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  1. Game is broken as hell, needs alot of work and quickly unlike the last ark. People are gonna start wanting their money back which will make a crappy outcome for ark 2. 

  2. This is ridiculous, if you expect people to buy ark 2 don't you think you should start showing us we can count on you. Never on time for anything. I may not buy ark 2 until it's like $10. I've spent so much money buying all the dlc's for ark and bout ark in pre-release and I have boasted about how good the game has been but as far as trusting the team creating it, I'm losing that.
  3. I love the game but if some mods are not added soon to xbox I think I'm gonna stop playing it for good.
  4. they haven't kept they're word with damn near anything as far as on xbox. this is crap. plain and simple.
  5. I put my vote in for ark as game of the year. I wish y'all the best of luck. y'all deserve it.
  6. Really wondering, where is this primitive+ update that we're supposed to get?
  7. I'm not saying I don't love the game but it would be nice if when a release date was announced it was actually hit.
  8. that is exactly the point, don't get our hopes up then dash them the day it's supposed to be released. I fully agree. Very disappointed.
  9. Xbox always gets the short end of the stick. The PC already has a bunch of stuff that Xbox doesn't, I still really want annunaki genesis. The PC has had it for a while now. This primitive+ pushback really sucked though cause we weren't even told til the day of the supposed release.
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