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  1. Gotta love when wildArk. Is pandering to the community about a player they never cared about until they needed a better reputation. Ark 2 looks like a flop of a game ( it looks like primitive servers and we know those never worked in the Og game). How the heck do you crash on a space ship and survive but none of the technology does. Ark 1 is too old and needs a wipe to be playable for new players. I'll buried all hopes of playing any Ark title again. The UE5 update isn't going to save ark. RIP THICK44.
  2. I'm disgusted at what they did to ark 2. I was so excited to start ark 2 from beginning with everyone else and now I'm get sick thinking about it. Now I see everyone upset about new changes to the og game. It's sad wild card hates their fanbase.
  3. How if the company is worth like 15 million and has 46 employees and the ceo net worth is 5 million. I'm not saying I don't believe, but something isn't adding up or I'm missing something.
  4. If all that burnt up why is anyone alive. They were in those parts of the ship. Plus in the original we started with nothing punching trees until we made our way with the resources around. Did everyone crash get thrown out the space windows and knock their head so hard it made em stupid, but not hard enough they died crashing a spaceship into a planet.
  5. Why would you completely change the game and still name it the same thing? We are comfortable with the view they have now, 3rd person will ruin gun play, if their is even guns in game. We can already climb mountains and all kinds of stuff like flying. The only reason to do third person only is for melee combat, which would be useless if it anything like the first game with shotguns and grenade launchers. And if all technology is gone DILO happens to it. Gen 2 we had the epitome of technology but it's gonna go back to fighting with spears???? Why??? How do you loose an entire spaceship???
  6. "Redifining survival" then proceeds to mention games styles from Conan and dark souls. I didn't know yall lost brain cells over the pandemic but this looks like a bad game with a lot of hype.
  7. The money we aren't gonna spend on it now is really gonna hold them back also.
  8. Well I read 3rd person only and lost all my excitement. Guess I won't be buying the game I been looking forward too for a couple years now. I didn't know they were that jealous of Conan they'd ruin their brand new game.
  9. Why isnt insiding a banable offense I just lost everything to someone who pretended they needed a tribe, and before that I got meshed my whole tribe of 20 people quit the game. It's almost impossible to start up again.
  10. I was just told be the enforcement team that raising reapers on genesis bug is allowed.
  11. Whys the world turtle look kinda bland compared to the teaser picture.
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