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  1. Lol, you were looking in all the wrong places. I usually see them closer to land and in the shallows. All the time. On several diff maps.
  2. It's one thing to see the post and know about an issue. It is completely different to have to FIND the actual problem and fix it. When you have perfected your programming skills, please feel free to teach us all where in the code the issue is and how to fix it. Of course, do that NOW!.......
  3. I am really upset that they removed primitive!!! Primitive has been a part of this game from day one!!! I spent many 1000's of hours doing Primitive and would ask that you have at least 2-4 of those servers!
  4. Wow, when you see stuff like this happening, it is usually from a game that has been released for a few years, and they are trying to save money where ever they can. You never expect to see this with a game that is officially coming out for release. Wonder what that tells us about the current state of things............/end sarcasm
  5. So Jat, would you like to face your paying playerbase and explain to them WHY you and WC are ignoring all the down servers?

  6. Unfortunately this patch is about 4 months overdue. Virtually the entire prim+ crowd has left and no longer plays. All the servers are either dead or on the verge of. Prim+ has now been surpassed by Survival+, and will never be able to compare with it due to the lack of support from WC. (1 guy doing prim+ compared to at least 3-4 on Survival+) That is REALLY sad, considering WC called this mod "official". Hell, if this is the type of "support" we get for something officially endorsed by WC, ARK is in serious trouble.
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