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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.
Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Martilooterking Martilooterking 01/13/17 Nice trustworthy trader Presator Presator
Flakz Flakz 01/13/17 Very fast an easy trade, Cool guy to trade with. Definitely will trade again with him. JohnnyCage JohnnyCage
JohnnyCage JohnnyCage 01/13/17 The trade was fair and went smoth. definently a great trader, and i'll trade with him again Flakz Flakz
DoomedTruly DoomedTruly 01/13/17 One of my easiest trades, almost as if we've known eachother for a while lol. He came to my server within minutes and we exchanged packs without any discussing of who drops first and left. Kai905 Kai905
Martilooterking Martilooterking 01/13/17 Very patient, despite my ally killing him in the middle of it! Traded dinos for BPs Drakkos Drakkos
Contingency Contingency 01/13/17 Trade went great, got zero complaints. Would trade with him again ishi ishi
Drakkos Drakkos 01/13/17 Good fast and honest trading! Martilooterking Martilooterking
grimlosios grimlosios 01/13/17 Fast, good and honest trading. Martilooterking Martilooterking
Dreads Dreads 01/13/17 Great trader had ingots ready to trade/moved to my server, before I even knew it :). 2nd trade will do more. Crowbar Crowbar
Azure Azure 01/13/17 Solid trade done with a patient trader, all positive, will likely be working with this guy again in the near future Cors Cors
rvc92 rvc92 01/13/17 Very polite, Very understanding, Very calm when doing Trades definitely looking forward for more Trades 😉. CeMylyne CeMylyne
ViperSniper1755 ViperSniper1755 01/13/17 We traded one at a time for my bears and worked out great! DaLord DaLord
CriticalDjin CriticalDjin 01/12/17 Another great deal with CriticalDjin, buy a mantis and a wyvern for ingots, everything went smooth. Highly ! Pacofou Pacofou
L04D1N9 L04D1N9 01/12/17 Nice guys, delivered what was promised. Wonsch Wonsch
isu isu 01/12/17 Sold a 420% dmg rex egg to him, Trade went very well, he's also a pretty cool guy. JohnnyCage JohnnyCage
JohnnyCage JohnnyCage 01/12/17 Fast and fair trade. +1 isu isu
Bloodqq Bloodqq 01/12/17 Terrible at giving directions but otherwise fast and fair. 3mptylord 3mptylord
seelion seelion 01/12/17 really nice guy and trustworthy trade, the trade was fast and easy. Thirel Thirel
seelion seelion 01/12/17 smooth trade and works around timezone differences. Crowbar Crowbar
Crowbar Crowbar 01/12/17 awesome trader.. nice deals.. honored his words :) would trade more and more with him :) Desilent Desilent
Desilent Desilent 01/12/17 Great trader and Ptera breeder. 2nd trade with him and went great. plan on more Crowbar Crowbar
HOSS602 HOSS602 01/12/17 Trustworthy. had a little chat. had some fun. didnt make love that night tho. x2 tapa (him) eggs for x3 theri eggs (from my side) all fertile 10/10 would do again sagajin sagajin
birdndocean birdndocean 01/12/17 Second trade, no issues.... Will trade again. madfretter madfretter
Vinhasa Vinhasa 01/12/17 Nice trade, he was very patient and respectful. washwash washwash
AmatsuJewel AmatsuJewel 01/12/17 Really nice guy and fast trader, i gaved him a bonus for bein trustworth trader ^^ Thirel Thirel