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The Great Migration & Xbox UWP


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Important Customer Support Legacy Information

No support for legacy servers?


Thank you too for testing the Game Present ;D I understand that we are now seperated but why not supported ????

Alot Player need to move because they want to stay in legacy, like my all Player in my Mainserver, but playing a Onlinegame without support sucks......


So trollz can do whatever they will, Chaos for everybody just to let them quit legacy.



Good Job and thy you too.......

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15 minutes ago, Karnivore said:

What the hell happened to servers would only need a few people per weeks and you would " keep the servers open for that one person "?

My SE server is on here and it never has zero pop and now we all have to move?

Will you allow us to xfer our non xferable items like element and wyvern talons ? 


Quote from the state of the ark


 We will also be taking steps to remove some of our ‘ghost town’ servers, where the player population has remained near-zero for an extended duration of time. We’ll take a look at the statistics and will be repurposing 10% of the lowest count servers across all platforms


Supported SE form the minute it came out, sever is never near-zero for an extended duration of time.  

and now on release, with the phoenix i have been waiting months and months for, i have no base and i stand to loose all of my non xferable stuff... just awesome

Well, we should be used to them lying to us. Flyer nerf rework (that never came) and now this is just the latest lie. 33% != 10% of the lowest population servers. did someone at wildcard fail math?

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So no support to legacy servers. Despite those are the people that backed you when your game was nothing and supposrted you even though you messed up so many times. 


One of the servers im on is on that list. I can deal with that and move to another. Nice to know that if I get a problem then I can do one as far as studiowildcard is concerned. 

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12 minutes ago, Hawkin said:

This is some of the Dirtiest Stuff wildcard has done (which is saying alot) They wait until 5 days before they delete the servers to present this list. Then they announce that 33% of all servers will be deleted instead of the previously announced 10%.

Wildcard is one of the worse gaming companies I have come across.

they are liars, and we support them

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This post is their way of getting around having to deal with the community backlash at server wipes. 

If you stay on legacy you lose support. Since most players will goto the new servers the legacy servers will then have low population and in 3 months those will get wiped too.
Not even any point in playing anymore until release.




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Wow, when you see stuff like this happening, it is usually from a game that has been released for a few years, and they are trying to save money where ever they can. You never expect to see this with a game that is officially coming out for release.  Wonder what that tells us about the current state of things............/end sarcasm

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Man ... lot of crying here. Been there since day one. Have to start over.... that's Ark. 


Saying you hope they get sued ....? Pssssh

Alot of the crying is also over not getting to retain thi mgs that were acquired through underdeveloped, exploited,  bad means. I know not all, but a lot.


I honestly wish every single server on everything would be wiped retail day. Yes in would lose all the awesomeness I've built up for a very long time. Oh well, .... DO IT AGAIN!

Just .... stop .... whining !


Be grateful we have this awesome game at all!


Also the claim that they do not support players is not only ridiculous, but just silly. 


 That team bust their ass in this!

Stop crying

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