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Found 279 results

  1. Hello! I was just wondering if anyone knew any good servers to play on. (Im on Mac) I prefer servers with more players, but I like unofficial servers. I don't really enjoy when the gathering/exp levels are too high, but I like it when they are on around x2-x5. I don't enjoy servers that are only made for PvP, with kits and such, but I like it when PvP is still enabled and a few mods are there, like S+. So if anyone has any good suggestions I'd love to hear them. My steam username is xBlackhawK by the way. Thank you for taking your time reading this, I just need a good server to play on. Peace. <3
  2. Raptor redesign

    The raptor needs to be severely buffed, it's one of the most iconic dinos of all time yet almost any other dino in the game could kill it. There is no point in taming it! I do have some ideas of how to fix this, for instance, a stealth mechanic with the raptor, where you can crouch when you ride it and that would make you silent and reduce detection range for wild dinos but at the cost of making you slower. You could also be able to pounce, similar to the thylacoleo, although I'm not sure if the raptor gripping onto small dinos and/or players would be to overpowered. Another idea I had is the ability to climb surfaces. Not literally clamber up them and be able to maneuver yourself on the surface, but a short dash up maybe around 2.5 walls high. This could also work in conjunction with the stealth mechanics, and you could have maybe a small group of players on raptors sneak into an enemy base to scout, steal etc. Those are my ideas anyways. If you have any ideas please feel free to share them in the comments.
  3. The title pretty much says it all. On player dedicated servers it is nice to know how much damage you are hitting for, but not at the cost of revealing your location for pvp. Could there please be an added server setting for tribe only damage numbers so that the text does not appear for enemy players? The damage numbers also helps to see if your tribe mate or tame is being attacked from a distance, however in pvp while some hosts prefer it, damage numbers are no bueno.
  4. New Scorched Weather Event

    would it be cool to see new rare weather event where it rains continuely and the water holes and dry river beds fill up with water and flood parts of the map
  5. I would like to have a feature where we click right trigger and go into “stack mode” which allows you to only have to push A to transfer a stack. This will speed up stack transferring by a lot and improve the quality of gameplay.
  6. Alliance structure build mode

    In ark the alliances are limited to what we can do together, its more of a town then a community when different tribes are building side by side. Everyone has their own stuff and everyone needs pin codes to access others equipment that we allow each other to use. You could almost say that this is a pvp raid setup. (big group in one area, but everyone sticks to their own and has their own stuff) The following suggestion will be for multiple tribes to build together and actually make a real community building. First we would have a build mode option in our inventories, activating the alliance option will allow us to attach structures or create our own "blank" alliance structures. (structures only) These structures would be blank with the original tribes name on it if we started building it, others would be unable to place anything on them until a player places a door and doorway then holds E on door, and picks the alliance these structures would be for. Doing this will allow the player to be in multiple alliances but still be able to choose which alliance the building will be for. Now we have a designated alliance building and a completed structure after multiple tribes worked together and created a masterpiece. Whats next? Furnishings: A feature of these alliance structures is any player within the alliance will be allowed to place anything on the alliance structures (beds, chests, inventories) these would still be tribe owned. (mostly pve related) While in alliance mode we can hold E on any inventory it and designate it for the alliance we want it to be for. This includes stuff in our own bases too. This way we can have our chests, bookshelves, vaults, crafting and industrial structures usable by people we trust without it being locked for them. This could possibly be used to unlock object for more then one alliance too. Permissions: (Optional) Some tribes have people that others will never trust, the alliance leader would get options to customize what tribes can do what in alliance buildings similar to how tribes work, could have custom alliance ranks too like a military setup. (commanders can place stuff, generals can break object, admirals can demolish structures, stuff like that as a default idea) Further ideas: Whitelist mode, holding E on a door and enabling whitelist would allow any player you have added to your whitelist the ability to build on your tribes structures, community related to bring even more people together, Alliance leaders or people with appropriate rank would get this option too. (a whitelist idea could be something similar to the steam overlay, where we click view players button and get a list of people who are online, we click name then add that person to tribe/alliance whitelist)
  7. Hello, Is it possible to reduce the cooldown on Artifact spawns in caves? Right now when we venture into caves with a group of people, we need to wait 5-10 minutes per person just to get the artifacts to spawn. This is extremely tedious for a large group as you need an hour, just standing in a room to get the thing to spawn. Video : Here you can see how long three people actually need to wait to get everyone said artifact from the ice cave.
  8. Item Wanted (Dino Scanner)

    I want to suggest a new item for the base game functions similar to a gun except uses blank notes as ammo. Point it at a dino and it tells you its base stats for breeding on a printed note.
  9. dinosaur Dinosaur suggestion

    In the most recent news article on Steam, the ARK devs suggested something about finalising their final batch of Dino Dossiers. Is it too late to make a suggestion to this? Only it seems fitting to include at least one (or some) of the earliest known dinosaurs - those that the whole dinosaur age (and thus, genre) began with and evolved from. I'm talking about the dinosaurs;,,,,,, and maybe the more popular and well-known Thanks everyone who read this. Just putting my thoughts out there! EDIT: My links appeared to break, so I've tried to fix them. Hopefully just hyperlinked text should appear instead of odd-looking links thrown into the body text. EDIT: Welp, obviously not. Sorry.
  10. Hi i have a suggestion for ARK i would like an option where we could lock/unlock items inside of our inventory so you don't accidentally drop them when you are either dropping a lot of unwanted items in your inventory like fiber for example or when you go on a farm run with your dino and your transferring all the stone you gathered from the dino into a storage box
  11. Ark Classes

    A couple of months ago I started a topic about a preliminary Idea for a class system and decided to come up with a system and wrote them all down here I would really like some feedback on what people think
  12. Loot Crate Behavior

    Hello, I have a question regarding Loot Crates. I am aware that WC did a fix so that Loot Crates cannot be blocked anymore directly by building pillars for example on their spawn location. I would like to know whether this behaviour can be overwritten using a launch parameter? Reason: We are a very small private server with just a handful of people playing the game. And we want to have the old behaviour where we can block a few locations and ensure that the loot crates spawn in closer/more accessible locations for us. If this is not possible, is there a way to overwrite the spawn interval? Can we make crates spawn faster or in more locations?
  13. Hi, It might be really cool to add more influential weather conditions throughout the maps if the game mechanics allow it. I know there's rain, fog, sand storms, thunder etc, but there's a lot more that can be done. To name a few: Tornados Tsunami's Flooding Hail (can damage health if you in shelter) Wildfire (you can use any large mount with stomp attack to put out fires like in real life with rhinos) Avalanches Monsoons Quakes or tremors that forcefully dismount players from ground dinos Apart from your base being purely protection from raids/wild dinos, it would be great to use it to stand up to seasonal harsh conditions.
  14. Kibble Change !

    I will write it short, because no one reads long posts. Suggestion: Replace eggs in kibble's recipes for dino parts. (Every dino should drop some part of his body, for example: claws, hearts,feathers, horns, ...) To make some kibbles harder, it can cost more parts or add some rare resource to recipes. And why? 1. We will get rid of lot of dinos on bases = more fps, more space for other dinos. 2. It will promote hunting on the map = more exploring, more fun than sitting in the base. Thanks for you time reading this.
  15. New Melee Weapons and Mechanics

    I love ARK. I really do. But I just can't enjoy some of the PvP mechanics there is. The dinos have plenty of unique abilities and I don't have anything against them, but the melee battles between players just aren't that satisfying. Yes, most people prefer to ride on something or shoot from a cliff, but that doesn't mean that some of the added mechanics won't make them use melee weapons more often. Firstly, let's go through the weapons and armor I feel like it would be a great addition to the melee scene: The Rapier The rapier will be a light, fast weapon, used to pierce through armor. There would be two types of rapiers - short and long. The short will have a small guard, but little better armor piercing capabilities then the long one, which will have a bigger guard and would be able to hit from farther away. You won't be able to use a shield with these weapons. Also, your stamina will drain a little bit less, since these are very light weapons. The Armor piercing effect won't work on metal and Tek armor. Attack key: LMB Block: RMB (Does a lot of damage to the weapon if you block a heavier weapon) The Mace The mace will be a heavy weapon. The mace will have two attacks - strong, stamina draining hit on the enemy's head, inflicting 5-7 seconds of stun effect, and a more fast hit on the body, dealing more damage to the player's armor and dealing a little bit of knockback. All the mace's attacks will drain your stamina more quickly than other weapons. You won't be able to use a shield with the long range mace, because you would need two hand to use it, and if you use the short mace with a shield, it will deal 1/3 less damage. 1st attack key: LMB 2nd attack key: MMB Block(will deal a lot of damage to the weapon): RMB The Flail The flail is a very heavy weapon. With the flail you will be able to either bring the mace ball up and smash it into your enemy, which will have a 50/50 chance of either inflicting a stun effect for 10 seconds, or you can spin the mace ball around, like a bola, and when someone approaches will get hit by the mace and will have a chance of a 5 second stun effect. This attack will deal more damage to the player's armor, if it's either chitin, metal or Tek. 1st attack key: LMB 2nd attack key: Hold LMB Block: N/A The Dagger The dagger will be ultimate weapon for sneak attacks. It will have only one version. It would be used to sneak on players and kill them. There would be two attacks - the first is going to be a throwing attack, dealing more damage if the hit is in the head. The second will be a sneaky throat cutting, which would require you to be behind the player you would be attacking. That attack will be instant kill, but will require a lot of skill to perform. The dagger's damage will have a 15% damage buff if the player has the Ghillie suit on. 1st attack key: Holding and letting go the LMB 2nd attack key: RMB I'll edit the topic if I come up with something interesting. The Battleaxe The battleaxe is a two-edged axe, useful in big melee battles. It will have only one version and three attacks. The first one will be a diagonal swipe, inflicting knockback and severe amount of damage to players wearing cloth, leather and chitin armor. The second one will be a throw, which will do a lot of damage to the player's armor and can make them fall over and inflict stun effect for up to 3 seconds. The third attack is going to be the hardest one to perform. You would have to jump from at least five meters and smash the axe into your opponent's head, which will instantly break the opponent's helmet if it's cloth, leather or chitin, have a 75% chance of breaking the helmet if's flak or Tek, have 25% chance of instantly killing the player if they are wearing a cloth hat, 10% for leather, 5% for chitin and 1% for flak and Tek if the helmet is broken. You won't be able to use a shield with the battleaxe. 1st attack key: LMB 2nd attack key: Hold LMB 3rd attack key: Hold RMB when falling Block: N/A The Battlehammer The battlehammer is a heavy, slow weapon. There are three versions of it - a stone one, good for inflicting torpor, a metal one, good for breaking armor, and a Tek one, good for both. The battlehammer has only one attack - a smash, dealing torpor if the hit is in the head and dealing great damage to the armor. It always has a 20% chance of knocking the target down for 5 seconds. You can use a shield with the hammer. Attacks key: LMB Block key: N/A And now, lets get into the new mechanics I would like to see added in the game: Blocking hits without a shield Not in every fight do you have a shield. That's why you should be able to block hits without it. There will be a price tho - the weapon takes more damage, especially if hit by a heavier one. Some weapons won't be able to block hits for obvious reasons. Being able to knock the weapon out of your opponent's hand. This will be a helpful feature in a 1v1 combat and a reason to carry more than one weapon. How this would work is that when you block, you have a chance of dropping your weapon and taking the hit. The chances of this happening will become better, the better the Melee Damage stat is. Being able to knock your enemy down A helpful mechanic if you don't have any torpor inflicting weaponry - the person who you hit falls on the ground and can't stand up for a couple of seconds. Then you can drag them out of the battlefield if you have enough time or just kill them if you don't. I don't have the time to write the rest, I'll be adding them tomorrow.
  16. i had a stroke in april and lost the use of my left hand. i was able to map most of the keys that i needed my left hand for onto my razer naga mouse, the only thing i am still having problems with is using an item on my item bar. i was wondeing if t would be possible to be able to use the scroll wheel to cycle through the item bar so i and others in the same situation would be able to play effectively again
  17. Okay, Not everyone plays on the official servers, as not everyone is in the mood to deal with the atrocious rates, trolling, or likes to use mods and different setups, or just play in private with friends. Due the way the arena's, achievements etc are setup, you pretty much have no choice but to play the island. If you want to play the other maps, and get the boss fights to ascend etc, you're simply out of luck. So why not make it so, that regardless of the Ark, you can summon any of the bosses. The requirements can all remain the same, as every ark has all trophies etc. It just makes end-game way more viable for small servers/tribes regardless on the server/map they are playing. I mean not everyone has the ability to run 4 servers or more for every DLC in a cluster.
  18. This was an idea some friends and I came up with, but could nintrado create a button that sets all parameters to Official settings(as in no customization) and to also set the cluster id to unique id that nintrado is hosting(which is invisible in server selection, dont expect nintrado to host for free), this would allow the illusion of official and with server hosts(admin) as police, in which case only allot to ban or suspend players from their own hosted server.Just an idea, would love some feedback or anything that could help improve this idea, would be lovely.
  19. Griffon Wings anatomy

    Finally Ragnarok comes to xboxone! I've pretty much avoided all things ragnarok online so I could bask in the wonderfulness without spoilers haha. Anyways. So, I've finally tamed a griffin and I am enjoying it. The only thing that severely bothers me is its awkward wing stance when it's on the ground. I know its a mythological creature, but at rest I feel as though the wings would cross closed over its back just like a parrot's wings.
  20. Log-In Queue

    We need a log-in queue for especially high-pop servers. I've been sitting here for over half an hour trying to log in. A spot would open up but I'd be half a second slow. First come, first in line, it would be fair. This would also help us know how many people are trying to log on as well. Edit: Afk timers would help as well.
  21. I've seen a lot of people asking for a single player campaign and how many say that Ark is primarily built around pvp. But many still ask "what's the point of single player mode ?" and the answer unfortunately is that there really isn't a decent goal when playing solo, apart from survive, build, tame, survive and build and tame again just to survive longer. I feel this could be easily rectified by making a clear goal for the solo player to escape the Ark. Explorer notes could be written in such a way to suggest previous survivors had escaped and direct the game toward that end. One of the first items discovered could be a GPS to mark these notes on the map and direct a player's exploration. I'd love a full story campaign with dialogue of your own survivor wondering what is happening to him/her and thinking out loud about how to escape. But if this is not on the cards then a simple note driven story would suffice. Whatever the development team decided I just really hope the game isn't left as empty as it is for those of us that love the world they've created but lack time or lifestyle to play with lots of other people.
  22. Sorted Storage Boxes: Coming Soon?

    So I've spent the last couple weeks on playing Ark on the Primitive Plus Mod. I'm intrigued by Ragnarok when it becomes available on Console(s), but in the meantime I'm going back to the primary Mod of the Game. That said my biggest take away from Primitive Plus was the expansion of sorted storage containers. (I.E the Miners Box, Wood Storage Shed,etc.) For those unfamiliar; similar to the Bookshelf in the main game, these storage containers allow for easy bulk/organized storage. 100 item capacity; Miner's Box (Metal, Rock, Flint, Obsidian, Crystal ONLY) and Wood Shed (Wood & Thatch). This is particularly useful to Console players vs PC as it allows to players to utilize the "transfer all" function with better accuracy & less time consumption when focusing on foraging & allows for easy "visual" organization within Tribe communities vs scouring multitudes of identical vaults and storage boxes. My question for the Ark Team: ---Are there any plans to incorporate these structure(s) into the main product in an upcoming patch or in time for launch?
  23. Muzzles

    I think muzzles should be added to ark. Each creature would have a muzzle which would be very costly to make but it would allow you to control the animal (untamed) for a certain amount of time by not making it be able to use the bite attack. Also when the muzzle is on you can force feed it stuff which would be useful in being able to force feed narcotics and not need to use arrows or darts. These muzzles would be a one time use and for taller animals only be able to be equiped via air (Flying creature). I also think so it doesnt make taming too easy that when the animal has the muzzle on they should move alot faster to make things harder for the player as they can just force feed narcotics and not be attacked by biting. Some creatures wont have a muzzle though like the rock elemental, any passive tames, bosses, etc. Like I said to balance things out for this being overpowered they (muzzles) would be atleast 5 levels higher than what level you unlock the saddle for which animal you are trying to tame. also would cost maybe 1.6xish the cost of a saddle. Thanks for reading hope you take this into suggestion.
  24. Megalodons Size

    I've only recently starting playing this game, and I'm loving it so far. But the size of the Megalodon gets to me. They're the size of regular Great whites in game but the actual Megalodons could swallow Great whites whole. I'm guessing this close to release its never going to happen, but I'm still hopefull.
  25. Fear Wyvern

    A wyvern who's breathe attack is instead a screech that either stuns or fears like the Yutyranus fear. I am thinking Lord of the Rings Nazgul-like.