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  1. Dimorphs was a thing before cryopods, now u can take bigger dinos in.
  2. 1. Wait for Dragon to land and only Focus on him 2. Check Dragon Body after he is dead for element and trophy 3. U can wait or shot mantiocore till it lands, dont atack till full landed or sometimes it will fly instant again 4. if its not laggy the manticore will ofte nland so u can ignore Golems otherwise atack them during manticore is in air and whistle on it after it lands 5. Lasthit 100% mantiocre if he is on ground (not in air) or u will not get the elements
  3. Normaly non Order specially for Bosses, but if u want to play the maps in Order: Island - Spider, Ape, Dragon ---- Tek-Cave (Video where SE is next Step SE - Manticore (non event/video that shows next step is aberation (but from notes we know it was aberation) Aberation - Rockwell (after win u see next step is extinction) Extinction - End after a win against Alpha King Titan Ragnarok is unknown atm,
  4. Important Customer Support Legacy Information No support for legacy servers? Thank you too for testing the Game Present ;D I understand that we are now seperated but why not supported ???? Alot Player need to move because they want to stay in legacy, like my all Player in my Mainserver, but playing a Onlinegame without support sucks...... So trollz can do whatever they will, Chaos for everybody just to let them quit legacy. Good Job and thy you too.......
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