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  1. *same issue* did anyone found a solution for it ?
  2. any update on this topic? we are facing same issue
  3. MaaBaa

    New Trader

    hi, I am on the same "mission"
  4. *bump* the same issue checking each patch notes, testing tek bridges after each server restart no snap points what makes them unusable
  5. good for you! in our case we lost ,more or less, base like the one on your picture after logging in, everything gone and area pillared by other people I am sorry but some people beside playing the game have to work as well "generous" x3 for few hours, when you cant get ingame coz of "server full message" is not a compensation but a joke
  6. I am sorry but it is stupid not enough need to struggle every single time when I wanna to login - sometime it takes up to 2-3 hours of clicking "join" and then after few days we manage to build a base and what? all gone and WC offer us x3? is it a joke? no, thanks - this offer is unacceptable waste of time
  7. base gone after update - server 463
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