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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Diabolos Diabolos 12/13/16 hella nice guy super fast trade i went first i trust him 100% have done 10 + deals with him. Solarscorch Solarscorch
KillingChaos7 KillingChaos7 12/13/16 fair and quick trade madfretter madfretter
MalevolentGame MalevolentGame 12/13/16 Smooth trade, items as described madfretter madfretter
ishi ishi 12/13/16 Quick to reply. Delivered exactly as stated. Will trade with them again any day! ViperSniper1755 ViperSniper1755
supersven1234 supersven1234 12/13/16 Decent prices, trading according to your schedule, all's good :) Maedean Shepard Maedean Shepard
moonspace moonspace 12/13/16 Decent prices, trading according to your schedule, all's good :) Maedean Shepard Maedean Shepard
Jutty Jutty 12/13/16 Nice Guy, dont multiple trades with him already sal sal
Noiz Noiz 12/13/16 Smooth trade. Friendly guy. 3mptylord 3mptylord
MalevolentGame MalevolentGame 12/13/16 Went great, very smooth. GreeneSkater GreeneSkater
BlindMole BlindMole 12/13/16 Super fast trade, egg for egg. Hoping to hatch out some amazing triplets! haha. GL with your wyvern. Scotty8319 Scotty8319
Scotty8319 Scotty8319 12/13/16 Thx for fast and safe trade. Gl :) BlindMole BlindMole
Soulberry Soulberry 12/13/16 Super easy, thanks again, would trade with anytime. HOSS602 HOSS602
nunocsousa nunocsousa 12/13/16 Very good experience, we are talking about several trades after the first one we completed. Good, stand up trader, true to his word. Thanks Nuno! Soulberry Soulberry
Soulberry Soulberry 12/13/16 Great guy, got more then i expected, will trade a lot more. nunocsousa nunocsousa
BlindMole BlindMole 12/13/16 nice fast and easy trade b0ender b0ender
Soulberry Soulberry 12/13/16 great guy the trade went fast and smooth . 10/10 would do it again hope we can keep in touch for more bussiness . NeDeX NeDeX
b0ender b0ender 12/13/16 Fast trustable trade, thx bro BlindMole BlindMole
NeDeX NeDeX 12/13/16 Very awesome guy, trade went perfect! - I initally blocked this guy seeing a post from someone about a bad trade and he politely poked me with a screenshot about the egg we were negotiating. He had been polite and friendly so I continued with the deal and I'm glad I did. Thanks for the great arg and easy/fast trade. Soulberry Soulberry
Soulberry Soulberry 12/13/16 fast and easy trading. for sure would trade again aorticarch aorticarch
aorticarch aorticarch 12/13/16 Fast and hassle free trade. Got my 230 melee giga egg on the first try. Volution Volution
GGSDubSt3pz GGSDubSt3pz 12/13/16 Good trade. Came to my server and had no problems. CurtBurt CurtBurt
aorticarch aorticarch 12/13/16 This guy is legit, traded 5 mantis and 5 snails for longnecks. Would definitely trade again, thanks man. Soulberry Soulberry
Godan Godan 12/12/16 Fast and Honest, Highly recommend, Trade with again anytime, Thanks Godan HOSS602 HOSS602
Crowbar Crowbar 12/12/16 Fast and Honest, Great trade again, Thanks, Would recommend anytime. HOSS602 HOSS602
Morf Morf 12/12/16 Sold 4 Eggs, buyer came to my server and I dropped him off at an Obi to conduct the trade. Awesome guy, will trade with again Drakkos Drakkos