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  1. As someone said on Reddit some time ago, WC is just a bunch of amateur 3D designer and graphical artists. That is why their game looks nice but all the coding, all the logical work is horrible. Even the tickets, Community communication and their Customer support is done by their artist team. That is their number one reason for not getting things like building, AI and bosses to work properly (don't get me started on server side, theres a reason they're hiring coders but sadly thats too late). It is sad, great idea for a game but horrible execution in the end on every other aspect but the l
  2. Arkdusk


    That's a while!
  3. Sadly can't do anything nice like that on official due to building limit
  4. If only there was a way to make the ground flat
  5. Arkdusk


    The warm embrace of fiery death
  6. Arkdusk


    I want This on the center
  7. So no balance on the maps, just stealth nerf on the center. What a surprise
  8. Can we get a list of what servers are not being wiped? Are all legacy servers being wiped in the end? What about the promise of supporting legacy servers?
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