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  1. I believe that the generator area cap is very restrictive especially for medium sized bases. The cap of 3 feels low when I can't reasonably power my entire base. I believe increasing the cap to 6 would be reasonable. I've shown an example as well. The green circles is where I currently have generators; the red is where I cannot place them.
  2. I feel it is tedious needing to use the radial wheel on controller to ride a Diplocaulus. Taking Oxygen should be in the radial wheel. I cannot count how many of them I’ve lost or myself died because of the precious seconds it wastes. It also prevents you from cuddling them as well. Also on controller, pressing “Take All” from an inventory (like a supply drop for instance) with LB/L1 should be prioritized over “Transfer All” to said inventory. Needing to go all the way up to the transfer button with the alternative being transferring all of your inventory to the drop before being able to take it is ludicrous in a pinch. Please return it to how it was in ASE where LB/R1 is only “Take All” and return the need to manually press the “Transfer All” button since this functionality isn’t needed as often. Or simply swap the order of Take All and Transfer All with our current set up and putting Take All first. There’s also the (to my knowledge) no way to equip bait on a fishing rod without using the mouse mode. It’s not unplayable, but it’s slightly tedious needing to swap the setting around as someone that prefers playing with the mouse mode disabled. This can be fixed by the ability to click an item with A/X to highlight it and click the second item to equip like it was in ASE. Correct me if there is a way already in ASA. Also please remove or increase the area cap for generators. As someone that prefers playing Official, this restriction is just tedious even for medium sized bases. There are probably more issues/oversights that I am forgetting, but I am treating this as a means to spark more ideas from others.
  3. This has been at the top of my list ever since Aberration’s poll. People call me crazy, but to me it’s always good to have more cool insects/arachnids in the game in my opinion. I love the horror aspects of this creature. Especially if it retains the eerie glow (I’d pray it’s a color region). Between the Chimerarachne Yingi and the Maevia Eureka us insect enjoyers are eating GOOD. All of their abilities look interesting and genuinely useful.
  4. I’ll be the first to admit that Sauropods are far from my favorites, but this is super creative and clever. The concept is cute and it could amount to an interesting mini game. Also using the drums as a taming method is brilliant!
  5. I think ASA/ARK2 could slightly benefit from having an "Unlocked Skins Window" tab in the standard UI where you can see all skins/costumes etc that you have (and haven't) unlocked. All of the ones that you haven’t collected are grayed out, but provide tooltip for where it’s obtained. Including ones that do not spawn with you on death like the Otter Mask etc. You can repurpose code from the HLNA Shop and from there you can "spawn in" the ones of your choice for free. Gone are the days of having to faff about needing to die and spawn in with all of them when you die (if you have it toggled).
  6. While I would be fine with this change, but I get the feeling that if they were tamable they’re be relegated to basically just being another Onyc ie. extremely niche uses and doesn’t get tamed for function often. They’d need a TLC for all of that.
  7. While I don’t need it personally, I agree that there should be better tutorials/explaining mechanics early game for new players. Maybe even add a UI section that catalogs all of it as well. You could even have it be voiced acted by Helena if you really wanted it to feel polished.
  8. I agree. I’ve wanted this for years. Most will consider it to be inconsequential in the grand scheme of things, but it always bugged me that achievements were only catered to The Island and The Center mostly. Add some new map exclusive cosmetics obtained from them while we’re at it.
  9. I was thinking about this recently. I think the perfect addition would be a more updated Helicoprion. It’s already in ARK Additions and all it would need is an overhaul of abilities and a more polished model.
  10. I definitely agree with this, but there awe some caveats. As someone that’s been playing on Official for 7+ years, going back to being a true Bob will be refreshing. Not that I didn’t/still do love my tames and accomplishment, but I’ll admit that it all was getting a little monotonous to a degree. This chance to re-experience all of the ARKs (hopefully with transfers disabled at the start like normal) as well as the new DLC has got me so excited (I’m slightly worried that they might sell it separately now do to the price change but I digress). Some people overlook just how good this is for the longevity of the game/community. Everyone can be happy (to a degree). Don’t like ARK 2? You can still play a remade ARK 1 for many years to come. I am woefully optimistic about ARK 2. The only thing that I genuinely despise about it is the forced 3rd Person. It’s going to make the game feel more clunky to play and will hurt how immersive the world is. As people have said before the price for most isn’t really the issue as getting paid for work is an obvious correlation. But I fear the damage to people’s trust and their opinion of the company will always hang in people’s minds now. It’s always been a meme that Wildcard’s lazy or always miss dates (which is true to an extent), but this time the hate is justified and it will be difficult or even near impossible to fix. One thing they really need to work on is understanding their community and transparent communication on what they are doing/planning on doing. Don’t leave it up to imagination because most will always assume the worst. It’s a crying shame how much I love this game and it’s universe/story. It’s genuinely one of my favorite games of all time. It’s an awful feeling, feeling like this when you know the devs barely seem to give a damn about your feelings. We aren’t just punching bags that double as banks, you know.
  11. Yeah, and maybe I looked over it, but there wasn’t mention of the new DLC for ASA in the roadmap this time either. Which either was an oversight or they will be charging separately for that now as well.
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