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  1. Voltarendolo


    Araneo (Spider) This "Dino" needs a Rework. It is usless for pvp and pve. It has no health, dosn't do Damage, isnt breedable, can’t tank, and istn’t good for harvesting either for what It can do it takes to long to tame. The slow ability isn’t so bad but still not really usfull, since it is to slow to escape anything. Suggetions - give them a Grapplinghock like ability (like a string that they can shoot pull stuff towards them or them to a object. - a net Traping that really make you stuck for a short time. - Wallclimbe ability (like rockdrakes) - make it an anti Flyermount like fast travelling net that just affects flyers to slow or even bring them to land (but needs to be aimed manually) Lymantria (Moth) Pretty usless in my Opinion the only Flyer that cant Grab (I dont count the Pelagorins since it is a Farming mount) the only use is to bola it and harvest it with a chainsaw. If that is the Reason for this moth I don’t know why you even added the slow ability (maybe for the trailer ScorchedEarth) Suggestions - the ability to make a cloud in midair in addition to the falling slowing balls. and don’t make this gas slowing just drain ALL the stamina that they need to land. - or give them also the ability to Grab (bit boring idea I know) Lance to be fair it has a use in…” friends which make a roleplay Raptor battle (like shown in the Trailor for Ragnarok) I would wish to dismount Enemy players even when I don’t hit the Raider (I can’t hit the raider of a Rex in no way with a Raptor and Lance) Sugestions - Make it a 1-5time use than - It will break but dismount the enemy player even when just the Dino get hit. (Since you have flashbangs Microraptor Purlova Grapplinghooks Baryonix).I don’t think it is to powerfull to dismount players -give it a short stun effect on player and Dino for about 2 Seconds. (and remove the possibility to use it with a Griffin) Chalicotherium Make the Rock throw damage stone, like a Catapult. You have now already a small Dino (Arthropluera) which is able to break Tek… so make the Rock throw finaly usefull. Archaeopteryx The Idea of a Parachute dino isn’t so bad but why not make it a Shoulder Mount? And the ability that you glide slower down instead of a Parachut (that you just don’t get any or just a bit Falldamage) that would make tham worth Taming BeeHive Give it the Option Deffend/Harvest so it will Consume slowly Honey and Faster RareFlowers to spawn this Small bees when enemys Come to close (Make it bioTurret) which switches back to Harvest when no Honey is Left. -Make the small bees dismount a Rider or a really short “Fear” (Yutryanus debuff) wich lasts for 1-2 sec and have a cooldown of 5sec till you can get it again.$ Giganotosuarus -Remove the possibility to attack stone. this Dino have enough good things you dont allso need it to munch stone
  2. This is mainly a small tribe related thing or for tribes that are low in numbers on normal officials as well. Italicized is the complaint/math into what it takes to fill 100 heavies full of bullets . Personally I and many other I talk and play with have noticed that to fill out heavy turrets to the cap with 100 on your base takes a ridiculous amount of time. To cap out 100 Heavies takes 480,000 Bullets. (4,800 * 100) Now to me this does not seem to awful. When you start to break down the materials needed to craft up that amount of bullets and how much you can get per farming trip it looks worse. Each bullet craft gives 2 bullets so 1 Metal and 9 Gunpowder to 2 bullets. To fill 100 Heavies that would be 240,000 Crafts at about 2 seconds each in a fabricator. So total time spent making just the bullets say in 1 fab is about 8,000 minutes now you can spread this into many fabricators but it still takes a long time to craft the bullets themselves. The metal required to make this many bullets is 240,000 cooked, 480,000 Raw or about 2400 Stacks of metal which is not to bad at least for normal Officials, (in general on normal officials you have plenty of people to grind this amount of bullets so its not bad, but in small tribes 6 people farming this can take a vast amount of time), where body bags are aloud but on Small Tribes Servers there is the rule in place that you can not, "Use non-tribe member bodies to store and transport items." So farming with body bags is out of the question meaning you are limited to the weight of a Quetzal or Argentavis. Still the metal is not to bad with the 3x rates. But when you start to bring in the gunpowder amount it gets crazy. So 240,000 crafts of bullets to fill 100 heavies. Total gunpowder needed for that is 2,160,000. At a 1.5 return in the Chem Bench from spark powder and charcoal. You would need 1,440,000 Spark powder and Charcoal. 14,400 Stacks of each. No body bag on small tribes means a ridiculous amount of runs to just get 1 or the other of those. To make that amount of spark powder you would need 960,000 Flint and 479,520 Stone. When 300 stacks of each is only 30,000. To get that much stone with a decent quetzal would take about 16 Runs accounting for re-spawn timers and the time it takes to complete one such run, about 8-16 Hours worth of Stone Runs and for Flint you should be able to get 600 stacks of flint per flint run but they take about 2-3x longer than stone runs so roughly 16-48 Hours of farming flint. Then farming wood you can get 300 stacks a run with a mammoth. About 48 Runs of wood to get 1,440,000 Wood then you spend the time cooking that down in Industrial forges, most people i have seen have between 1-4 forges at 1 forge cooking all that up it would take 21,600 minutes and about 5,400 minutes in 4 forges. The amount of time you would have to spend farming resources to fill out turrets while breeding, and farming other things for your base would end up taking the greater part of a month if not longer with a smaller tribe or in small tribe servers, without body bags. Now you add on to this you need a minimum of 2 bases, your main base where you keep all your loot and a few dinosaurs to defend and farm with and then your dinosaur storage base. I have a few suggestions that can go to make this easier. Increase the yield on bullet crafting. Speed up recipes involved. Increase wood burn in forges/Make an item that burns wood faster/has more slots. Make a dinosuar that gets more flint/Make ankys similar to the Moschops in the regard of Harvesting levels for things such as metal, obsidian, flint, crystal etc. Increase quetzal/argy weights. Allow body bags on small tribe servers. Add a unrideable dino that spawns very rarely on each map that decreases every material to about 1/5-1/20. Lastly I don't think this is the best way to do it but increase the tribe cap to 8 or 10 on small tribe servers. Thank you for taking the time to read through this and possibly considering to implement this into the game.
  3. Hello, Well, after countless hours breeding it has always felt to me that there could be some type of structure, Tek maybe, that could auto feed you babys. Maybe some type of 1 to 1 type thing like a mini droid you setup in front of a specific dino to feed it. Or a pillar like structure that feeds all babys around it with what ever meat is inside. I would think it becomes incresingly harder to breed, the less people you have in a tribe, so it would make life a lot easier. I also realise that there would be some balancing issues, but im sure it could be worked out.
  4. ColonelHans

    Game idea: "Evolve Serum"

    My idea is simple Make a serum that once injected, gives the player stats, physical characteristics, or special abilities from the host dino. How it works: Players use a special extraction tool to get a sample of whatever dino they wish to create a serum from. Once the serum is made the player injects themselves and gains perks relative to the host dino. Example: lets say you sample a Megalania. The player could gain an immunity to megarabies, or even wall climbing. A dolphin could give faster swim speed or waterbresthing. Trex could give ability to eat raw meat and heal faster from it. Etc etc. The downside: This can be used only ONCE per character. Theres a 50% chance to gain physical characteristics of the host dino. For example, lets go back and say you used Megalania as the host. 50% chance your skin turns scaley and is colored in correlation to the host Megalania. The dolphin would make your nose long. The trex would shorten your arms. Maybe you grow a tail. Or a fin. Maybe a spino sail. Maybe you get lucky and grow griffon wings. Etc. Completely random trait associated with the host dino. This would add a whole new level to the end game, wouldn't be OP, and stays in line lore-wise with ARKs current direction.
  5. This Suggestion is for the Extinction DLC Basically Meteor Showers (Weather) that wreck everything on the map including bases but as long as you have turrets your base can be defended.
  6. Will creative mode be coming out for Ark mobile? It will be better and more fun! 😛
  7. The devs should add private servers or arks for you and your friends.
  8. So I know PC has a line option you can put in the ini to auto learn engrams which is useful for single player any chance we could get this option to auto learn engrams for PS4 and Xbox?
  9. There really needs to be an easier way to clear out spoilt Wyvern and Drake Eggs from unofficial servers (which should also help officials!). Running a small community server, the eggs don't have as much traffic in them being collected so quite often it results in having to clean out the nests - normally in god mode - once a week (since spoil time is just over 7 days). While yeah its doable, I also don't see why admins should have to spend sometimes hours cleaning eggs- I suggest either a way to admincheat eggs clear, or allowing wild eggs to vanish once spoilt by themselves. I am sure this has been suggested countless times, but I wish to re submit this as a suggestion.
  10. Andrej

    ORP servers

    ORP SERVERS As all of us can see orp servers are dieing probably because of low rates and the orp fact that you cant raid while someone is offline,i think that can change like before to be around 40-50 players if WildCard can make structure decay smaller like to cut it in half or even quarter there are a lot of abadoned bases that take space also it would be nice to make them at least 2x or 3x premanently i think it would motivate players to play more on these servers.
  11. o0oNightmareo0o

    Authentic Cthulhu!!!

    Like the title says, I would love to see a legit Cthulhu in the sea. The first of its kind in Ark, a world boss that gives elements or extremely rare loot. Almost impossible to kill, but easy to die from. Hmm.. what is a Cthulhu you might ask? It is the brainchild of a H.P. Lovecraft. Let me google that for you. per Wiki.. In "The Call of Cthulhu", H. P. Lovecraft describes a statue of Cthulhu as "A monster of vaguely anthropoid outline, but with an octopus-like head whose face was a mass of feelers, a scaly, rubbery-looking body, prodigious claws on hind and fore feet, and long, narrow wings behind."[9] Cthulhu has been described in appearance as resembling an octopus, a dragon and a human caricature, hundreds of meters tall, with webbed human-looking arms and legs and a pair of rudimentary wings on its back.[9] Cthulhu's head is depicted as similar to the entirety of a gigantic octopus, with an unknown number of tentacles surrounding its supposed mouth. Simply looking upon the creature drives the viewer insane, a trait shared by many of the Great Old Ones and Outer Gods. .............................................................Basically, its crazy badazz. Or something based on it, something human, but Godlike, from the depths of the sea. Tentacles, multiple heads, worm like, man like, truly horrific. And the best part... It drops element in world!!!
  12. I'd like for there to be a way we can make the Tek Teleporter available to Allies to teleport to and from without having to make it public. My server has several Asian tribes that like to grief and block obilisks and such, so if I was to make my Teleporters public for my Allies to use I'd likely get my bases griefed by the Asian tribes that have teleporters of their own.
  13. Lo he comentado en otras ocasiones, como parte de la comunidad que juega ARK y las experiencias que he tenido jugando en servidores oficiales, creo que un proyecto muy bueno e interesante seria crear un nuevo cluster de servers, por lo menos 3 mapas de cada uno, con los mismas configuraciones de los servidores oficiales, máximo 5 miembros por tribu, 1 alianza como máximo, como son menos jugadores mas puntos de engramas. Creo que la mayor cantidad de usuarios jugarían de este modo ya que por no contar con una tribu numerosa, por lo que prefieren irse a jugar a servidores no oficiales, con la desventaja que en no oficiales hay muy pocos server en cluster, cantidad minima de players, saturados de mods, o el fastidioso admin abuse etc..... Seria interesante que wildcard hiciera un experimento como este, ya que decidieron crear los servers de principiantes los cuales se ven bien pero no son lo suficiente para vivir la experiencia ARK completa. Google Translate: I have commented on other occasions, as part of the community that plays ARK and the experiences I have had playing on official servers, I think a very good and interesting project would be to create a new cluster of servers, at least 3 maps of each , with the same configurations of official servers, maximum 5 members per tribe, 1 maximum alliance, as less players plus engrams points. I think that the largest number of users would play in this way because they do not have a large tribe, so they prefer to go to play unofficial servers, with the disadvantage that in unofficial there are very few servers in a cluster, minimum amount of players, saturated with mods, or the annoying admin abuse etc ..... It would be interesting for wildcard to do an experiment like this, since they decided to create the beginner servers which look good but are not enough to live the complete ARK experience. @Jatheish @Jen
  14. YoanY

    Rock Drake Suggestion

    I think it'd be neat and fitting if all the wyvern spawns inside the cave to the south west get replaced with rock drakes. I hope it's possible to separate the cave area from the wyvern spawns outside. Also it'd be neat if the cliffs outside also spawn water wyverns, but that would mean cooperating with he guy who made the mod with those.
  15. I suggest this should be included in Ark and Ark 2 (I know WC is planning one) A Simple language for whistling commands. Example command could look like : All Megalo Close-by Come To Me. Megalo: subject All: modifier of subject. More possible modifiers, perhaps 'male', 'female', 'one', 'five' Close-by: range, this could be 5 foundations, or 10 for nearby or 20 for wherever.. etc. Come-to-me: action. Other possible actions 'follow-me', or perhaps 'protect me', 'set follow range' etc. Each word would have a specific whistle sound associated with it and player could construct and save such commands through the wheel-like interface we have and bind them to certain hotkeys, such as ctrl + lowercase letter. This sort of thing would be relatively easy to learn, very useful, and would allow less onerous dino maintenance.
  16. Hi all, Since I've built my base in the murder snow in Ragnarok in official server, I've found the amount of meat dropped by mammoths are unreasonably Low. With a giga w/288 melee, I usually get 20-30 pieces of meat from each mammoth, while the meat i get from other creatures are much higher, for example, I get around 70-80 meat from each Argie/Rhino that i kill, even the Gallimimus drop much more meat compared to the mammoths. With mammoths' much larger body size and the large health pool (relatively speaking), I really think it will be more reasonable and helpful if you could increase the amount of meat drop by them. It will not only be a great balance but will also eliminate confusions among the players, especially to those who survive and rely on the resources in the snow biome. I apologize for my bad English in advance, thank you.
  17. I currently have 972 hours in the game, I haven't played for a while, but upon coming back to the game and trying to replay old maps like The Island & Ragnarok I found that every official server I entered was tame capped and littered with broken bases and just a general mess everywhere. I don't know about anyone else but trying to start a game knowing you cannot tame anything until Someones tame dies is extremely off putting to the point that I no longer felt like playing. Then I thought of how this would affect newcomers and I realized that they aren't going to experience the game like I did. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I personally would like to see an extinction event like before with the mother on a yearly or every 2 year basis totally wiping the official servers or at least the PVE one and if the tame cap could be raised at all that would be great too. Let me know how you guys feel about this and hopefully someone will pay attention.
  18. Lately i have been wondering about thylas and aberration. Aberration seems like the perfect map for a thyla. I just wanted to post this just to get some traction on the idea of thylas being allowed in aberration and allowed in boss battles. I mean, why not? rexes are allowed, spinos, and pretty much every other dino so why not the thyla? Just an idea here, but why not build a cave that have moving peaces that float in the air only a a thyla or any dino alike (wolf, saber, or ravager) are need it to reach a small boss at the end. Seems to me like that idea was nearly done in the ice-cave (Ragnarok) with the exception that no dinos are allowed in the little boss arena which is...LAME. I mean, Grind is all good for bosses but just to get an artifact is a bit dumb since there is no payoff worth it at the end. Just makes you jump into another server to get the artifact without wasting resources. ALso, if i can just suggest here something to ark map builders or ARk ...If you want to make caves more exiting is not about making them big, full of annoying dinos, or with the intent of killing the player ( don't think I am using the right words here but i mean like with the only idea to make it extremely difficult for the player...instead of coming from the idea of creating an experience for the player). Most caves are beautiful or big...but there is no element of surprise, or feeling of imminent danger, or adventure. Usually feels more like..."Let me get the artifact and get out". There is absolutely no element of adventure in the caves. Which surprisingly is where the stories of ark was supposed to be told. OR at least the important things. I dont know...just something that was crossing my mind.
  19. Frogspoison

    Artifacts as player power?

    Hey all. When you take a look at most of the various artifacts, with the exception of the DLC artifacts, they all have a pretty nifty line to them. This got me to thinking, what if Artifacts gave you and nearby (very close, 3 foundations minimum) buff, changing depending on the Artifact? For instance... Artifact of the Immune makes you and allies immune to all torpor-increasing effects. Artifact of the Skylord causes you and allies to slowly regen stamina when you aren't touching the ground. Artifact of the Massive causes you and allies to be treated as though you are Titano in terms of what aggros onto you. Ect, ect. Now, for those saying that Artifacts would become mandatory... Note that Artifacts are heavy, and carrying EVERY artifact would be 50 weight, which is fairly significant. Also, not every Artifact would be useful in every situation. And maybe we could brush up on the SE/Abb artifacts and give them a cool-looking line? A few more ideas... Artifact of the Gatekeeper - You always have the Housing buff, and an additional +150 hyperthermal resistance. Artifact of the Depths - You are immune to radiation. Artifact of the Clever - You can sense nearby 150s. Artifact of the Pack - You and affected allies gain +5% damage per nearby ally of the same species. Artifact of the Devious - Your dino and name coloration is the same color as an allied tribe, regardless of diplomatic status with others. Artifact of the Strong - You take significantly less knockback (Like Arthropluera lvl knockback resistance) Artifact of the Brute - You deal significantly more knockback (Diplo-lvl knockback) Artifact of the Cunning - You can sense any nearby targets that aren't at 100% health. Artifact of the Hunter - You can sense nearby dinos of a selected species (Remote-use menu) Artifact of the Devourer - You gain 5x more health from health-restoring items. Artifact of the Crag - Your damage reduction values are the same as tamed Rock Elementals. Artifact of the Destroyer - You deal full damage to stone and adobe. Artifact of the Shadows - You take half damage when you aren't near a source of Charge Light. Artifact of the Stalker - You gain the Rock Drake's camo. Thoughts, your own ideas? The idea for the Abb/SE artifacts was to be strong to the point that they would either A) Make a map-specific element easier (Radiation/extreme weather), or B) Give you the benefit of a map-specific dino (Rock Elemental's resistance/damaging ability, Reaper's damage reduction, Rock Drake's camo)
  20. WillyGomez

    Tribe QOL Improvement

    Please make it so that when players start their own tribe, they will have tribe governance default set to personally owned. This will prevent a lot more mistakes from happening where players will lose their stuff because they did not know about the governance settings. Yes, this happened to me, and it is a big flaw in the tribe system that needs to be changed because all the new players will be affected.
  21. Gogohorse

    idea Ark survival: the edge

    Hi, I recently got the idea for a new ark, ark survival: the edge. This would be like scorched earth but instead of hot it’s cold. I am going to compile everything about this into this post and will update as I come up with new things. Also if you have any ideas for it please share! creatures: Here is the list of creatures to be incorporated into the map, if there is a new animal I will add information about it. -yuty -terror bird -dire wolves -Archie -daedon -allos -haenodons -Arctic fox: a new cute little fox that is a passive tame with meat and runs away from survivors, when transferred to other maps it gets an orange coat like a real fox. Also it can ride on your shoulder. -Polar bear: lives near the ocean and is like the dire bear but with an affinity for swimming. -kariku -mammoth -ice wyverns: live on a cliff. -snowy owl: an owl that once tamed can hunt for small prey and bring them back to you. Also can sit on shoulder. -Arctic hare: replacement for the dodo and passive tamed with berries. Can sit on shoulder and it also drops fur. -red panda: since the cold doesn’t always stop life these guys live in a more fertile area (which would be the easiest spawn zone) and of course it’s still pretty cold there. They are passive tames with mejo berries and can sit on your shoulder. -rex -giga is there anything I missed? Explorer notes: (sorry for the non colored title, my iPad is weird and won’t let me change it, I’ll fix it on my computer later.) i cant think of what they’d say but I know who wrote them, there would be a cave man, an Arctic researcher and a guy from Nepal (do you call them nappaness?) anybody else? Cool features: this is basically the engrams but I’ll include other stuff here. -like SE has sand this will have snow (with a spoil timer because it melts) which you can melt at a campfire to make water (requires water skin.) -fur tents you can use fur to make a little fur tent for warmth. -tek air conditioner ver large radius and works better than the first one -tek flame thrower better version of the SE one just seems right on a frozen map -can’t think of any more tek things. cant think of anything else but if you have any ideas please share oh, and I can’t think of any bosses caves: the first one would have almost no Dinos in it, so the challenge would be the cold/traversing the terrain also can’t think of an artifact name, also the player would be the only thing able to fit. cant think of the second one the third would have the yeti as a boss. anything I missed?
  22. Listen, I already expect the " Just go play offline if you don't like how Official ark is" stuff, but I'm doing it anyway! I would love some genuine feedback on a way to implement my suggestion, or ways to improve it, and how likely any of it happening is. We need some kind of material that can be used to create TEMPORARY STRUCTURES in all maps. This way we will be able to trap dinos, without being hindered by the presence of other player's bases. Anyway, If it possible, I've thought of a few ways to counter predicted trolling of this temporary structure idea. - The structure lasts like 2-3 hours maybe? Enough time to get a dino into it, tranq them, and not care if the trap disappears. - Unable to be placed directly on other player's foundations, ceilings, or too close to their gates (So they can still open their doors). - The temporary structure DOES NOT PREVENT PEOPLE FROM BUILDING NEARBY like a permanent structure. This way, if your trap is near a base, you don't affect those people at all. Also, in the very least, do this for PVE only? If it somehow affects PVP. I don't see it hurting PVE at all. On a side note, how lame is it to not be able to place a tent in SE during a heat/sand storm because the tent is counted as an enemy foundation and can't be placed near bases? c-c.... Ark has many aspects like this that pretty much encourage you to play AWAY from people, or on less crowded servers, or offline, etc. I'm just trying to alleviate some of that nuisance.
  23. Hi Add setting on server side to increase time out delay ( response time from client before server kicks client ) Thanks.
  24. FlameBlade

    We "need" a mid-sized gateway

    I really think there should another gate size between the two we have now. The "small" is 2 x 4, and the behemoth is 8 x 11 (12?). I would like to suggest a size inbetween, say 4 x 6 or 4 x 8.
  25. Sorry moderators, I realize that this should probably be in the Aberration category. Please move this post if it isn't okay to be here. There are harvesters for every material on Aberration, so generally that isn't an issue, but there are plenty of other creatures that have useful functions that aren't present. As such, I suggest that following creatures be added. Please note that there are mods that add these creatures to Aberration. - Thylacoleo This would function as a sort of cross between a Rock Drake and a Ravager, and would undoubtedly be a survivor favorite. I would suggest this to be radiation resistant. - Procoptodon TLC Patch #1 made the Procoptodon have an ability to improve breeding statistics and rates. As they are not present on Aberration, those playing on Aberration will miss out. I would suggest this not to be radiation resistant. - Alpha Raptors and Alpha Carnotaurus Alpha Karkinos, Basilisks, and Reapers are currently the only Alpha Predators present on Aberration. If the Raptor and Carno variations were added, that would provide opportunity for better loot, and easier XP grinding, both of which are currently somewhat of a pain. - Hyaenodon The Hyaenodon is a unique creature to ARK, and it's eerie laugh would feel quite nice on Aberration. In addition to this, it would be great for meat storage as there is no Preserving Salt on Aberration. I would suggest this not to be radiation resistant. - Megalania Similarly to the Thylacoleo, but with the ability to go upside-down for more versatility. If I recall correctly, this is already in the game file and therefore would not be hard to implement. I would suggest this to be radiation resistant. - Megatherium The Megatherium is a great beast. This would be extremely useful for the fact that Glowbugs are present in great numbers, allowing the Bug Killer buff to be activated consistently. I would suggest this to be radiation resistant. - Oviraptor The usefulness of this little guy cannot be overstated. It's absence on Aberration can be felt strongly, and it would be of a great help to have it on the map. I would suggest this not to be radiation resistant. - Daeodon This creature is slightly less useful that it is on other maps due to the presence of Plant Species Z, but it's healing factor would be a great help when attempting to steal Rock Drake eggs, fighting Reaper Queens, or fighting Rockwell himself. I would suggest this to be radiation resistant. - Pachyrhinosaurus This is not the most useful dino in the game; it would be far more useful on Aberration if it was capable of preventing Nameless from rising up. As such, I would suggest this to be radiation resistant. - Microraptor As much as I hate this little demons, they would be an excellent addition to the map. Mainly used for PvP, they would probably mostly just pose a challenge to survivors rather than being a useful tame. I would suggest that they only spawn in the Bioluminescent regions of the map, and not to be radiation resistant. -Dimorphodon The Dimorphodon are definitely in the game files, like Araneomorphs and Megalania, but they do not appear to spawn despite rumored reports of sightings. I would like them to be added, with radiation resistance.