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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
dirtydancer316 dirtydancer316 02/16/17 traded for red mutated fert rex egg, hatched it, and didnt have a single mutation in the ancestry line. contated him and replied aking me to trade more my stuff for what he was originally supposed to give me. knucklehead knucklehead
Light667 Light667 02/16/17 Fast easy trade will trade with again Drakkenn1707 Drakkenn1707
Drakkenn1707 Drakkenn1707 02/16/17 Nice trader, fast and quickly! Light667 Light667
Juancho310 Juancho310 02/16/17 Very helpful, will trade with again Duncan Duncan
Yamamonster Yamamonster 02/16/17 Nice guy, will definitely trade with again Duncan Duncan
Zalco Zalco 02/16/17 nice trader and was a smooth deal :) will do more trades :) Desilent Desilent
birdndocean birdndocean 02/16/17 Great Trader! Highly recommended. Thank you! StoneyDiagram2008 StoneyDiagram2008
De1lici0us De1lici0us 02/16/17 Great trader! Highly recommended. Thank you! StoneyDiagram2008 StoneyDiagram2008
yungman yungman 02/16/17 10/10 would trade with again. thank you very much aorticarch aorticarch
aorticarch aorticarch 02/16/17 Great trade, Very nice and patient! 10/10 would trade again yungman yungman
Baker Baker 02/16/17 Another problem-free trade with Baker. They made it super easy on me and met me at the red obelisk with the wolf ready and waiting. They unclaimed first and we had no issues. I will return for more trades I'm sure! Scotty8319 Scotty8319
Scotty8319 Scotty8319 02/16/17 10/10 one of the few people i enjoy trading with trades are fast and simple! Have traded with them at least 3 times now (: Baker Baker
Razorsharp Razorsharp 02/15/17 A little late on this feedback but he deserves a positive point. Came to me server and did trade. It went off without a hiccup and would trade with him again if the opportunity rises ishi ishi
wolfis wolfis 02/15/17 nothing but positive. she picked me up and stopped me off at obi. will be coming back for more trades. :) PrinsessBubbelgum PrinsessBubbelgum
PrinsessBubbelgum PrinsessBubbelgum 02/15/17 trade went smooth and he even gave me some gifrs, looking forward to trade again wolfis wolfis
CheapDatezz CheapDatezz 02/15/17 Reliable and friendly JimLahey JimLahey
Chaudgobay Chaudgobay 02/15/17 Great trader patient and good communication! Would trade again! :D KazukiMar KazukiMar
tayden tayden 02/15/17 Good trade. fast and easy. GwanN GwanN
GwanN GwanN 02/15/17 Bought turtle eggs from him and he even gave me a bonus. tayden tayden
Addict Addict 02/15/17 smooth and easy trade. thank you aorticarch aorticarch
aorticarch aorticarch 02/15/17 Fast and nice trader. Came to my server. Addict Addict
Sarah99 Sarah99 02/15/17 trade was smooth and quick. would recommend. thank you for trade aorticarch aorticarch
aorticarch aorticarch 02/15/17 Fair and friendly seller,would highly recommend trading with him. Sarah99 Sarah99
wesley0444 wesley0444 02/15/17 Awesome Guy to work with !! Will hit him up again if I ever need to. bobbie25brb bobbie25brb
Desilent Desilent 02/15/17 Took a little longer on my end than planned but was patient and deal went through smoothly in the end Zalco Zalco