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Found 133 results


    Ascendance is boring, an extra 5 levels does not feel very impressive. How about this: Each Ascension now gives your implant an ability: Gamma Ascension: Grants your implant the ability to consume 10 element to Mindwipe. 30 day Cooldown. Activated by dropping 10 element into your implant(Like an attachment). Beta Ascension: Grants Mindwipe and in addition, grants you the ability "Time Warp" Which when activated, sends you to the position you were at 30 seconds ago with the same health, food, water and stamina you had at that time. Cost's 1 Element every use. 7 day Cooldown. Activated by right clicking when nothing is equipped. Alpha Ascension: Grants Mindwipe, Time Warp and in addition, grants you the ability "Ascendant Form" Which transforms you into a human form of the overseer boss for 30 seconds. As an "Ascendant" You can assume the form of all 3 bosses just like the Overseer. Cost's 100 element. 30 day Cooldown. Activated by clicking "Use item" On your implant. This would also give a use to element in primitive Servers.
  2. would love to be able to make a base out in the sea, live the pirate life, so joining of rafts to become a floating platform would be cool, once joined the rafts should no longer be movable.
  3. Imagine having Onyc inside your base, hanging from the ceilings. They wont attack unless somebody walks underneath them. Basically somebody can blow up your door - Onycs chill. Somebody walks into your base, underneath the Onyc - they swarm ´em. They should aggro all together in a specific radius if one of them aggros, not when creatures or the base are attacked. If one Onic is shot at only that Onyc is aggroed, preventing people from easily getting all of the Onyc out of the base. This would make base protection easier as it takes time to get all the Onyc out safely, giving you the time to go online (looking at you officials) to protect your base. tl;dr: Make Big Ass Bats hang from the ceilings inside your base swarming anyone who dares to enter. They shouldn´t be aggroed other than somebody being underneath them or being attacked themselves
  4. Tek replicator resize

    You would be really really happy if tek replicator will be resized from total monstrosity to reasonable crafting station. I will be happy for half of current size so 1,6 x 1,7 x 2,8 (original size is 3,2 x 3,8 x 5,6). My reasons for change: I will need smaller room for it (smaller base will cause smaller lag, placing replicator outside is craziness due its 25k Hp) model will look like more neat (it really look like it was designed smaller and then stretch too much) easier way to place it More reasons based on discussions down there (edit): if we fill same space as tek replicator with vaults we would theoretically could fit 60 vaults (9000 slots, but same HP) wrist implant can hold 300 slots (compared to its size) patch 256 resized vaults by roughly half (so there been resize of building in past)
  5. Hello there! Just saw a posting on facebook and came up with an idea to improve the atmosphere in Ark. As you can see its a picture of a Sabertooth which drinks water. As I already asked and wrote in the comments I suggest to add animation and more "wildlife" behavior to all creatures. Since as I remember from my last play in Ark, Wildlife just wanders around or, most likely carnivore, rage through the land to "eat". So I suggest animations for a more natural behavior of wildlife creatures. Animations/Actions could be: Drinking like in the picture (which creature doesnt need to drink?) Eating (Carnivores already "eat" but whats with the others. There could be a Bronto who eats leaves from a tree or other herbivores who eat berries from bushes.) Sleeping Cleaning themselves maybe playing (may in combination with baby wildlife) in Packs: fighting for alpha role other things animals in packs are doing. I'm no game developer neither I have much modding knowledge but I can think that this is kinda hard to build in. I just thought that it would really improve the wildlife atmosphere. Just imagine you wander around in search for your next building location, your next meal or a well needed water source and you come to a river and see a pack of 3 sabertoothes drinking. Then you chill in safe distance to watch them. "That brings my wildlife explorer out of me ;D" Suggestion end. ---------------------------- Another thing I always found a bit missing is the escape instinct of some kinds of creatures. Often harmless Herbivores chill besides some real dangerous animals. Thats like when antelopes chill besides lions until one of them gets attacked. That is a kind of "wildlife" behavior I guess but the main suggestion are animations.
  6. While I enjoy using swords, I think ark could do with another melee weapon. I have searched for posts on daggers and have only come up with brief suggestions in amongst others. My idea broadens a little but could do with more planning if it's really going to be considered for the game. Daggers can be equiped in pairs or singularly. One dagger would have half the damage of a sword but have a slightly faster dps. Equipping two daggers increases the damage but not double it (don't want daggers to be overpowered) and allow for a double strike. Or alternately striking with two daggers could create a bleed effect much like an allo or giga. Perhaps crafting daggers requires obsidian. There are many different types of melee weapons not part of the game but adding too many would distract the game from its original purpose - to use dinos. Which is why I have only made one melee weapon suggestion I believe could benefit the game. I can imagine it playing a huge part of Pvp stealth tactics. Kinda fancy playing the assassin.
  7. Ascension from SE to Aberration

    As we all saw sad news on steam (aberration release - december ) I would love to have some pve content to focus as I am waiting. Wouldn't be cool to get SE ascension and missing explorer nodes as kinda sorry for 3 months of waiting present from Wildcard? @Eli? As was said (last time in Pax 2017 videos) order of arks is The island -> SE -> Aberration. Because aberration should be lore heavy it makes sense, that we should continue on story of ark heroes and follow them into new DLC. Base on SE explorer nodes Helena and Rockwell should ascent from SE and join Mei Yin in Aberration. It will be really nice introduction before aberration will be released.
  8. TLC idea for Warpaint

    I used warpainting on my dino after more then year. It looks so bad and pixelated. It will be awesome to get better resolution of warpaint templates so we can do nicer and more detailed paints on dinos and humans.
  9. Invertebrate breeding

    I''ve always asked myself why we don't have invertebrate breeding in the game, as there's quite a few of them, and some are actually very useful (especially the mantis). Also I always thought it is weird that we have 1 invertebrate in the game that is in fact breedable (the squid). After some research I found that the complexity of the life cycle of invertebrates would be too difficult to model into the game, but I can't see why. Especially invertebrates that do not go trough a full metarmorphosis should be easy enough, as for example a mantis nymph is basically just a small version of the adult, the same goes for scorpions, spiders and centipedes. Most of the tameable invertebrates in the game don't go trough a full metermorphosis (exceptions are things like the moth) so I do not see what sets the difficulty to model a life cycle so far apart from the other breedable creatures we have in the game. Not to mention we can actually breed things like the Beelzebufo, which I imagine is far harder to implement a proper lifecycle for, and guess what WC has actually manage to do that. Of course the majority of invertebrates molts to grow, but so do reptiles and also frogs; plus that little bit of scientific inaccuracy won't harm anyone considering we have had birds hatching with full feathers and hard shelled mantis eggs for a while now, without anyone getting majorly butthurt over it. A personal idea for how to realise the invertebrates with a full metermorphosis would be having an egg hatch like an ordinary dino, but not just a small model of the adult hatching but a model of an actual baby of that invertebrate; e.g. a caterpillar hatching from the moth egg. Taking care of the baby would be exactly the same as all other creatures in the game, just that after the juvenile stage (so when it becomes adolescent) you get a "pick up" option like on a tamed bee that will give you a cocoon in your inventory that you have to incubate like an egg again to get it to "hatch" the adult. All in all personally I think that it should be done, I know a lot of people (inculding myself) that really want to breed invertebrates (especailly mantis) and I can imagine there's more people in the ARK community that want to see this happen. If you made it until here I thank you for reading trough this wall of text; leave your opinions on what I said here and maybe we will get breedable invertebrates in ARK at some point.
  10. I read some ppl suggestion what wyvern tek saddle should do and they where most time too OP for already OP creature. So there is another one. Wyvern barrage tek saddle. My idea uses mechanic which is used for phenix fire barrage (wiki: triggers a rocket-like high-speed move that damages and burns anything that it hits or that touches the fire trail behind it). Wyvern tek saddle (when activated) will turn breath click into barrage with corresponding element of wyvern (without high-speed feature) which will poison, burn, electric, iced everything what will touch wyvern or trail behind it. It will basically negate wyverns brutal turning radius because you can simply left trail for your chaiser to enjoy (I am aware poison wyvern rider killing issue).
  11. Bronto tek-saddle idea

    I came to cool idea based on Star Wars - Bronto gungan style shield tek saddle.
  12. Christmas Grinch

    so with christmas time coming up , everyone is looking forward to raptor santa, but i thought wouldnt it be cool to have christmas grinch as well, a high level Alpha dino that spawns at one of the obelisks , and when its killed, the packages still dropping or un collected disappear and there loot is given to the player who killed it, marking that player as the grinch and showing his location on the map for 2 mins for players to hunt
  13. I was looking into loads of chitin in our storage and came to idea. Chitin armor would look so cool with same glittering texture as dung beetles or arthropleuras. This small change shouldn't be hard to implement because it's just over-texturing old armor with already existing texture and it looks so cool. I tried to create illustration picture. My tribe is doing most of caves in hide gear (because resources are dropping from cave mobs and its cheap and fixable on spot).But chitin may be better choice with pliers (coming with Aberration) in close future.
  14. Preface I recently picked ARK back up after a rather long hiatus as the Ragnarok map interested me. I grabbed a whitelisted server and me and a couple friends have been messing around on it. Feeling a desire to have more opportunities for trade and interaction, I decided to look into the official servers. However, upon joining a couple PvE servers...I was made aware of a tame cap. Now prior to this, I had never experienced the tame cap as I had played on a PvP server (one of the legacy servers that was wiped) that had a very awesome community. I estimate that this tame cap issue is not new. In addition to tame cap, one of the things that has bothered me about the game is taming speed. I wrote about this already in a separate post, however, as ideas overlap...some of it will be posted here. Problems I think taming in general could use an overhaul. Currently, you need kibble to keep the taming times sane. However, to get kibble for a dino you want, you need to follow it's chain of dinosaurs to do so. In order to have a range of kibble, everyone needs a large amount of dinosaurs. As such, tame cap can be hit with relatively few average players on a server. This seems like the game stabbing itself in the foot. While this isn't as likely to become an issue on a PvP server, it should be possible for a large alpha tribe to intentionally hide a large amount of dinos to restrict the amount of dinosaurs other tribes can utilize. Eventually, it would be theoretically possible for them to completely control the tame options of an individual server (making them truly the alpha there). Even if the server is not tame capped, and you can acquire the kibble you need, you still can end up spending upwards of 3+ hours essentially doing very little other than slowly feeding it kibble/narcotics. This is not a very attractive way to spend my time (I currently use a mod to remedy this some). I'm sure these are not all the issues with the taming system as it currently stands, however, they are the main issues as I see things currently. Solutions I don't feel a single solution really remedies the issues here as they are all interconnected. Kibble So to start things off, I think we need the kibble system needs to be reworked. I've seen a few suggestions posted on the forums here (don't have the links off hand as of posting). I would suggest a combined approach of assigning eggs to tier and having only a few tiers of kibble which are used to take different tames. This is the basic system used to replace the existing kibble. Having only a few tiers of kibble preserves the idea of a kibble chain, while not attaching it to specific tames, reducing the overall number of tames you need to acquire the different types of kibble. While this would make some tames relatively worthless, they could be made more appealing via unique mechanics or saddles in order to diversify the tame choices you make based upon what aspect of gameplay you prefer. An example of this, a trike could be given a saddle that increases carry weight, making it an effective early berry gatherer that is also for transport. A stego could instead be given a saddle that improves damage, giving you a more damage focused berry gatherer. Edit - An alternative idea that I've come across is to replace eggs in the current kibble recipes with new drop that each creature would have. This would preserve a chain of sorts, however, it would change it from a passive egg farming chain to an active killing chain. Perhaps using eggs could be preserved in recipes in a generic fashion as well. An intermediate step could be added to make a mash via egg and fiber which is based upon an egg weight to fiber ratio and not specific egg type. This mash could then be used as a base along with the unique drop and vegetable/fruit to create the final kibble. This actually may be a better way to revise kibble than my initial suggestion as it would reduce the amount of tames needed to maintain kibble farming even further. It would also keep people out in the world hunting creatures (or breeding creatures for slaughter). It does maintain the issue of making taming some creatures rather pointless (as you would only want their unique drop). As such, I maintain that unique saddles would still be desired to make individual tames feel different and useful for their own individual tasks. Taming Speed To handle the issue of taming speed, I like the idea I saw of expanding the custom food system currently available for players to tames. This could allow custom tame food to provide various effects. The effect that would improve taming speed would be a metabolic effect that reduces food quickly in exchange for a small health regeneration. While useful for healing a tame after a combat, it would also be useful to increase the rate at which your tames progress while maintaining the resource cost and taming efficiency that currently exists (unlike the taming speed server setting). All in all, I feel that this would improve the taming aspect in a significant way by exchanging the time a player sits relatively inactive watching a tame for more active gameplay of gathering and cooking up taming supplements in preparation for their tame. Tame Cap With the above two solutions in place, tame cap should already be much less of an issue compared to its current state. However, it is still very possible that given time people just stack up a large number of their prefered tames instead of the kibble tames they do now. Additionally, the issue regarding an alpha tribe intentionally maxing out tames is still a very real possibility. As such, I would like to suggest the idea of a lifespan to tames. This lifespan would not be a claim lifespan like the one that currently exists. Instead, I would look at implementing something akin to a moral mechanic. This could be implemented for both players and tames and would be a character attribute cannot be leveled up. It would go down over time and affect characters overall. In tames, having low moral would reduce melee, egg laying, etc. Additionally, having low moral in tames would increase the rate in which food goes down. To increase moral, characters (both players and tames) would require open space, rest, quality food (via the custom food options), etc. This system would make it generally infeasible to maintain enough tames to tame cap a server as an individual tribe. It would also reduce the overall number of tames an individual tribe could utilize simply because the space and resource requirements of moral would eliminate dino hoarding as is currently done in smaller areas. Final Notes I really think these changes would help improve the taming in ARK overall. Honestly, I would love to see things go even further with taming of creatures being more creature specific and active in general as inactive taming is boring. Please let me know what you all think!
  15. Currently one of the main issues I see with the game is how long it takes to acquire dinosaurs. While this can be mitigated via server (or singleplayer) taming speed setting, that setting also reduces the amount of food needed to acquire said dinosaur, as well as increases taming efficiency (as they need to eat less). You could instead increase the global rate in which dinosaurs lose food, however, that once again has a side effect (affecting your non-wild dinosaurs as well). I propose a server flag that specifically pertains to unconscious wild dinosaurs that alters the rate at which they lose food. This would allow us to keep the resource balance of the vanilla experience, while still allowing for a reduction in the time required to tame a dinosaur. Additionally and/or alternatively, I would love to see an item that does this sort of thing as perhaps a new cooked item in the vanilla game. I currently use a mod ( that offers such an item as a crafted sedative. Perhaps it would need to have higher requirements when compared to this mod in particular (though I would recommend lower than Tek tier). However, I just feel that asking individuals to spend an excessive amount of time (in some cases, over ten hours), just to acquire a a bit much. An item like this could offer an additional resource sink in compensation for the time you save, while maintaining the taming efficiency and food balance currently there. All in all, I am really having a blast with ARK now that I've gotten into the game again...but this is one major issue that I feel hurts ARK. You can kind of see this for yourself when you consider how many of the unofficial servers have rather significantly high taming rates. Please consider something like this for the base game.
  16. Tribe Halls

    There's a lot of lag nowadays on every server. Also, every server is at tame cap. I have a suggestion that might sound weird but I think would resolve both issues : Tribe halls. Basically, it would be a confined area hosted separately from the server where players could build and breed dinos. Only your tribe members would have access ( a bit like Guild Halls on Guild Wars 1) To access it, you could have a teleporter in your base or something like that. Since that would be very OP to have, I'd make it a rare tek loot. The way I imagine it, it would only contain a floor intially and the players could then build on it. This would limit the space allowed per tribe. Since there's no wild dinos around, the server wouldn't have to calculate them. The only thing it would need to do would be to maintain the food and items and egg timers and yadada. And since players would move their dinos there, it would free up the maps. No more huge bases with 500 eggers and 500 babies lying around, waiting to be rendered. Of course, the tribe tame limit would still apply so it's not like it allows a tribe to have unlimited dinos. It just moves a chunk of their dinos somewhere away from their original map since (let's face it), my neighboors' 500000 dinos do nothing for me. Why do I have to lag because I have to render them? Why am I prevented from taming because of them? Of course, the only issue with this concept would be PVP. You could make it so that if the teleporter gets destroyed, the enemies have access to your private tribe area or that the dinos of that area get teleported back to the map. Not a perfect solution, I know, but I'm sure there something that could be done. Of course, this is only a little brainstorming. Feel free to build on this idea.
  17. Predators - Flee or Fight

    Predators - Flee or Fight others i would like to see Predator dinos/animals of different kinds ether fight each other or flee, its the one thing thats always bugged me, T-Rex will attack mammoths but not a Carno, or Raptors wont attack Sabres or wolfs, would like to see it like the hyernadons where they can decide whether or not to attack based on target health, pack numbers, or size
  18. Pipes in the air

    Could there be some sort of auto decay mechanism on pipes that are not irrigated? Like with single pillars. Pipes that are not removed looks so ugly.
  19. Item suggestions

    There are some of ideas I would like to suggest: Upgrade of spyglass - Tek binoculars (item is in dev kit). We do have full tek gear but one of "must have" tools is spyglass made of bamboo. I cant imagine not having in on my hot bar. Functions I can appreciate of binoculars to see more than tiny spot in middle of my screen. Just this small detail will make me replace bamboo one. Additionally it may show up wild and tamed dinos stats (super useful for breading and pvp). If you consider it too op then at least incorporate function of magnifying glass into tek binoculars. Upgrade of pickaxe - pneumatic drill With scorched earth we got chainsaw as upgrade of hatched and its great. So why not to upgrade pickaxe into with same math to harvest stone, obsidian, sand, sulfur, salt and metal. Upgrade of torch - petrol lamp its irritating when having riot gear and pull out wooden torch with sad durability. Really acceptable upgrade of this item can be petrol lamp. Same light cone as torch but with significantly bigger durability and powered up by gas. It maybe a bit unnecessary with abrration light creatures if we will be able to move charge into other maps. But anyway. Metal storage Same size as large storage box (with same way to compactly stack it) and with more slots. Vaults are nice but sometimes we need sort items like personal gear or have storage in way smaller room. Its kinda weird when we have full metal bases with ugly wooden storages against walls. Obsidian trophy wall-mount, metal chair and table Lets eradicate wood from metal and tek bases. Please give grinder and fabricator color areas.
  20. Tek Armor feature

    was thinking the other day for those who use there tek armor alot, wouldnt it be cool for a full set of equiped armor to have a feature where you can enter a stealth mode to avoid/tame wild dinos, turning the suit black
  21. Hello! I was just wondering if anyone knew any good servers to play on. (Im on Mac) I prefer servers with more players, but I like unofficial servers. I don't really enjoy when the gathering/exp levels are too high, but I like it when they are on around x2-x5. I don't enjoy servers that are only made for PvP, with kits and such, but I like it when PvP is still enabled and a few mods are there, like S+. So if anyone has any good suggestions I'd love to hear them. My steam username is xBlackhawK by the way. Thank you for taking your time reading this, I just need a good server to play on. Peace. <3
  22. New Scorched Weather Event

    would it be cool to see new rare weather event where it rains continuely and the water holes and dry river beds fill up with water and flood parts of the map
  23. The title pretty much says it all. On player dedicated servers it is nice to know how much damage you are hitting for, but not at the cost of revealing your location for pvp. Could there please be an added server setting for tribe only damage numbers so that the text does not appear for enemy players? The damage numbers also helps to see if your tribe mate or tame is being attacked from a distance, however in pvp while some hosts prefer it, damage numbers are no bueno.
  24. Raptor redesign

    The raptor needs to be severely buffed, it's one of the most iconic dinos of all time yet almost any other dino in the game could kill it. There is no point in taming it! I do have some ideas of how to fix this, for instance, a stealth mechanic with the raptor, where you can crouch when you ride it and that would make you silent and reduce detection range for wild dinos but at the cost of making you slower. You could also be able to pounce, similar to the thylacoleo, although I'm not sure if the raptor gripping onto small dinos and/or players would be to overpowered. Another idea I had is the ability to climb surfaces. Not literally clamber up them and be able to maneuver yourself on the surface, but a short dash up maybe around 2.5 walls high. This could also work in conjunction with the stealth mechanics, and you could have maybe a small group of players on raptors sneak into an enemy base to scout, steal etc. Those are my ideas anyways. If you have any ideas please feel free to share them in the comments.
  25. I would like to have a feature where we click right trigger and go into “stack mode” which allows you to only have to push A to transfer a stack. This will speed up stack transferring by a lot and improve the quality of gameplay.