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  1. You need the season pass to get the skins.
  2. No news on an actual server solution for xbox then, I just want what the pc has the abillity to host a server on actual server hardware running a server os, not windows 10.
  3. daniel91parker

    Nitrado Server Not Listed

    Patch is being released at around 1pm est, 6pm gmt Monday
  4. daniel91parker

    The Great Migration & Xbox UWP

    You realise it's a game, what are you going to do if they refuse you support? leave the game, say the game is crap/ say the company is crap? or just plod on. comparing support to cops is funny and retarded.
  5. daniel91parker

    The Great Migration & Xbox UWP

    Out of absolute curiosity how many times have you used support?
  6. daniel91parker

    The Great Migration & Xbox UWP

    Yeah i kind went over two points lol, I was meant to say legacy servers will still be supported for the new maps. Not sure how or even why i wrote low priority 😁
  7. daniel91parker

    The Great Migration & Xbox UWP

    Oh gawd I hate quoting long ranty self proclaimed posts. But here goes. Support for legecy server will still be a thing, however it's going to be low priority. Be thankful that they aren't actually wiping every server and starting fresh. This by far would have been the easiest. Comparing WildCard to EA or Ubisoft, is like comparing a corner shop to supermarkets yeah they sell the same thing in general but supermarkets have a bigger customer base, more product and more staff. Also take note ark is self published using [email protected] What have you got to be angry at? You bought into a game that is in early access, It even says when you buy the game there is NO support for the title. Obviously game previews aren't for you. Wishing for the release day to go bad and that WC staff don't get sleep for a week, what kind of twisted person wishes for that, and from the dog mess you wrote above I can only assume it's because you are upset from them not providing legacy server support. Now what i hope, I hope sombody at WC bans your accout from official servers but that's just me hoping. Good day you ungrateful 10yo.
  8. daniel91parker

    The Great Migration & Xbox UWP

    Assuming this doesn't affect player dedi server for either platforms.
  9. daniel91parker

    Command Bugs/Glitches

    Ok this is going to be pretty much a list of commands that are not working properly Assume each command has a AdminCheat infront of it.. And this has only been tested on xbox on a dedi server i host. DestroyWildDinos - 75% of the time it hard crashes the hosts xbox. GiveItemNum 450 1 100 0 - Activating this command clears the text in the console, any amount any quality, still clears it. TeleportToPlayer [ID] - Teleports player to closest entity to the targer player not to the player. GMBuff - Does not set player invisible to other players just dinos, other players can see you. GFI Simplebed - gives unuseable spawnpoint. GFI In general - MaterialTypeFoundation does not work it has to be MaterialTypeFloor GFI Any type of armour e.g. TekHelmet yields nothing. DoExit - No function Fly - Speed of flight is directly related to player level speed Shouldn't this be a constant? and adjustable. ForceTame - Only works if you are pretty much on top of the dino. Same as DoTame Ghost - Entering water while this is enabled will put the player in a loop, only fixable with the fly command and a lot of luck. KillPlayer [ID] - Does nothing ListPlayer - Not functioning PlayersOnly - Crashes host console. Teleportplayertome Name or ID - Does not work also it may cause crashing on clients console MAY* UnlockEngrams Still does not apply permanently. Spawning any quality underwater crates does not work. That'll do for now. Also I need a target random player command, such as TeleportToRandomPlayer or TeleportRandomPlayerToMe. GiveItemToRandomPlayer. I can only wish I suppose. Thank Bye
  10. daniel91parker


    Hi all To get things started, the gamertag of the server is ArkServer5SFG It's a moderately boosted server, currently on the island with a average population of 13-17. It is moving to the new map, but any character will be moved over if you so wish this will be limited to a 1 hour slot of my choosing otherwise people will exploit it. Most of the tribes on are pretty friendly but won't hesitate to crush another tribe if they so please. Last of all. Admin/s if i get another one, will not participate nor start wars, if you attack an admin base prepare to either quit or start fresh If your base takes 30 seconds to load in, it's too big scale back or spread out. No killing new spawns, if a house occupies less than 10 foundations made of wood or thatch, don't be a sausage leave it alone, and any players less than lvl 20 Thats about it, hope to see you on the server..