumb move on his part .. almost like a knee jerk reaction to get his followers up in arms and try to put pressure on a team that is already under alot of pressure ... meh ban is still fair in this case.
  21. much of 'our' rules are zero once we give the company £$£$ - BUT there is changes in the air ... look at no mans land and anthem for example the companies gave full refunds for the games and im sure there is a few more one of the batmans springs to mind too ... but getting our rules forced onto a company is dam hard after we click 'agree' on the eula ...
  22. the eula states things like breaking rules / code / etc etc 3rd party software / aimbots etc is a bannable offence IF this yt'r truly wanted to show the devs how 'easy' it is to undermesh or whatever its called he should have EMAILED the video to them directly instead of posting on a public site with xx number of followers which then re-posted to friends etc etc and it ended up on WC doorstep .. dam right he deserves the ban BUT now the devs need to follow up all of what was said and hardcore clamp down on any more meshing cheaters too if not its just a show of we can push a button /flex rawr ... actions speak louder than words and the yt'r actions where in this case the wrong oes and he got what ANY other player would have got for doing the same crap.
  23. it would be nice to have a more stable server yes ... BUT demanding on a forums is ridiculous and as paying customers ?? lol we just bought the base game and a season pass (some of us) all that gives us is the right to play the game in the EULA i guarantee there will be a bit that says connection to servers can and will be interrupted due to 3rd party hosts beyond WC control ... its the same with ALL mmo's. Granted the cryopods have helped the tame cap but the new homestead patch has decreased the stability of my server too so something is bigtime iffy with the coding / optimization of ARK full stop as normal
  24. sat refreshing battlemetrics to see if my server would come alive since it my main server and my char is locked on there read the forums commented a bit a refreshed battlemetrics again ... i need my ark fix and my babies want to be cuddled!
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