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  1. by now, Whip is only on Scorched Earth. This creature hability will be only available on Scorched Earth? or finally some Scorched Earth items are comming to main ARK?
  2. Looking the first picture, Can we go full naked in ARK? finally!!!
  3. Some dinos can farm resources when they are Wandering, this is their main utility, but if we put the dinos in Wandeing, we lose the dinos... Can we have some solution to this? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Can we have a range of maximum distance Wandering? (players-client-side or server-side?) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Can we tie our dinos to a place with a collar and ropes of different sizes? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Can we set a time of Wandering? (players-client-side or server-side?) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Can dinos have a time of Wandering depending on their hunger ? Dinos should return to home to eat like real animals =) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We lose dinos unfairly is when someone hits a flying dino and the dino start randomly to fly after the fight, a solution to that would be appreciated. Many fliers that were lost in many places. Can we have some solution to this?
  4. Can you create a Super Special Supply Drop that appears very rarely and is visible from all over the island? I'd love to see how all the tribes fighting over it. For example it may contain blueprints of high quality (with limited time / wear). And the player carrying the blueprint above display lit, so there would be more action.
  5. Can you make the thatch flammable in a near update? I'd love to see that realism! Make a small thatched house near your enemies and burned holding a torch to show that going over there, yes, it is a threat of war! : D Can the torch burn things in a near update? From my first day in ARK something I never understood, I have a straw house, I have a torch, but not burn? I use my torch against creatures with fur, and not burn? It's something that I never liked, but then you advance in ARK and ignore it.
  6. A domesticated creature that cause bleeding! I'd love to see a creature tamed in battle PvP causing bleeding, of course we would need bandages for humans and dinosaurs! I think the most appropriate dinosaur is Therizinosaurus. Its large nails should cause bleeding their enemies! Prepare your bandages!
  7. With Tek Tier, Can we have mining quarry? Can we have industrial metal extractors and industrial oil extractors?
  8. Can you add queues for full servers? please.
  9. Can dinos sleep at night? please
  10. Can we have a trading system? (specially to PvE servers) In the "Press E" to player, like Invite to Tribe, add something like "Invite to Trade" with trademenu (something like "Steam trades", but in ARK). or, better idea...: Can we upload our Items / Dinos / Characters from (only) Official Servers to our Steam Inventory (to use the Steam marketplace and Steam trading)?
  11. Can you make "Tree platforms" for Pillars? or bigger pillars that allows tree platforms?
  12. Can we mix the Island biomes and Scorched Earth biomes in ARK Procedural Map if we bought Scorched Earth?
  13. Can you fix the creatures hitbox and the blockbox to make the game more realistic? example of the current blockbox of brontos (unrealistic fail):
  14. Can we have a "vehicle-platform" with wheels (and rope to attach to dinos)? Objects to build: + Simple wheels connected to pipes (wood / stone / metal) + Platform (like dinos / balsa) + String (to attach to saddles or other vehicle-platform) - Wooden vehicle weighs less, so it is faster, but hold less weight and have lower resistance. - Stone, is an intermediate vehicle. - Metal, weighs more so it is slower, but holds more weight and has more resistance. Build the wheels, put them together with pipes, add a platform, build an extra mini-base that can take almost any dino! (Not just the big platforms for giant dinos). It can also be used to create a portable cage! Very useful for exchanging people / creatures kidnapped with other tribes! Use the strings to attach vechicle platform to a dino saddle or another vehicle-platform (Let's do a little train!) It would be great to have some kind of bait to put inside and catch inside non-tameable creatures. It would be great to have Tytanomirmas at home for the invaders. Or, take my creatures live food. Can we have a bait to attract insects? Perhaps honey?
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