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  1. nice update..................

    Official ragnarok on PC, same issue. Can't log in, says I'm already logged in, I keep refreshing and clicking join, occasionally it'll let me in, with unbelievable lag, then kick me out again.
  2. Transferring to NON LEGACY server

    The whole point was a fresh start...legacy will eventually die off, may as well jump ship now
  3. Breeding Help Please

    Yep, that's basically right. You'll have to sit with the baby when it's first born, but you can leave it for a few minutes (up to like an hour depending on the dino) once it can hold more food. But the first hour or so is almost always hand feeding without leaving
  4. Building Question

    Which is what I said it'll work the same if you just raise a foundation for the second layer
  5. Building Question

    If you place foundations, then ceilings off of them, then raise the foundation one level and put a second layer of foundations on top of the first layer it'll be much closer to the level of the ceilings than the original foundations.
  6. Super annoying, the first day they had transfers open to an unlabeled hardcore server so I lost all of the levels I'd rushed for
  7. Lets see your PvP bases!

    True, but there are only so many of each map right now, especially the center and ragnarok, so if I were to post the location it wouldn't be hard to find
  8. Lets see your PvP bases!

    You don't see those often because it's giving away stuff lol. I'm sure my tribe wouldn't be happy if I posted pictures of the base (although it's mostly my design, so I'd like to).
  9. Currently at level 88 I have 300 health, 150 stam, 105 melee, 400 weight, 145 speed, and 2 fortitude (lol). I don't usually like to bother with fortitude or melee much, I tend to make an alt for clubbing. Weight for effective building and looting
  10. Raising Wyverns: Is it possible if you have a job?

    Milk was literally never allowed to be put in a fridge
  11. Did i miss something?

    They definitely used to, but as other people said, don't anymore, or only do from certain nodes. It's dumb. Ankylo for obsidian now
  12. Did i miss something?

    No, I used to use one on obsidian mountain on the island.
  13. Is Arks 60 dollars worth it?

    Yep, it is.