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  1. By the sounds of it there are a lot of servers that have not been brought back up, your might be one of them? Also could have missed it on the list of servers to be removed? I didn't see one of my servers the first few times I looked at the list, it wasn't till a tribe mate pointed it out that I noticed it, it was out of order in the list.
  2. Maybe it wasn't very clear, here, let me clarify: Flaming is an adjective better suited to the few posts that left so far..... Many people understand what is going on, but few voice their opinion. Also, love how inaccurate and irrelevant your opinion is of me. Should you need further clarifications or need to get something off your chest about me, feel free to message me, since this thread is not about that.
  3. Take your Adderall, then read my comment again. Pause, let it sink it, like really sink in, let the words make sense to you before replying with such a useless and off the mark reply. Seriously..... The whole thing is about integrity. Do you often have trouble understanding what you read or is it just on forums where you are itching to put your two cents in? Don't worry though, you aren't the only one with vocal diarrhea that must rush to type something in response to negative comments.
  4. LOL, you can clearly read yet not comprihend. Speaking of defenitions you should look up integrity. Was it the part where you have not understood that anyone that is vocal on this site is a minority in ark player base no matter of stance? Or was it the fanboy/fanatic part that struck a cord? Either way, thanks for the laugh and honestly don't want to take up the space in this forum re explaining and educating you on what a fact is and what is fiction, and what I have reiterated post after post. But you may message me if you so wish to continue.
  5. Waaiittt, you mean everyone that is "complaining and moaning" cheated? Please tell me more...
  6. Awefully litigious replying to comments that were intended for WC.... Gotta commend your loyalty to WC, but fans that "accept and move on" are reffered to as fanatics.
  7. Re read what you quoted me on and try to figure out where that response of yours fits, not one thing I said has anything to do with what you said. Here is a spoiler thought, look for the word integrity and the whole comment might click for you. You are talking in circles friend and are just repearing facts that have 0 bearing on the comment. To address the whole vocal minority thing, hate to tell you, you are part of it. The minority of players are vocal for pro and con, but as it stands in these threads there have been far more cons than pros. Please write a relevant rebutle. Edit: Just to help you out to find this "agreement" that you speak of, look in this thread, you will see screenshots with time stamps that show exactly what was said when by the devs.
  8. They do to us, wish they did to the Devs Devs have made it clear they don't by and want them gone by no longer supporting them. It's just one of the beginning steps twoards phasing us out.
  9. You know how I know you didn't read previous comments? Because you wrote the ignorant statement above.
  10. Here is a reply from Jen to explain their rationale.... I understand wiping the slate clean of all existing tickets and people having to resubmit tickets as needed, WC STILL does not get how dishonest of a move to not accept future tickets is... that is the least they could do for legacy at this time after all the statements they have made in the past and the good will work they got from us in response. Any idea of how to get the message across? https://amp.reddit.com/r/playark/comments/6w6jsl/why_is_everyone_so_mad_that_wc_is_removing/
  11. Not gonna bother getting you a tissue to wipe up the brown substance from your nose, nor glasses to read what the main issue is all about, but I will help you by breaking it down for you in the simplest form possible.Bugs have always existed. A few months ago the "official" response was handed down by WC and many of its employees that nothing was going to change and that only a few servers were going to be repurposed, so please keep playing. Fast forward months later when players have held up their end of the bargain, WC backs out. Lack of integrity. Nothing more nothing less. They got the input they needed to make this game what it is today from the loyal players and they left us out to dry.
  12. Please read the previous posts as you have gallantly missed the point like so many others before you. The real issue is not the wipe, not the lack of service and not the cheating. It is WC conning everyone for the past few months into keep playing to test out the remainder of their game so they could make changes as needed in exchange for keeping current servers with content, support and trimming only 10% of the total based on active players. We did our part, when it came for them to do theirs they backed out at the very end. 0 integrity
  13. It was a combined effort. Devs created content, players gave feedback as to what was needed and where it needed to go. Without players Ark would have been the great game it has become, nor would have it garnished the attention it commands. Without the devs Ark would have not existed at all. The players that have funded and helped founding this game are betrayed by the devs actions that are now to transpire. Really low move.
  14. I respect what you are stating and the problem is not with what they stated they were going to do. It is with what they are going to end up doing once they got what they needed. It is dishonest and without integrity. Too many people supported them and played accordingly. You cannot make your make your investments into a product, be given partial of what you were promised and have it be an acceptably honest move. It just isn't. So its the disconnect of what was said they would do, the input they got from their audience, then pull the plug when the audience is about to get what they were promised. Support and running too many servers are 2 different things.
  15. Not condoning duping, that is not the problem here. WC changing stance and promises is. The 11th hour is not when you make changes like this where 1 party loses so much and the other gains. See my previous post on this page. Wish you good luck on the new servers.
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