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  1. Yes, the Dragon on the other maps is rather nerfed. Don't think the dragon's got any harder on Island, but it's always been more a case of keeping whistled tames out of the lava streams while waiting for the dratted thing to land.
  2. These are easily good enough for boss fights, won't even need a yuti to buff them other than possibly for Island dragon, just to get her down as fast as possible when she lands. As has been said, no need to pump anything other than melee @ 100% imprint. Ideally minimum of 80 armour saddles, better if you can - worth getting all the mats together for all the saddles you want to craft & mindwipe then put all points into crafting before making them, can mindwipe again 24h later & return to your usual build. As for selling them, if you're on PvE its so easy to get given better for free (at least on PC) I'd doubt you'd sell many. Our top rexes are 32K/1100 melee & 30.5K 1125 melee at the moment (nowhere near the best on PvE) and we regularly give away eggs from the previous generations (28K 1125 melee/30K 1100 melee).
  3. Link to the report form is in this pinned post....
  4. I harvest wood with a theri and take a mammoth on follow - the theri gets more wood/tree than a good mammoth, but the mammoth can carry a LOT more. p.s. the mammoth for this should only be levelled on weight, obviously
  5. Reduce tribe tame cap on PvE to 250 Reduce the tribe tame cap on PvE from 500 to 250 - with freely available cryopods there is no real reason for a tribe to need more than 250 tames out at any one time - this would help prevent servers becoming capped & generally improve server performance.
  6. In complete agreement with @Aylana314159 . Stack sizes are well balanced as they are for items that have spoil timers and do not need changing, if you want different, then that's what unofficial servers & single player are for.
  7. Chitin & Keratin are interchangeable, if you want lots of chitin then kill mantises (Volcano or desert), should get loads. Also it's best if you have 2 theris & just put harvesting levels into power on 1 & delicate on the other.
  8. Reducing the colours doesn't look like it would help - almost all the images I've been trying are just black & white (mostly labels for vaults). They're also drawn at the exact pixel number used in game - so no resizing either.
  9. I was part of a mega for a fair while, and, while it's true that there are a fair number of less experienced players making up the numbers, there are also a LOT of very good PvPers in these tribes. Plus the noobs tend to learn fast or leave/get kicked. The mega I was in had circa 1500 members spread over many tribes on multiple servers, e.g. on our server where we we were alpha (of course), we had a tribe of around 60, 40 of whom had over 4K PvP hours, 10 of us had more like 8K - not exactly noobs! Our normal raiding party would be 6-10 people + whatever creatures we needed (raid, not server attack) and that group all had 6-8K hours. Full server attacks draw on the best PvPers from multiple servers in the mega, so it's pretty easy to keep a server capped for several days if needed. We also all farmed when needed, not just the noobs.
  10. I'd go with the raft (well, motorboat) mostly because you can place an ind forge on it which you can't do with platform saddles. Can place a few turrets underwater if you're worried about leeds.
  11. If it started as lvl 1, then that's correct - you can add 73 levels after taming to a tame, no more. Higher levels are because the tame started out with more post tame - e.g. a lvl 100 post tame can hit 173. You'll also not see any tamed dino over lvl 450 on official as that's the hard cap - anything over 450 is deleted at server restart (we hit this problem with boss rexes and have to be careful with our pairs so the babies hatch max lvl 376)
  12. I think there's a no build area on official PvE (was fairly small & I could be wrong as I've not tried for a while), but if the teleporter's not blocking anything & is public I can't see a reason why it would be a problem. As you say the boss packs block far more - although a lot of people who are doing regular bosses (& don't play extinction or rag where the tekgram's easier to get) may still not have teleporter unlocked - alpha dragon's tough on the island.
  13. 1. Verify your game files - the game updater is not 100% reliable (what is ) and updates may trash a perfectly good installation 2. If you're playing SP or Unofficial, ALWAYS wait for any mods to update before launching 3. Scan your PC for malware I still get the odd crash (usually D3D related), but it's probably about 1/month & I'm usually in game for at least 4-6 hours/day. More RAM also helps - used to get more crashes with 16Gb than I do with 32Gb, but this could also be down to patches that came out in the same time frame.
  14. If I was limited to just 1 creature, it'd be the therizin, but as others have said, the best dino is very situational - e.g. theri is great for meat/wood/hide/fibre/berries & doesn't generally draw aggro, but it can't harvest stone/flint/metal etc.
  15. And I just go to Extinction & harvest benches/tables/lampposts with a doed - silly amounts of dust/crystal & electronics. For oil all you need is a base on Rag or SE - so many oil veins, and usually unlocked wells. p.s. you don't need lots of time in game to do this - Came over from legacy, ran notes on Island for about 2 hours to get to lvl 80, meat tamed an argent & went to rag to farm, within 2 days had a small metal base on Extinction, started our man base on Centre & had bases on Island, rag & ab. You just need to be efficient & be prepared to run naked for a few hours on the island to level up.
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