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  1. Just that gigas are done in 1 week on official and only take 13 hours on baby stage.
  2. They dont do Evo Weekends on breeding.... The rates im saying to change permanent are breeding ones... A giga should be 1 week no more.....
  3. Very constructive point of view...... But for Offical they should change it.....
  4. Make 2x Breeding, Maturing, mating the new 1x As it reads!!! 2 weeks to breed a giga or 25 hours to raise is just insane..... Specially in PVE where lags makes those 8 hours imprints 9 or 10 hours...... Change Rates for good. 2x become the new 1 x
  5. Changee the 100% Imprint Overhead Symbol As it says Just change to something else....
  6. PVE (ManaTraining for all dinos) Most my imprints on PVE are 9 hours and 9 and half hours due server lag. Ive check Ragnarok and extinction and they are the same not sure if it happens in the other maps. Even if u play all day i cant get 3 imprints in 26 hours. Add Training feature to all dinos.... Besides lags killing timers being online should be rewarded.
  7. The server lag if u cap dinos. Or structures. There is no way they can kill off the selling dinos thing....
  8. Message window in Login disappear. Since one of the last updates my loging where u seelect play doesnt show anything. On my pc it shows nothing on my lap it only shows the get the genesis thing. How do i get it back.
  9. i dont see capping the dino limit hurting that
  10. Limit Dinos on Pve After taking the Cryopod timer off. There is no reason the limit on dinos should be over 150 or 100. Most ragnaroks and EExtinctions and now Valguero's are really hard to play lag spikes every 5 min or less. U fly over bases and render thousands of structures and hundreds of dinos, with the Cryopod change most dinos should be cryo to avoid server lag. Chinnese sellers set up egg farms in each server of 500 just search for mutations to sell via paypal or ingame limiting them should help some for the usual players to enjoy the game.
  11. Hello Lil panda

    its the second time since the event the server 578 its been down for more than 6 hours.its not in the outages server report. Happened yesterday too.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Khadez


      Lilpand third time in less than 48 hours! Server 578!! is there anything we cant do ?? we are missing all the bonus event!

    3. Khadez


      Server is down for a fourth time! Same time as last night!

    4. Khadez


      Fifth time

  12. Hello,  server 50's specially 54 is not listed in outages and the server been offline for 3 days.

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    2. lilpanda


      It's definitely online. Like I said, we moved to new hardware yesterday. This means you won't see it in your favorites.

    3. Khadez


      Yeah it doenst appear on favourites , Battlemetrics or even ark servers but its there thanks.

    4. Khadez


      After the update now 2 servers 54 appear old one and new one. Different IPs. SHould i open a ticket?

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