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  1. by now, Whip is only on Scorched Earth. This creature hability will be only available on Scorched Earth? or finally some Scorched Earth items are comming to main ARK?
  2. Looking the first picture, Can we go full naked in ARK? finally!!!
  3. My tribe friends say they are drawings to advertise "ARK 2" and have nothing related with the current ARK in-game (maybe only history).
  4. Google + This website helped me a lot http://www.fatlingo.com/wordguru/starts-with-and-ends-in/t+o
  5. Torpedo??? Torpedos? Submarines? Who knows?, it is only speculation :V
  6. We are still looking forward to the mod of tornadoes since map extensions ;D
  7. Can you add a server option to "allow/no allow" human players in Primal Survival? maybe some servers only want NPC Bush People (without real humans in their servers) Is Primal Survival created by the same creator of "Play as Dino" mod? or is Primal Survival created by ARK devs?
  8. Perhaps Primitive+ integration into the main branch? Tree houses? Bridges? I hope it is an integration of Primitive+ in the main game, hopefully! (without mods) But that will require better structuring of engrams, by categories. Some info about Tek Tier? ARK Procedurally is comming?
  9. #BestIdeaEver awesome, thank you !!! Some of us have waited for this for a long time
  10. Please update the official download tools in Steam, like "ARK Dedicated Server" add official support to "AKRon" when people download ARK Dedicated Server. And update the "ARK SDK", when people download this in Steam needs download Epic Launcher. Please update the official tools in Steam
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