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  1. Structure saver sounds like the best one up there, I thought about it myself from time to time. I think itll very convenient
  2. Oh this looks really interesting, I hope they do more with the ascension story
  3. Alot of people are confused to why rock drakes arent in abb zone on the new map. If it's a dlc money issue I think reapers (xenomorphs) is your selling point in aberration and basilisk. Can we get one out of the 3 to make it feel more like ab down below.
  4. So did they even get back to you, they only replaced 15 of almost 100 dinos of mine and acted like I should have full capability of getting around and making cryo pods and getting eggs to hatch after I lost everything smh idk how stupid they could be but here I am with a fraction of what I had, and made me look like a liar to my tribe when I said I'd merged on abb and create a great base so now they dont play with me. Thank you wildcard
  5. But dont worry the problems that are a direct result of failed coding or unstable servers isnt answered half the time, then two months later you get a ray of hope to have em tell you they can only do so much while literally standing infront of you in God mode and could easily replace everything that was lost because of their incompetence. Just how I'm starting to feel
  6. So I just heard the servers crashed yesterday and alot of people lost dinos and transfer items, but dont worry it takes a month to answer back and they dont even replace a quarter of what you lost( only 10 out of 100). Gotta love their support right.
  7. I guess itll be nice to see what the games needs and never get to play, jk I doubt console will ever see the mods that would perfect this game
  8. This is how everyone feels. Can console be better?
  9. I just wish I could get my ticket resolved so I can enjoy the event
  10. Now the transfer was broke last night and alot of us lost all our tames and items when transferring
  11. Why should we report anything if nothing is done, if all we get is a message of a copy and paste apology and ticket closed in the next day. I feel like these cheaters get more out the game than we do
  12. yall could allow 5 permanent storage spots in the oblisk cause we out here getting wiped by dupers with unlimited amount of supplies c4 and dinos, meshers wiping entire servers with no effort no matter your defenses no one can watch their base 24/7 with a rail gun, cant trust nobody because they will inside you or use the merge to take everything you have then kick you, so why is there no protection like nothing against it after putting months of hard work into this game to have it gone in a night, cant trust alliances cause they will blue tag you, why allow alliances to destroy buildings and kill dinos without turning on them I mean if they break a wall or severely hurt a dino, turrets and dinos should turn on them, everything in pvp is set up to be wiped. I mean yall made it so raiders are more common than traders.
  13. So I wake up to half my house missing that was behind behemoth gates. Lost everything in my storage bin to autodecay. A few dinos dead 4 out 20 in the cave half of which are wyverns. So nothing is out of place, all dinos were on aggressive but never moved, and everything is still in the fabricator and the smithy so what happened. There are no names in the tribe log and auto decay randomly starts between dinos and foundations are destroyed but then more walls auto decay randomly again later. I'm so confused and lost a lot of great gear.
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