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  1. Obviously this is a suggestion and will likely never come to fruition however I'm sick of hearing that. Mostly because of the toxic drivel that is PvP. Far more people play PvE, or Single Player, and yet they're having terms dictated to them by a smaller group, simply because they complain longer and louder than everyone else. PvP shouldn't dictate the flow of abilities and features. And quite frankly, I'm pretty tired of things being changed because the PvP crowd cracks the sads because their beloved "established meta" is challenged. How long until Lost Island's Dinopethicus is changed
  2. Yeah, considering the Incubator demonstrates the 'tech' works now we need some kind of handheld device to determine gestating baby stats. That's a great suggestion. I'd also like the see, at the Tek tier, a device that you can use to modify the baby in the egg/in utero and ensure colours and stats you want at the cost of Element Shards/Dust. Like a 'Tek Gene Sequencer'. You're limited to the colours and stats the parents already had, so it wouldn't upset balance - it just cuts down the time it might take to get the baby with the colours and stats you want. Unless you get absolutely luc
  3. Wow... Look at everyone upset another theropod isn't coming to ARK just yet. There are no less than 8 rideable theropods in ARK already (Giga, Rex, Spino, Yuty, Allo, Megalo, Carno, Raptor). Of those, 3 of them are mainstays across every tribe in ARK. There are 3 small bird-like creatures (4 now, including this one). Of those creatures, none of them provide the abilities a wingsuit provides - and the Archaeopteryx looks embarrassingly silly when holding it (it needs a should mount you can activate as opposed to something held like Link holds chickens in Legand of Zelda). Which sugges
  4. Now that the final chapter of ARK: Survival Evolved has been released, there's still a few things I feel are lacking, or missing, to sustain players until ARK 2. The suggestions I make below would preferrably be a server option/check box for single player, for the most part, as not everyone is likely to agree and some suggestions may destabilise PvP even further, which would result in them calling for nerfs or removal. At least having it as an option gives those who want to do so, the ability to turn such features on/off as desired. 1. Breedable Griffins, Rock Drakes and Basilisks -
  5. This is, of course, your opinion. And I am sure there will be those who share your opinion and those who do not. ARK 2 having named characters, as well as children, seems to indicate NPCs. The fact that Santiago is modelled on and voiced by Vin Diesel is irrelevant. The FMV seemed to suggest an "Assassin's Creed: Valhalla" or "Horizon: Zero Dawn" style of game - which I sincerely hope it is NOT. I admit, the character models need work - unless you are familiar with Vin Diesel, the fact the character looked like him was up for debate from certain angles. However what you may not be co
  6. Sitting here, scratching my head as to why the Tek tier items aren't able to be used to fight the bosses... I get that you're trying to stop players farming Element by using equipment made from Element, however isn't that the entire point of end game? Best armour, best weapons, best items - now let's go kill the boss(es) and beat the game? Instead of taking 30 minutes, or whatever, to kill a boss you equip the best armour, weapons and items available (i.e. End game content) and go in there with your upgraded team, killing the boss in 10-15 minutes with minimal losses (1/4 as opposed to 1/
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