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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Cretinous Cretinous 03/15/17 Accommodating and patient seller. Highly recommend. ATalkingRock ATalkingRock
Super Fab Super Fab 03/15/17 good trade again KdtBigs KdtBigs
Drakkenn1707 Drakkenn1707 03/15/17 Good trader, works fair and fast, would recommend to anyone! Lumitesi Lumitesi
popshowit popshowit 03/15/17 Traded a few times with this player and I will continue to trade with this player very reliable and great trader Drakkenn1707 Drakkenn1707
marcus729 marcus729 03/15/17 Trade went down fast and got what i paid for would recommend. Drakkenn1707 Drakkenn1707
DVyse DVyse 03/15/17 Trader was nice and we finally came to and an agreement that made us both happy. Drakkenn1707 Drakkenn1707
Lumitesi Lumitesi 03/15/17 Trade went down fast and without a hitch will recommend him to anyone. Drakkenn1707 Drakkenn1707
ATalkingRock ATalkingRock 03/15/17 Trader was fast and quick, will trade with again. Drakkenn1707 Drakkenn1707
KdtBigs KdtBigs 03/15/17 Great trader as usual, straight forward sale and easy to work with. Look forward to doing business again with him. :) Super Fab Super Fab
DVyse DVyse 03/15/17 trustworthy trader, always again! thanks mate Nudelkocher Nudelkocher
Eymonlan Eymonlan 03/15/17 fast and trustworthy trader, always again! Nudelkocher Nudelkocher
Nudelkocher Nudelkocher 03/15/17 Very trustworthy seller! 30k ingots worth for 2 bps :) Eymonlan Eymonlan
Schreihase Schreihase 03/15/17 Fast and easy trade, nice communication. Would trade again. Skorpion89 Skorpion89
mythios mythios 03/15/17 Great person to trade with. Patient and understanding!! Great communication as well! KazukiMar KazukiMar
Jonopeo Jonopeo 03/15/17 One of my most fun trade! I've talked with him while our trade and that was really fun. Really friendly guy and their base is good! %100 Recommended trader. FlameWinder FlameWinder
JetJaguar JetJaguar 03/15/17 everything was alright Bambulaaa Bambulaaa
Bambulaaa Bambulaaa 03/15/17 Excellent communication, fast trade, great to deal with! JetJaguar JetJaguar
Amanda632 Amanda632 03/15/17 Quick Courteous and will likely do business Again :) Teerwenn Teerwenn
hudi1 hudi1 03/15/17 Great fast communication, fast reactions, (reasonable request (I know its irrelevant but who cares),) nothing negative to find. KingKronos KingKronos
SolTempest SolTempest 03/15/17 Friendly, communicative and problem-solving trader, recommending ;) Maedean Shepard Maedean Shepard
Lampy Lampy 03/15/17 Good Trader! I recommend :) CalipzHD CalipzHD
Jaymei Jaymei 03/15/17 Very kind. Responded quickly, trading process was smooth and everything was there. FeaRtheCho FeaRtheCho
Talia Talia 03/15/17 Very kind. The trading process went smooth and she responded quickly. FeaRtheCho FeaRtheCho
AuroraDeviant AuroraDeviant 03/15/17 Nice person, easy to talk with and reach an agreement, very fair when trading, highly recommend. Lumitesi Lumitesi
Lumitesi Lumitesi 03/15/17 Smooth trade, easy to work with, will trade with again anytime. :) Fair and easy going, so the best type to do business with. AuroraDeviant AuroraDeviant