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  1. Why not pick on some tribe that is already on your server? They would likely have the most resource to take you down?
  2. I must have my visual settings too low to keep my laptop from overheating. I have no characters on my dedicated storage. What should be showing there. How high do I need to make my settings for it to appear?
  3. Today, and rest of this week is cloning Dust Gacha and Owls. I've got a nice little silo that will dump all the gacha crystals into a neat little pile. When I get everything set up it will be fly from silo to silo and pick up crystals. Almost as bad a grinding for the rock to feed them, but it gets me the element I need to make my tek base.
  4. Parasaurs will always come towards you unless they don't like you. Keep a rifle or crossbow handy. Shoot them at a distance and they will lead everything away from you.
  5. I don't think cross platform play is possible. Either you get an Xbox or your friend gets a PC.
  6. I mowed the lawn. Took the Theriz and right clicked everywhere. My fiber dedicated storage is starting to get close to full.
  7. I finally got free of my first cage when the legacy server was destroyed. The alpha tribe would catch anyone they could find and jail them. Guards would tranq the prisoners and force feed them. Left for a month l. When I came back I was still caged. They laughed at me and I left that server for good.
  8. Always looking for breeding. I've got at least 100 babies in the cryofridge waiting to mature
  9. I know they posted that people will be addressed in a first come, first serve basis and that they have a large number of tickets to address. I submitted my ticket on day one and have heard nothing back from them. It would be nice to get confirmation that they will eventually get to me.
  10. How are you informed that your character is restored? I've been waiting since the roll back. My wife has an account on one of the servers I have bases on so she is keeping that alive. I have 25 boss rexes, a giga, and a few other dinos on another server that she can't update (not part of tribe there). I really don't want to loose them.
  11. I am also several days into my ticket with no response. I don't want to loose everything!!!!
  12. Looks like there is still a problem. I just attempted to label a vault as being my fiber vault. Stick canvas to vault, upload paint job. Crashed twice. Then I came to the forum to see if there was an issue.
  13. Hello all again, I am trying to get to the trading forum and started replying to people. Noticed my post count was not going up. Do I have to start new threads to get the number of posts to increase or is it a time based system and it only updates the number of posts during a batch count run? Guess I will find out when I submit this new thread.
  14. All servers were full, and they are gone again
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