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  1. Not sure if its been asked... but can you add the option to remove F keys? My push to talk is set to F1 and F2 but can't use them while Ark Commander is open. or do you have links to older versions before the f keys were added? either way keep up the great work!!!!
  2. "Aggressive towards everyone excluding his mother. He cries "Not the mamma!" and hits you with a devastating melee attack. When he gets attacked, he'll just come back for more yelling "AGAIN!"."
  3. If you count the paws you get... 5 11 24 26 8... and if you google that, you get the coords for a village named Adama in central Africa..... Now, as we all know, Adama is an admiral in Battlestar Galactica......... SPACESHIPS CONFIRMED!!!!!!!!
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