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  1. Club ark is a great addition and I'd love to see it expanded upon. Black jack, roulette, and/or some other game would also be really cool.
  2. You can transfer servers with poop on you. I don't care what you think. I'm speaking for the community that has to live out the upload because they can't balance this reptaring game for new tribes. Unless you have some productive comment please sit down.
  3. These remastered maps are terrible. My main complaint is there's poop base locations. Anywhere that was good for a small tribe is either changed, removed, or patched rat holes. The only decent hiding spot on the map and yall made it by accident and then deprive us of it.
  4. I don't really feel like working harder to raid is a bad thing. If I have 100s of turrets, it should be a fortress. But soaking doesn't take long at all. No one's on for 1 hour and an entire base is lost even though every turret was filled to the max is reptaring insane. Orp would be perfect because smaller tribes would have a chance and larger tribes always have someone on.
  5. I thought when they remastered the maps they would add some better base locations but they actively destroyed all the base spots that were good. Kinda trash that comes from ignorant people.
  6. No one cares about conquest servers. Extend the dam ark data time so people can go to work and take care of their families without losing everything. Fix official. DILO are yall doing? Seriously
  7. If the person that likes to vote all the suggestions down without an opinion why it's wrong could please stop trolling. That would be amazing, some of us would like to see beneficial change.
  8. If my character is 3 times taller than the grass and bushes, why can't I see above the grass in first person. Please fix this issue. Everyone should not have the same camera height.
  9. The extra damage to structures for being in a cave makes no sense. First I'm putting a target on my back living in one of ten caves on a map. It's not hard to scout because the map is exactly the same just with worse spot because the crouch areas have been removed from certain caves. Building outside a cave is the worst decision because there are 20 different ways to easily drop a tower. Especially one built by new players trying to build up. Quetzel bombs, stego bombs which you can't protect against because the health mutations are already ridiculous. Bullets need to be cheaper and do more damage two stagos and a carcha raid my last tribes base in less than 15 mins. 25 heavy turrets did nothing. Then they wipe the entire base top to bottom because it's so cheap to do with c4 in a cave. Even all the floors just because they could easily.
  10. The game has become extremely hard to start as a new player. You have people starting businesses in other countries selling dinosaurs as a day job. The amount of Chinese traders that own entire official servers is down right sad. There should be a 12 hour designated raiding times for destroying bases on official servers so some of us could get some sleep or grind resources to build our first turret. No one wants to have to buy bases and dinos from third parties to be able to even play the game. Please set pvp times accordingly to time zones. Please increase ark data timer to atleast 3 days also. There are not enough servers or caves to hide. There is no building outside of a cave because it's easy to raid. Also the 6x damage in a cave needs to be removed as it makes no sense. Especially now
  11. The time before an upload expires needs to be extended to atleast 72 hours over the 24 hours. Partially because normal people have lives to live and the other reason is that this game is heavily one sided. New players have no chance and it would be nice to be able to save anything when ever server is being raided every other day.
  12. Can we fix the physics of the boat and walk past dino tails?
  13. I was honestly just complaining in this post but I made a better one outlining the issues that I'm facing when I play. I talk about RB being unresponsive, the speed but with a limit, and a few other issues.
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