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Mod Contest News!


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We said we would have some more news for you about the mod contest this month, and that time is now!

I'm happy to introduce you to our new Contest section of the website: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/contests/
If we're holding any big contests, you will probably find them right here going forward!

Now specific to the mod contest, if you happened to see it all those months ago, there was quite a bit of discussion that occurred during the last one about the process and how it could be done better.

We already mentioned that we've split the contest into two categories this time, "Mods" and "Maps". In addition, we have also restructured the way voting will work. The contest will operate in a series of phases:

  • Entry Phase: Get your mods in, this phase will last for four weeks.
  • Preliminaries: Members of the development team will evaluate mods during this phase, it will be internal voting only during this. We will be selecting 10 mods (For each category) to go through to the finals. This phase will last for two weeks.
  • Spotlight Phase: After we have selected the finalists we will then do video spotlights of them to show them off and let everyone know what they will be voting on. This phase will last for one week.
  • Finals: This is the big moment. This will be a public-only vote. Studio Wildcard will not be evaluating finalists or be involved with the scoring during this phase, and the winner will be selected solely by the public. This phase will last for one week.

There are two $10,000 grand prizes, one for each category, mod authors can only enter one category.

In addition, we've also prepared some prizes for voters. At the end of the contest, there will be a raffle held for each category. Voting gets you a chance to win an ARK: Collectors Edition box set that has been signed by members of the development team!


Now let's talk a little about how to enter. On May 31st, both categories will start to show a button for entering. Make sure you pay attention to which category you enter, you will not be able to enter both! When you enter you will be prompted to do a secure sign-in with your steam account. We will then validate with mods you have published and you will be able to select it from the drop-down on the entry form. Your mod must be publicly available for players.

After selecting your mod for entry, you will be able to write up all the information you can for it. You can embed spotlight videos, images, links to information about the mod (make sure it's clean or your mod may get disqualified). This information will be visible to players. This is your opportunity to try and get players interested in your mods, make it good and make sure you take great care in preparing. You will not be able to edit your entry information after you submit it. The system will then generate a page just for your mod!

We look forward to a fun and exciting competition. Happy Modding!

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14 minutes ago, WilliamMichell said:

Love the fact that we are voting on something we can't try as an Xbox player and those who can try the mods are being entered into a raffle for a game not on the system they're using to play the game...

While you have a good point with your first issue, the raffle is for a Collectors Edition box set, which is available for the Xbox.

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man i wanna make my own map so bad lol, i have the dev kit and have been messing around with it a bit. sadly one month isn't enough time to learn how it works AND make a map that would be any good.

and as both a PC and Xbox owner with ark on both platforms i feel for the console players (including myself) because PC gets everything first and most of the time are the only people to get whatever it is. 

like honestly, as an aspiring mod maker it sucks to know that whatever your going to make isn't going to show up on Xbox. seriously what is so difficult about pulling a Bethesda and getting mod support for console? if Skyrim and fallout can get it. there is absolutely no reason ark can't ether.

its just mental.

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Stop with the mod contests and announce something that is coming soon to console like maps or new dinos. Ark is kinda getting stale again and it needs some new content. What's next for s+ for console ? what is coming soon ? E3 is just around the corner it's time to step up and announce something. Stop being so silent 

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Please oh please dear modders, make a fix for wonky and missing structure parts! Simple yet sorely needed things like flat right angle ceiling tiles, sloaped roofs that dont hang over when clipped getting you stuck, foundations that can stack like bricks, dino gates that can be clipped horizontally, a true placement mode rather than varying shades of "invisible in the sun green" and rotating the item not your character.  Yeah wc can do all that now, but I feel like if they haven't yet, it's probably so far down the totem pole of things to do that it's the part sticking in the ground. My architectural hopes and dreams are in your hands! ❤️

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