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  1. I think it would only work on new servers but its something I would like to see. Maybe they could introduce it in stages giving players the chance to either get enough regular players to put land claims on their whole bases or for them to scale down their bases to what they could manage. My initial idea was to give each flag 1.5x or 2x the range of a Tek Generator ( I have looked to see how big that is and it is quite massive lol )
  2. Flag land ownership to replace pillar spam. I would like to see a system to get rid of the pillar spam. My sugestion is to give each player 3 land flags (which can be picked up and moved or destroyed) Flags have a decay which matches the decay timer of the longest decay within the zone and when a flag auto decays everything inside auto decays with it Building would not be restricted to within the flag zone but anyone could build next to anything outside the zones Structures outside the no build zones have a very short decay Flags would have a no build radius of 37
  3. Keybindings for console We have had KB/M support for a while now but still can't see keybindings in game or edit them to our own personal styles. Any chance we can get this added ASAP?
  4. I did see it. I was very happy but will wait to see it implemented before I celebrate lol Next thing is to see keybinding options added for Keyboard and Mouse to consoles.
  5. My server is showing that version number but still not getting Tek replicater
  6. Everyone has the same options. You choose to use kb/m or controller as preference.
  7. I have checked on the settings on the Windows 10 version of Ark and it does have the option to turn Bloom and Lightshafts on and off. I think this will effect cross platform PVP and am shocked it hasn't been brought up more tbh
  8. A little late but thought I would post here (and other places). Game Mode/Server Settings suggestion: 24 Hour Battle Royale PVP Hardcore No Tames 24 Hour Server Wipe Remove the need for Food and Water Slight boost to Weight stat to compensate for lack of tames 50 levels (first few levels fast slowing to the end) Limited building (maybe 100 structure limit) - Destroy players buildings on death (if possible) All drops contain Weapons and Armour of at least Mastercraft quality Ringed drops contain Ascendant quality All drops contain Random Ammo
  9. Ced stated a couple of days ago that Fire Wyverns will be patched in, something went wrong and someone forgot to press the correct button or something. Argi nests are not going to be in but Deinonychus does have nests I believe in the white cliffs area.
  10. I've been playing for a couple of weeks now and loving it come chat on discord to find out more.
  11. I have had it suggested to me that PS4 has or once had this setting already. Could any confirm our deny toys with screen shots of the options screen. Also I used to play on the Windows 10 cross platform version of the game and can't remember if I changed the setting with the console command or if it had the option there so if someone could confirm that with a screen shot to please. @complexminded aka Ced has confirmed that the Dev team are actively talking about this issue though so fingers crossed it won't be a long wait to get the fix. Make sure to share this th
  12. I only play PVE but I know Cross Platform needs more choices of server, 1 for each map and each zone (EU/US) is not enough. It has been better for Extinction where 5 were added but The Island, The Center, Ragnarok, Scorched Earth and Abberation have suffered with over populations due to having no alternatives to set up on.
  13. I'm giving this server ago (Colin Bradbury on Discord) so far seems really good
  14. Today hasn't happened yet but I will outline my plans now and update with reality later lol... On my to do list: Meat Run(s) for our breeding base, need to fill 8/10 of the 12 tek troughs and a hand full of the 33 fridges so we can mass raise some giga (plus a few other bits) Convert the remaining Stone buildings to Metal Farm Spino Sails then Breed and hatch half a dozen Megalania for the Toxin to do another Alpha Monkey run in a few days (gotta keep those troughs powered) Might do some more work on my Ice Base Will probably head over to a friends Extinction B
  15. Also would love to see the explorer notes put into hard back book form for sale (I think it has something like this in the Collectors Edition). I would buy the book if it was sold at a reasonable price inline with other similar books.
  16. Love the fact that we are voting on something we can't try as an Xbox player and those who can try the mods are being entered into a raffle for a game not on the system they're using to play the game...
  17. @complexminded This is a topic that has been going on for years, can we have some feedback as to whether it is something that will be patched in. I know from my coding background and the fact that the commands already exist that it should be a quick fix, it is something I feel should just be added into the next patch or 2. Failing that could we at least get the admincheat r.bloomquality 0 and admincheat r.lightshafts 0 to be permanent alterations to our games like admincheat sg.groundclutterquality 0 I have only ever entered that last command once in single player and
  18. Great idea, could even be an actual post box in game that other players can access to put notes into but not remove from
  19. this is not the correct forum for bug reports but restart your client. On XBox we get it if the game hasn't been closed down properly.
  20. This. I like some of your ideas but not enough of them to give the whole post an upvote
  21. simply YES!!! I lost all my base stats when I cryo podded a load of dinos because I used the folder system previously to keep track. Now I use an outside app but keeping folders would still be useful.
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