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  1. So it is about a year that uploading pics is broken. I was wondering why I do get kicked off the server every time I try to upload an image on a canvas but I've found dozens of posts about this issue. What the hell, wildcard. How hard can it be to upload a 65kb pic.
  2. It does make sense, but it is still weird. Why would ever the game consider me not flying, first time I see something like this in years.
  3. I've got more than 4000 hours playing this game so I am not surprised, please forgive me for this post but I have to report a sort of bug that caused my Griffin death. Flying up in the sky, no enemies around, still almost full stamina, pitching up, all good, the griffin suddenly just died. There's not much more to say, it just instantly died for no reason. I've heard a hit sound like receiving damage from who knows what, and then I was immediately on the ground with the dead body of my griffin at my side. Tamed early in the morning on Ragnarok210, transported to TheCenter348 where I am actually playing, levelling it up for few hours. Time well spent, as always. Is it lag? I doubt it. I was chasing a Santa gift box and everything was moving normally with no lag sign. Even if it was, there's nothing that can kill a griffin like that. sadness 1 sadness 2
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