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ARK Digest Question Submissions!


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Hey guys!

If you've got any questions you'd like to ask in the next edition of the ARK Digest, post them here!

Please keep in mind we won't be answering any questions related to the ETA of when something is to be expected as these are constantly changing, the best way to stay up to date on upcoming content is to read all the all the latest announcements and the patch notes. If there's something we'd like to let you know about, we'll be sure to inform you!



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Well I have some few questions! Sorry if some of my questions already have been taken, or something that already have been

talking about before. I am busy person and don't have time for everything.


Will there soon be adding more bosses on Ark? If yes, when will the next one be released?

How many boss creautres will there be on Ark?

Will it ever be possible to make dinosaurs hybrids on Ark?

Will there be more decorations for your dinos or for yourself? Like as in neckless, rings, anything like that.

Will there be only few maps to choose from, or will there be varites of choises? Maybe even be able to design your own map?


That was my questions.

I wish everyone a wonderful day!


~ Sarcastic Dodo a.k.a Trix2806


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Can we expect some sort of mechanised transportation system in the higher tiers?

Some sort of conveyor belt system so we could make a loading/unloading dock and have the goods all brought to an start/end point? Make it cost loads of mats (like the elevator) and consume fuel. (New material "Rubber", created from organic polymers and fuel?)


Oh and another important question!!:

Will we be able to have beards?


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Is the final plan to have multiple taming methods for each animal or just for some (or none)? If so, does "multiple" mean two or even more?
You have also mentioned a second ARK in the works. How many ARKs are planned for release (and after)? How does that influence, and is influenced by, your PCG map plans?

A few digests ago you hinted at a breeding skill. Any chance we'll get a taming skill as well (or that they are the same)?

Thank you for the great job you do! :x

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Fix linux/AMD graphics issues?

The ability to keep wild dino's locked up?

A cart for carrying heavier loads in?

Fewer Brontos. They show up, and step on everything.

Re-balance tributes, e.g. Mosasaur tooth, Quetz talon, Giga claw.

Some kind of achievement requirement to learn new engrams. Too easy right now to just zip through thatch, and into wood.

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When we'll reach beta and you will start optimizing the game, will you add multi-threading support? You said that you have experienced engineers so if their capable of doing that it would be awesome for people with i7s. Games that support MT are capable of getting even 30 FPS more with 8 threads than people with 4 threads.

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With the popularity of ARK on the rise and the devotion of players split between Primitive and Full Content servers, are there any plans to expand on the two distinct "eras" in playstyle?  

(I.e. javelins, lances, halberds, tower shields, mount armor slots And medieval themed structure add-ons for primitive tiers and more advanced items like Squad Automatic Weapons [the SAW], chainsaws,  laser weapons, carbines, SMGs [or PDWs], grenade launchers and magnums for full tek tier games.)

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Will it ever be possible to get a .ini server setting for allowing or not allowing offline raiding? Something like "if player / tribe is online their buildings can be destroyed" ?

Will we ever get the (highly) requested mailbox? So I don't have to put storage boxes on a pillar and then waking up to see some dinosaur stomped and wrecked it. ; )


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Will we ever see full creature based armor sets? Kinda of an upgrade to the creature masks/helmets already in the game (Dodorex mask, Rex skull helmet, etc) 

I think it would be kinda cool to have entire sets based off creatures kinda like the Monster Hunter series, even if they where just for appearance/vanity effect

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Can we have "pocket cages" on tek tier to store our tamed dinos? :) (Perhaps cages pocket may have the same shape as the loot crates.)

This can be awesome and surprising people in battle with some reinforcements in our pockets.

Something like this: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=610434291 but only tamed creatures on official version.


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Can you guys elaborate a little on your future plans for the current map? I know you have said that you aren't able to make the current island bigger, but that you plan on expanding the ocean and adding more islands. Will there be islands that are comparable in size or even bigger than the current island? What about the layout of these islands? We've seen some pretty cool geographical features on mod maps like Valhalla. It would be awesome to see stuff like that on the official ark map as well!

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Hello Jat and all the people of Wildcard thanks by answering my questions last time but i got a few more to fire at you :)


1. Still want to know is xbox gonna get holiday themed Events because it would be mice since they seem a lil preplanned and last long enough to be certified. And if so will we be able to use commands to activate these events an a private dedicated like PC can?


2. I know its been said but kibble does need a good look over. Only to re-align them a lil more properly. You already know :)


3. Has there been looks into the phasing through the ground glitch to fix taking slight fall damage and just being sucked into the abyss?


4. Are titanboas going to ever be tamed? Because trying to claim their eggs for Gigantopithecus kibble sucks alot.


5. Any features thats in the works you can tease and whet our appetite with ;)

Quick edit: thought of a few more


6. In the tek tier can we get a diving suit and be able to attach an air tank to like Plesios or even sharks to have more armor to fight than just scuba gear and getting absolutely destroyed.? Plus having diving gear would be cool if we could attach it to a boat plus have a nice head lamp to see or you know make underwater flares or glowsticks ;) :D

7. Having glow backpacks for when we die especially for underwater its so hard tonsee especially when they are in foliage.

8. Anyway we can learn to make fishing poles or make bait to trap or attract live animals since theirs that new animal that you have to offer animals to tame. It would be nice to knockout animals and tie em down to use as bait for that animal.

9. Why are the goggles so foggy and hard to see through is there anyway to make them clear like when you look through the water at the top because right now they suck.

10. And on goggle how come when you use a helmet skin like the hat or rex skull skin your goggle keep their effect and screen change but you cant use it on a mining helmet and still have the flashlight shine through? Itll look cool shinning outta the eyes of the rex or even the trike skull.


Thanks guys and keep up the good work!!

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