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Ark Painting Issues

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Hey guys,

I just want to know if im not the only one in the same boat or not?

My tribe and i have been trying to add paintings and stuff around our base you know because that pve life ^^, but for some reason when i try to add a paint that i have downloaded from a website like...http://arkpaint.com/paint/signs/canvas/fridge-eat-it-or-go-hungry/

That painting to be perfectly clear, Everytime i go to paint it or anyone in my tribe for that matter. We keep crashing midway, now before anyone says "your pc is a potato"

These are my specs


Along with my tribe mates who have similar or better builds.


Can anyone shine some light on this please it's frustrating and i don't know what to do about it.



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It's a recent bug, there have been a few reports on here about it. I've reported it via the bug report page https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/pc-bug-reports/  - but as far as I can tell you can only see your own posts on there, so I can't tell if anyone else has posted about it.

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So i figured out a possible solution to this if anyone is still following this.

I noticed that i kept getting kicked from the server as i was trying to paint and after some trials i came to the conclusion that,
It's related to the ping. Atleast for me anyways, If you have a high ping to the server then you can't paint from a template, because you have to "send" data to the ark servers
and have it store it there for you and you just can't do that with high ping im guessing. That's why it dc's you out.

My theory on it anyways. I have been able to paint everything i wanted whilst the server was quiet and i was around 60-80ping, anywhere in the 90+ i couldn't do it.

Good Luck :)

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