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  1. Pretty much all the item numbers changed with the Genesis release, you'll need to use the cheat GFI commands instead, not tried the settargetdinocolor but there were reports of changed colours with dyed items after the patch so could be related to that.
  2. I've never used a Daedon in a boss fight yet, just for healing between fights when doing them back to back. Yuti's a nice to have, particularly for Dragon, with a good Rex army it's not a must though. Of the 3 Island bosses I'd not bother with the yuti for ape, but would for spider & dragon - my Boss rexes on official have ca 40-50K health & 2K++ melee. All this assumes solo runs, if you've a team it's a lot easier.
  3. Also, why, milk's not hard to get (plenty of good trap designs, or just kill an alpha....) + you'll probably want it for imprint - and you should be imprinting wyvs to 100%
  4. Sounds like a mod issue to me, not seeing it on our cluster (we're only running a handful of mods, S+, Awesome TP, HG Stacking, ORP & Arkomatic) - with all the patches we've had a lot of restarts
  5. I'd point to the way Elite Dangerous does it - you can get all of the cosmetics through gameplay, but you can also buy them as MTs, that works for me - play a lot, get them free, want them now (or want more than the gameplay's paid for, shell out a buck). Absolutely MTs should only be for cosmetics though, no pay to win. Plus you buy an unlock, it's available on all servers you play on, and in SP local.
  6. Happening on all of ours too, with us it's S+ and Awesome Teleporters that seems to be causing it. Don't have any mods that affect dinos loaded.
  7. OSDs & Veins not spawning Since the Genesis update it seems that OSDs & Veins no longer spawn on Extinction - checked on EU 462 & also on the unofficial that I admin - can't even spawn them in with admin commands Bug report sent, just wanted to know if everyone's seeing the same?
  8. Power Therizin by miles, but you'll want a mammoth on follow to stash it all in.
  9. Trike or iguanadon for berry farming IMO - trike is better for purely berries, iguanodon is also a good fast starter mount. Farm narcos, make narcotics & power level a bit. Your goal to begin with is lvl 62, that's when you can learn the argent saddle - a decent argent is a fairly easy tame (look up traps on youtube) and will make everything else much easier.
  10. Yes, the Dragon on the other maps is rather nerfed. Don't think the dragon's got any harder on Island, but it's always been more a case of keeping whistled tames out of the lava streams while waiting for the dratted thing to land.
  11. These are easily good enough for boss fights, won't even need a yuti to buff them other than possibly for Island dragon, just to get her down as fast as possible when she lands. As has been said, no need to pump anything other than melee @ 100% imprint. Ideally minimum of 80 armour saddles, better if you can - worth getting all the mats together for all the saddles you want to craft & mindwipe then put all points into crafting before making them, can mindwipe again 24h later & return to your usual build. As for selling them, if you're on PvE its so easy to get given better for free (at least on PC) I'd doubt you'd sell many. Our top rexes are 32K/1100 melee & 30.5K 1125 melee at the moment (nowhere near the best on PvE) and we regularly give away eggs from the previous generations (28K 1125 melee/30K 1100 melee).
  12. Link to the report form is in this pinned post....
  13. I harvest wood with a theri and take a mammoth on follow - the theri gets more wood/tree than a good mammoth, but the mammoth can carry a LOT more. p.s. the mammoth for this should only be levelled on weight, obviously
  14. Reduce tribe tame cap on PvE to 250 Reduce the tribe tame cap on PvE from 500 to 250 - with freely available cryopods there is no real reason for a tribe to need more than 250 tames out at any one time - this would help prevent servers becoming capped & generally improve server performance.
  15. In complete agreement with @Aylana314159 . Stack sizes are well balanced as they are for items that have spoil timers and do not need changing, if you want different, then that's what unofficial servers & single player are for.
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