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  1. Not sure if other people are having this issue but I upgraded to the One X and it shows that I have my Tek Bionic Skin and Raptor Skin as well as the Abberation Skin in the manage game section but when I die in the game those skins do not appear. Is anyone else having this issue? Thanks.
  2. DREYD3N

    Plague on Ragnarok from bats?

    I'm sorry but this Halloween event was TRASH. It was pushed out because WC couldn't get the Fear Evolved patch across ALL platforms. The major complaint I had with this event was the Bats. While the other things might be annoying from time to time the bats were nothing but a plague on the Island. I can't recall how many times I would log in and immediately something would die to a bat. These bats must have attended Hogwarts because they would apparate out of nowhere. One minute everything thing would be fine, no bats around. You walk across your yard and next thing you know your Quetz has died to a random gang of bats who decided they needed to kill something to be completely initiated into the Gang. I think there have been more deaths to Bats in these past two days then gang-related violence in Chicago. What is that telling you? PLEASE WILDCARD TURN THE HALLOWEEN EVENT OFF AND NEVER BRING THAT PARTICULAR EVENT BACK!
  3. DREYD3N

    BIG problems, that I don't see the devs addressing

    I'm sorry but this Halloween event is trash. Bats are the main issue honestly and I've lost tames do to random Bat attacks. These bats must have attended Hogwarts because they are apparating out of nowhere. I just lost a Quetz to a random bat attack in the yard. One minute they aren't there then poof, random bats and something is dead. TURN THIS EVENT OFF!!!
  4. DREYD3N

    Event still active

    Please turn the event off and get rid of all the bats. Those are my only complaints about the event. These bats are serious pests. I've lost countless things due to these bats. A random bat attack pushes a neutral dino outside the wall and it dies to another random bat attack. The Halloween event sucked compared to the Dodorex and the Pumpkins, Gravestones, and Scarecrows. It felt like it was thrown together at the last minute just to please people. Increased loots drops? All I got was ponytails, enough to donate to Lock of Love to build wigs for 1000 children.
  5. DREYD3N

    The Great Migration & Xbox UWP

    Wow, I can't believe they will no longer be offering customer support to Legacy servers. We helped BUILD this player base and your game and you are going to shaft us like that? That is pretty messed up to be honest. Shame on you Ark.
  6. Is the patch gonna drop for XB1 today or did it get delayed again?
  7. How do you become a moderator on the forums?