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  1. Hi, I have started up a new server with a friend to give Ark a new lease on life for us and figured if we are interested in this so are others. We have initially set up as just The Island map but with enough interest could set up other maps. As the title suggests the server is called Jurassic Island and we have disabled taming completely. Egg hatching and raising has been made virtually impossible as the whole point is to have no tames at all on the server. We have made a few minor alterations to the defaut settings for a server the main ones are: No Tames No Beacons Our standard rates are: XP-Value - 2x Harvest-Value - 4x Adjusted player stats Weight - 50 per level Speed - 0.5 per level Max dino level 100 (120 for Tek Creatures) Alpha Monkey, Spider and Dragon World Boss Spawns. Any questions please ask and I will reply as soon as I can. I have also set up a discord but it is very early stages right now. https://discord.gg/ZyvYSTAn6T
  2. My bad, makes sense now. I just happened to read the other one first then whilst reading this one your post came up and came across a little edgy. (Possibly because it looked like a copy paste response). I will back you up however in this regards as I have bought the Season Pass and feel that if Rock Drakes were available on a Free DLC it would cheapen my Season Pass. Doesn't mean I am not disappointing that the Rock Drakes aren't in the new map though and as such I will not likely be playing it much, its beautiful but doesn't offer me an incentive to move away from my Ragnarok home base. The server I cluster I play on is Permanent Rag, with rotating the other maps although the admin are talking about adding a 2nd permanent which was almost this new map but will now likely be Aberration instead.
  3. Are you copy pasting this to each post complaining about not having Rock Drakes? Also you have some issues with your grammar and some double negatives in there. "We didn't pay nothing..." implies we paid something. As a forum moderator I feel you should be a little bit above this type of post but I don't know the guidelines you are supposed to be following. It comes across a little sarcastic maybe?
  4. Today hasn't happened yet but I will outline my plans now and update with reality later lol... On my to do list: Meat Run(s) for our breeding base, need to fill 8/10 of the 12 tek troughs and a hand full of the 33 fridges so we can mass raise some giga (plus a few other bits) Convert the remaining Stone buildings to Metal Farm Spino Sails then Breed and hatch half a dozen Megalania for the Toxin to do another Alpha Monkey run in a few days (gotta keep those troughs powered) Might do some more work on my Ice Base Will probably head over to a friends Extinction Base to help them out with some Veins and Drops
  5. Also would love to see the explorer notes put into hard back book form for sale (I think it has something like this in the Collectors Edition). I would buy the book if it was sold at a reasonable price inline with other similar books.
  6. Love the fact that we are voting on something we can't try as an Xbox player and those who can try the mods are being entered into a raffle for a game not on the system they're using to play the game...
  7. It's not Mothers Day all around the world people, I don't think they are aiming the event only at the US...
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