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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.

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Found 119 results

  1. Hi Add setting on server side to increase time out delay ( response time from client before server kicks client ) Thanks.
  2. Dino aging

    Game seems to have an issue with large number of tamed dinos per server. Taking our server as example, I can tell, that majority of tamed dinos belongs to very old , very inactive tribes, which just mantain old, abandoned base by feeding those dinos. Until maintaining dinos is that easy, there always will be too many tamed. Also should say, that most of the ppl who play - play solo or 2-3 ppl small tribes. (This is PVE server). I suggest to introduce something, that will add some reasonable efforts required to maintain every dino. It might be achieved via many different ways. I just point to one of them: Introduce tamed dino aging. Set some action that should be done per day/per week/per month (game dis to choose proper interval), and introduce some action that shoudl be done with every dino. Firther example: each dino should walk awaya from it hosting location not less then N meters. Or just like when imprinting: walk or cuddle or some kibble... If this was not done within a week, then dino is getting older for 10% of his life span. (nubers ar just for sample). Now imagine, that tribe has 500 dinos and has allied tribe with another 500 dinos. Imagine walking out 1000 dinos. Will they think about decrasing headcount? Will they abandon dions that they never use? for sure they will. From another side, small tribe that only have dinos they actually use will hgave no troubles maintaing them. Game dis can ajust numbers, type of reuqired action, but general idea is: introduce something, that will add some more efforts reqired for mintaning tamed.
  3. Lately i have been wondering about thylas and aberration. Aberration seems like the perfect map for a thyla. I just wanted to post this just to get some traction on the idea of thylas being allowed in aberration and allowed in boss battles. I mean, why not? rexes are allowed, spinos, and pretty much every other dino so why not the thyla? Just an idea here, but why not build a cave that have moving peaces that float in the air only a a thyla or any dino alike (wolf, saber, or ravager) are need it to reach a small boss at the end. Seems to me like that idea was nearly done in the ice-cave (Ragnarok) with the exception that no dinos are allowed in the little boss arena which is...LAME. I mean, Grind is all good for bosses but just to get an artifact is a bit dumb since there is no payoff worth it at the end. Just makes you jump into another server to get the artifact without wasting resources. ALso, if i can just suggest here something to ark map builders or ARk ...If you want to make caves more exiting is not about making them big, full of annoying dinos, or with the intent of killing the player ( don't think I am using the right words here but i mean like with the only idea to make it extremely difficult for the player...instead of coming from the idea of creating an experience for the player). Most caves are beautiful or big...but there is no element of surprise, or feeling of imminent danger, or adventure. Usually feels more like..."Let me get the artifact and get out". There is absolutely no element of adventure in the caves. Which surprisingly is where the stories of ark was supposed to be told. OR at least the important things. I dont know...just something that was crossing my mind.
  4. Rock Drake Suggestion

    I think it'd be neat and fitting if all the wyvern spawns inside the cave to the south west get replaced with rock drakes. I hope it's possible to separate the cave area from the wyvern spawns outside. Also it'd be neat if the cliffs outside also spawn water wyverns, but that would mean cooperating with he guy who made the mod with those.
  5. Rock Drake Variants?

    So I was thinking 'If Rock Drakes are the Aberration equivalent of Wyverns, shouldn't there be some variants?'. The Variations could probably get a bit more creative than a simple Lightning, Fire, Poison and Ice. A small more gecko-like one that can ride on you shoulders that can act as a natural replacement for a glider and climbing picks for the sacrifice of not being able to have a lantern pet whilst using it and not being able to equip anything whilst climbing. It would probably be very fast and skittish like a Tapejara with its preferred food being element ore(or some other rare resource)? High Speed and Stamina, Low Melee and Health, Decent Weight A slightly smaller weaker Rock Drake that can breathe charge in a beam like fashion to buff Rock Drakes, recharge Lantern Pets and stun and scare off the Nameless and Reapers. Passive in the wild and preferred food is gems. Similiar stats to a Ravager. A weaker, Ravager-sized Drake that has good invisibility and a good stealth attack that can only be done from behind and will decloak with a stealth attack. Aggresive and mostly cloaked in the wild and preferred food is fish in fish baskets. Puny Health, Very High Melee and Stamina, Decent Weight. These are my ideas so far.
  6. TLC Carno Suggestion

    So in order to keep things fresh and not just having a bunch of charge or pounce dinos, i think the carno should take a page from the jurassic park books and have a short term camo option and a speed boost. Carnos were very very fast therapods according to scientists and a super fast ambush dino would be amazing for PVP and a great escape dino for PVE
  7. There's been a lot of talk lately about the new servers (which used to be legacy servers) being used to relieve some of the pressure of most servers being constantly capped. In my opinion, adding more servers doesn't really solve any of the existing issues. Large tribes will continue to store hundreds or even thousands of dinos on separate servers, and many players will simple prepare for caps again by taming hundreds of dodos and placing structures on platform saddles. I suggest that we provide a more permanent solution in the form of dedicated dino storage servers. I suggest that players be able to store a certain number of dinos in special "box servers" that exist solely to store dinos (and perhaps drain their food very slowly over time). Dinos stored on these servers would require far less computation to manage by a server, because they would not interact with terrain, players, or NPCs. Transferring to these servers would be done at an obelisk or drop just like the existing regular dino uploads, and the dinos would need to be fully grown and not carrying items. With all of this considered, such servers could store upwards of hundreds of thousands of dinos, and a small number of these servers (perhaps 5) could provide enough storage for all official servers.
  8. In Rust there is a tool cabinet structure that reserves an area around the cabinet for building to the owner of the cabinet. All structures in Rust auto-decay; you can filll the tool cabinet with resources to auto-repair these structures. If they are not repaired in time, they are demolished. My proposal is to add this to Ark. A structure, let's call it a Base Nanny, has a virtual sphere around it (which you can temporarely view, like in ORP2) in which it auto-repairs all structures within said sphere. It has to be filled with metal, stone, wood and or thatch, let's assume cementing paste and elements are not needed). The sphere can be resized (like in ORP2). The repairing does not place within an hour after a structure is damaged (for PVP). When does the decay takes place? When structures are loaded when a client comes in render range, seems like the best time. Even if one client has the structures rendered forever, there are always other clients that force the decay. Each tribe could have X nr of Base Nannies, say 1 large one for the main base, and 2 smaller ones for farming bases. The advantage of the auto-decay is of course, that pillars and foundation used to reserve land are demolished after a while, if no one comes to repair them periodically. Optionally, the Base Nanny could be used to reserve land, like in Rust, but this might cause some issues in existing situations. The Base Nanny can also be used for ORP; everything in the sphere is protected.
  9. Absent Tribe Leader Solution

    Having been through the recent ordeal of an absent tribe leader that fails to pass on leadership before quitting, and having read similar problems occurring often enough that it's a problem, I started thinking of possible solutions. I think I've come up with one that most everyone can agree with and makes mechanical sense. Suggestion: Add a timer to the tribe leader's login time similar to what you would get on your structures. If he were the only tribe member and built a metal base, it would decay entirely after 16 days of absence as far as I'm aware. (The exact time can be negotiated, this is just an example for mechanical explanation) Therefore it isn't unreasonable to tie this to their grip over the tribe's materials. If it's due to other tribe members that the tribe's materials do not deteriorate in his absence, then they should be able to use that same measurement to take leadership and continue normally. So after 16 days of inactivity from the leader, an option comes up where the remaining admins can vote for a new leader between the other admins. The voting window will last 2 days. You may vote for yourself. After 2 days the vote will close and the admin with the most votes becomes the leader. (unless he leaves before then, in which case his name is struck from the ballot) If there is a draw between admins, then the admin with the longest time played within the tribe will be made leader. If there are no admins, then the vote will fall to remaining members with the same rules. If there are admins but they too are absent, (they don't vote at all) then the vote will fall to the remaining members after the 2 day period ends and begin a new 2 day voting period. What this system will do is allow remaining tribe members in a leaderless tribe to continue naturally without GM intervention, thus also clearing up many GM tickets on this issue. This is a first pass at the idea, so if there are holes in it or other problems then please let me know and we can find more solutions.
  10. What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

    So I've been seeing game-play of ark as far back as... 2015? And the main reason I love this game is because there are dinosaurs, mythical beasts, prehistoric creatures, and (after aberration) scifi creatures. However, I've always wanted to know what other creatures would everyone like to see in game. I do mean anything, although as we know there has to be a purpose to the creatures suggested. At any rate, leave a suggestion for a creature you'd like to see in game and what it would do. Mine is the pterosaur, caulkicepalus, being able to pick up 3 small , or 2 medium, or one large creature in their mouths, as well as being able to make quick dives into the water.
  11. hosting Xbox Server Save -> Steam

    I have a simple question for the WildCard team and for the Ark Community if anyone happens to know. (and if not than this instantly becomes a suggestion for the game!) My girl and I play on Legacy Official on Xbox. However with the "Mass Migration" looming every few months, we're considering a change but would prefer not to lose all our stuff. Question: Once an Xbox Official Legacy Server Save is available for download, can it then be hosted on a different (but not conflicting *cough*ps4*cough*) platform? Example: -Official Legacy Server (OLS) gets taken down -WildCard hosts the Official Legacy Server Save (OLSS) for download -Resident of said server (me) wants to transition from playing on Xbox to playing through the Steam version of the game. (not the play anywhere Windows Store version) -Resident creates/ rents server with the Xbox OLSS to be hosted for the STEAM version of the game. -My girl and I live on with our progress and dino's/pets happily ever after on a private server in the STEAM version of the game. So... Is that possible? If so, are there any special considerations that need to be taken in account when creating/ renting a hosted server? If not, could this brought in the future as a feature? I'm sure there are PLENTY of Xbox Players that would jump at the option to transition to PC with their content intact if their server gets taken down. Instead of leaving the game permanently as many of my fellows on various servers have done already.
  12. Dimorphodon buff

    I feel that alot of smaller dinos have little place in PvP, more specifically the Dimorphodon. I think an boost to its base speed would make it more useful in combat.
  13. So I know PC has a line option you can put in the ini to auto learn engrams which is useful for single player any chance we could get this option to auto learn engrams for PS4 and Xbox?
  14. idea Ark survival: the edge

    Hi, I recently got the idea for a new ark, ark survival: the edge. This would be like scorched earth but instead of hot it’s cold. I am going to compile everything about this into this post and will update as I come up with new things. Also if you have any ideas for it please share! creatures: Here is the list of creatures to be incorporated into the map, if there is a new animal I will add information about it. -yuty -terror bird -dire wolves -Archie -daedon -allos -haenodons -Arctic fox: a new cute little fox that is a passive tame with meat and runs away from survivors, when transferred to other maps it gets an orange coat like a real fox. Also it can ride on your shoulder. -Polar bear: lives near the ocean and is like the dire bear but with an affinity for swimming. -kariku -mammoth -ice wyverns: live on a cliff. -snowy owl: an owl that once tamed can hunt for small prey and bring them back to you. Also can sit on shoulder. -Arctic hare: replacement for the dodo and passive tamed with berries. Can sit on shoulder and it also drops fur. -red panda: since the cold doesn’t always stop life these guys live in a more fertile area (which would be the easiest spawn zone) and of course it’s still pretty cold there. They are passive tames with mejo berries and can sit on your shoulder. -rex -giga is there anything I missed? Explorer notes: (sorry for the non colored title, my iPad is weird and won’t let me change it, I’ll fix it on my computer later.) i cant think of what they’d say but I know who wrote them, there would be a cave man, an Arctic researcher and a guy from Nepal (do you call them nappaness?) anybody else? Cool features: this is basically the engrams but I’ll include other stuff here. -like SE has sand this will have snow (with a spoil timer because it melts) which you can melt at a campfire to make water (requires water skin.) -fur tents you can use fur to make a little fur tent for warmth. -tek air conditioner ver large radius and works better than the first one -tek flame thrower better version of the SE one just seems right on a frozen map -can’t think of any more tek things. cant think of anything else but if you have any ideas please share oh, and I can’t think of any bosses caves: the first one would have almost no Dinos in it, so the challenge would be the cold/traversing the terrain also can’t think of an artifact name, also the player would be the only thing able to fit. cant think of the second one the third would have the yeti as a boss. anything I missed?
  15. Megalania Balance Idea

    Hello people of survivetheark, this is my first post so bear with me here :). I've been thinking about it lately after I tamed a lvl 130 Megalania, I absolutely love the look of these guys and prefer their size to Rock Drakes as well as their model. I understand that Rock Drakes are meant to be the Aberration equivalent to Wyverns but weaker, so I'm not saying the Megalania has to be nearly that strong or have a special ability on the "C" key like Wyverns Grab/Wingflap. The megalania as it currently stands cannot inflict MegaRabies to non-player/dodo creatures so their main "debuff" isn't' valuable at all in PvE, the megalania has two attacks one being a bite and one being a slash.The Megalania's bite does 10 dmg and slash does 18 dmg the bite is faster than the slash probably being able to get 2 bites to 1 slash. The Megalania is considered a "small" category dino along with creatures like Terror Birds,Direwolves and Raptors, The Raptor being arguably the weakest out of the nimble small class mounts does 15 dmg per bite and attacks rather quickly, compared to the Megalania I would estimate the Raptor could get in 1-2 more attacks on a target. The Raptor and Megalania seemingly have similar speed with the Raptor being faster but the Megalania can climb walls and ceilings. The Megalania has far better weight and health than the Raptor which is a huge plus and almost equals out. The main issue lies in the damage, the megalania can't hold its own to many different creatures. A 229% melee damage Megalania has trouble killing mate boosted jerboas it takes 3+ hits on each, the place you tame these guys, the difficulty of the tame (amount of narcotics) and the lvl (73) you learn the engram + the fact that its' saddles are in red drops really shows that they were meant to be strong. Megalania are tamed in caves (exlcluding Ragnarok) where many other swarms of dangerous creatures lie, on the island they are most abundant in the Swamp cave which is arguably the 3rd hardest cave on the map meaning this isn't just a Raptor you tame at lvl 20 and move on. I really love the TLC updates coming out so far and hope to see many more, my main hope is that they can keep the model as it is and just adjust stats to be more fitting to the creature. TL;DR Megalanis are meant to be strong, which they are but they lack the damage. -Zinogresword/Teostraclaws
  16. DYES- There’s a decent amount of dyes in the game, however there’s a lot of important colors still missing such as more reds light and dark, true golds, a mixture between yellow and green, a mint green, multiple blues varying from sky to deep ocean, and even a light and dark pink, and a peach. With the ability to take pictures and create paintings the game simply needs more expressive variations of colors, any painting of the sky, ocean, or waterfall becomes a solid grey, black, or brown which should be remedied. MUTATIONS- Nothing is more exciting than the sight of your favorite color on your favorite creatures, but what happens when those colors simply aren’t available? Yes there are a number of missing mutation colors as well including but not limited to a lime green, a bright baby blue, a purplish blue, royal purple, and all pinks. My solution for both of these would be to add a couple new colors, then make them share colors. That might be a little hefty on painting but would overall be better for both. PET PAINTING- Whether you’re drawing warpaint or simply coloring your entire Dino to get a preferred color it seems to rarely work as planned. My solution for these problems are relatively simple. Make the paintbrush draw in a circle shape instead of a square, which would eliminate strange hard lines and make warpaint look more clean. And add two new items that could paint an entire creature depending on size. Small dinos could have a “Color All” option from a paintbrush, Medium could be colored from a jar but would require a decent amount of paint, and a Large Dino would need a barrel of coloring which would require a lot of paint. Alternatively they could make colors equippable much like a saddle or costume for simplicity.
  17. Allied Permissions

    it would be cool if we had some ally permissions that can be set. like what dinos some ally can control or what doors they can open. some players like to play solo but do need help every now and then this could be a good feature for some survivors. what if you and an ally are fighting something and you die and your ally retreats well he could call your dino and take him to safety till you make it back to the location. if you base is being raided and your not on and your ally sees it well he can go into you base and defend it till you get on. if you dont trust your ally well just keep the feature off. adding more perms can benefit for most survivors on ark.
  18. So it takes ages to tame herbivores without kibble, so why not implement that the herbivores can be tamed on veggie cake the same way raw mutton does carnivores. just a thought Wildcard...
  19. I love having dinos to defend me wherever I go however they always decide that a dodo is too terrifying a foe to let live, even if I have it in a pen farming it’s eggs So I’d love to see a stance created that tells your tames to only attack aggressive targets! This idea would work well in both pve and pvp as it would make tamed dinos defend from threats and yet not run off chasing unassuming players into the thicket or oceans
  20. Abberation exclusive Tek armor

    So normal tek armors darn near useless on abb I know the lore supports it but heres my take why don't abberant survivors adapt and make a new form of tek I am thinking a "default" violet/purple tek armor with a more spikey/clawed look with these features: helmet: flash bang immunity,spore immunity,same vision as old suit but does not offer unlimited oxygen like default. "perhaps it can scan for underground threats?" Chest: built in tek wings allows efficient travel to keep full flight out of the equation players can instead burn element to "hover" basically a slowed fall that lets you turn and look around until you decide where to glide to "it would look like the tek wings are surging when this is on imagine that " tek gauntlets: with a more clawed looking glove these don't let you perform super punchs but for some element you can climb with them "powered lets you jump climb so you can jump across to the other side of tight canyons etc" tek boots: same effect as vanilla. Tek legs: built in zipline rider "need more ideas" full set allows "stealth mode,rad immunity, and a abberant friendly insulation buff as well as a built in hydration system to counter abbs crazy water drain to a normal lv. let me know what you think post if you want devs to add this <3
  21. Water Cave?

    Hi, I am on console so I don't have the desert biome. I also play single player. Are there any water caves like the two on the island? By water caves I don't mean resource caves or base caves. The water caves on the island, along with the placement of an artifact in one made taming and leveling water dinos worthwhile. I like the tuso spawn pit and the ocean is larger and it works well for these mounts but think a water cave and perhaps even a water Dino boss would be a fantastic addition. If of course these already don't exist as I could have missed it or it is part of the desert biome expansion.
  22. I figured we could use a place to list community ideas for new creatures to add to aberration "they have added stuff on SE so hopfully they add more here especially with the fantastic sci-fi theme so post your ideas below in as much detail as possible and ill try to add them all up here 1: Giant wall slugs just imagine giant " stego size" bioluminescent slugs on the walls and ceilings. mostly out of reach except for when a earthquake hits which can dislodge these giants and send them falling to the ground once down you have a brief opportunity "before they are eaten or crawl back up" to kill these beasties and harvest them for oil or tame them with mushroom soup passively once tamed these creatures can be ridden by up to 3 with no saddle and can climb any surface while horrible at combat they do passively produce oil and pearls and act as "industrial" charge lights with high capacity and large radius "To slow to be moved around a lot with horrible stam" allowing them to protect a small base all on their own from nameless !!!!! 2:fungus elemental what appears to be a strange looking patch of shrooms is actually abberations variant of the rock elemental covered in rotted material and covered in mushrooms "different depending on what biome its in" the fungus elemental specializes in collecting large amounts of resources and transporting them by using the symbiotic mushrooms on its body it can preform various attacks such as a aoe mist that poisons and disorients enemies "think red shroom toxins" and another ranged "spore bomb" that will cause most creatures to agro on the victim the fungus elemental can also passively collect fiber and mushrooms perhaps the blue mushroom variant could also provide charge around it when it goes into "rock/mushroom tree" hiding mode? 3:mutated Daedon/phioma capable of harvesting a special mushroom "truffles" and perhaps could also be a good shroom / fiber collector since abb doesent have one possibly with long forward facing tusk and a charge / gore attack? if you enjoy any of the above ideas also please feel free to say what you like or feel should change and voice your support for the creatures of your dreams !!!!
  23. Hi developers! I play on the PS4 so im not sure if this is an option on PC, but I was wondering if there could be a button implemented to transfer all items of the same type at once. It really is something that I, personally, would find extremely useful for when I'm out grabbing materials. I could move my items to storage or between mounts quicker. It's a bit tiresome to sit holding the X button over and over. Happy Holidays!
  24. Crabs

    Okay. I know what youre thinking, why are Crabs important to ark? Well ill tell you. First off trilobytes, they are adorable docile horse shoe crab like animals we all wish we could tame and cuddle in our thatch shacks but we cant. The giant Sea Scorpion, which was (extinct) about the height of a human in length, is an excellent candidate for a new crab in ark. They could be a territorial animal you tame via knockout. And eventually get a saddle for and crawl along land or swim in the water with descent speeds. Please consider.