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  1. This is, of course, your opinion. And I am sure there will be those who share your opinion and those who do not. ARK 2 having named characters, as well as children, seems to indicate NPCs. The fact that Santiago is modelled on and voiced by Vin Diesel is irrelevant. The FMV seemed to suggest an "Assassin's Creed: Valhalla" or "Horizon: Zero Dawn" style of game - which I sincerely hope it is NOT. I admit, the character models need work - unless you are familiar with Vin Diesel, the fact the character looked like him was up for debate from certain angles. However what you may not be co
  2. I've had ARK since it was released in Early Access back in 2015. It's never been the most reliable game in terms of stability but crashes that required a hard restart of my PC were few and far between. Until this year, especially. My system is more than capable of playing ARK, I have more than sufficient space, I have a GTX 1080 which, while it is older hardware, still does the job. I have 32GB of RAM (used to run a server off my machine while also playing) and I have a 64GB page file (I was testing to see if my page file was too low and effectively doubled what I had it set at). It'
  3. My server had intended to run Fear Evolved 4 longer than the official server network however, post the TLC3 update the event seems bugged. The command line '-activeevent= FearEvolved' (or whatever it is, the server provider I use has a UI which selects the event you wanted active) is active however in game there are no indicators the event is active. There are no 'Fear Evolved' supply drops, no meteors, no DodoRex moon, no pumpkins, scarecrows or gravestones. However the cookpot still has the 'Holidays' folder and inside are the crafting recipes for the Fear Evolved items - they do n
  4. I would have liked a Carno model redo, but I think the Carno ability makeover at least made people consider using them again. I tended to skip over Carnos in favour of wolves. Even in caves. Upside to Deinonychus over Thylo is that it can still grab onto a dino's side (don't think Thylo can do that) and you can take Deinonychus into boss fights. I don't imagine it would be the Thylo's bite that induces a bleed, but maybe those deadly, sharp hook claws we take off them as a hunting trophy? As for the Megalodon, it makes taking on multiple sharks more of a strategic decision - plus giv
  5. Good point, I completely forgot about them. I honestly though Rock Drakes were breedable though? Though I only ever got my three males (Single Player) so not like I could check... I would have expected they be breedable before the largest, most powerful airborne mount in the game...
  6. I agree with some of what you say, but overall I disagree that the TLC 3 enhancements are bad. I very much dislike Wildcard's idea to tweak Wyvern stats and "bring them in line with Crystal Wyverns" as you put it. If they're going to be similar to Crystal Wyverns, then both Wyverns and Crystal Wyverns have lost their uniqueness. However I definitely support them now being breedable. However I'd also like to see this new ability be given to the Griffin as well. I support the addition of the Thylo's bleed ability (those claws make you bleed just looking at them, so it makes sense - the
  7. So I noticed that Wyverns (i.e. Scorched Earth Wyverns) are going to be breedable, as are insects. And a number of creatures are getting some additions to their capabilities. All of this is welcome and great news however one creature (currently unable to be bred) sticks out like a sore thumb - Griffins. If Wyverns and insects are going to be breedable, why aren't Griffins also getting the same treatment? Surely, if Wyverns are going to be breedable, Griffins can be extended the same ability too?
  8. It's a bit of a trek, seeing as it's up in the mountains of the blue obelisk (you'll need fur, if you don't have some already) but Megapethicus does seem easier to defeat than Broodmother. There is one catch, there's the risk of your dinos falling off the rock bridge and being insta-killed. Plenty of guides on how to fight Megapethicus out there to read before you go in though. If you've just started out though and you don't have a snow base, Broodmother is quicker and easier to get to. Your rates should be fine, but like we've both said, you'll be okay v Gamma, but you'll seriously strug
  9. I'm assuming, based on your post, you're playing Single Player and not on an Unofficial Server. Your best bet, for Gamma Broodmother especially, is Megatheriums with high quality saddles. Their 'insect buff' increases their damage against both the spiders she spawns and the Broodmother herself. Back them with some decent Rexes and a Yuty (I typically ride the Yuty and let the tames deal with the Broodmother). Throw in a Daeodon or two for healing (can be more of a hindrance than a help if you leave them on auto). But you will find that, without SP settings, you will come unstuck against h
  10. Perhaps I should have said "rarer", so far as your normal dinos would appear as equally or more so for a player to tame. Having said that Alphas are a rare spawn and I don't think I need to exaggerate just how many of those I kill on a daily basis - especially Alpha Raptors. That's on The Island though, not on Genesis. Apparently the Tek dinos don't hit as hard as their X counter parts, which is interesting in itself. I've not tested that particular claim. As for fliers in Genesis, you're right "no use" probably wasn't the right term. The Argie probably has the most "non-flying" uti
  11. Enable the Genesis Fliers command line and you'll be able to ride fliers again. Methinks Wildcard coded the "No Fliers on Genesis" as the default rule across all maps, not just Genesis.
  12. Singleplayer or Multiplayer? Did you have Singleplayer Settings enabled (works in SP and MP - I use it in my MP server) and then disable it? If you did, that tends to cease XP gain. Seeing as you started another character and its still happening, is it possible you've somehow inadvertently set the game to only allow your to get to Level 24, by accident? Not that I tested it but I was under the impression if you had a character under SP settings, but then make a new character after the settings have been disabled, the new character was not subject to the XP clamp that occurs...
  13. Enable the Genesis Fliers command line and fliers will work. I had the same issue on The Island. No mods. I didn't toggle it, I just enabled it on a hunch after doing some testing and fliers became rideable again. Wildcard may have botched the code to be enforced across all maps, not just Genesis.
  14. Hi mate, If you're the server owner, enable the Genesis Flier command line. I think somehow WIldcard might have botched the command line coding and the game now enforces "no fliers" by default across all maps. I had the same issue (I thought it was a desync issue specific to me until my partner also couldn't ride the Argies or Pteras at our main base) and, after some testing, on a hunch I enabled the Genesis Flier command line and now I can ride my Argentavis again.
  15. Yeah the "intended story arc" for Genesis is that your character has survived the events of The Island, Scorched Earth, Aberration and Extinction and, as such, the Homo Deus (perhaps not directly) are now testing your character in the Genesis simulation to see if you are, in fact, the "ultimate" survivor. Ergo, the intent is that you bring your high/max level character to Genesis. There's certainly nothing stopping you from creating a new character but, as people are discovering, Genesis is no place for a Level 1. As for X-creatures, I run my Steam SP and Xbox/Win 10 server with some
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