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  1. Lost Character - Mega Thread

    i hope your ready to wait 1mh and i really hope you have tribe mates
  2. My Survivor has been removed

    ooo no see thats the thing if i can get this all fix before they die im not coming back ``````````````````````
  3. My Survivor has been removed

    thx sky its starting to look like nothing going to happen the more i talk to ppl
  4. My Survivor has been removed

    yer it just really sucks as iv got 2900hrs of game play on that character and it fells like why even play any more if i dont get that account back you know
  5. My Survivor has been removed

    ok so as of 10 mins ago my account was removed for the ark network when i was going from my se server to my rag server i now can not get my of my things from any of my server as i dont have a survior and to make things worst all my best dinos have been moved over to my rag server were im the only tribe member so in 7 days there all goign to be up for clam thats over 2900 hrs inprinted dinos and breeding down the gutter i have put a ticket in but with what i have seen with over players i know its over a 1mth wait to see any one and i dont have that time so im asking right now from the bottom of my cold dark heart can a gm or a dev plz help me
  6. ETA for rollback?

    yes i know how it wall works this isnt the 1st server wide crash thx to wild card but here's the thing there not going to tell you a time for roll backs and i really hope they dont it just asks for duppers to raptor the game up even more then what it is nothing has been loss to this and its not the worst its been if you dont remember the anniversary event we didnt see a roll back for that and that it was way worse then this
  7. Let me get this straight

    DILO element has a spoil timer now can some one plz tell e this isnt right
  8. ETA for rollback?

    roll back ... were did you hear about that
  9. from the dev team NO 100% GIGGAS FOR YOU!!!!!
  10. raptor thats what im seeing they more want to fix poop thats not needed to be fix
  11. looking at this jat and every over post i can find it really sounds like its most servers that are crashing after the last pach but hey your the CM here not me
  12. @Jat mate i cant even gt more then 5 mins of play on rag server 14 for it kiicks every one
  13. mate server 39 rag server 14 the list go's on and on
  14. this post needs all the reputation in can get