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  1. After watching E3 I really wanted to show some of the other game mechanics I've seen as inspiration so WC could greatly improve their game. Just Cause 4 Physics based Aero-dynamics Tornadoes/Interactive Weather Systems Increased Destruction Fidelity Forza Horizon 4 Dynamic Seasons Terrain Interactions that affect gameplay Jurassic World Evolution Dino/Creature AI interactions Improved Animations Skull and Bones Water Mechanics Wind Mechanics Satisfactory QoL Factories You can join my reddit thread for more discussion https://old.reddit.com/r/playark/comments/8qt34t/after_seeing_e3_i_want_these_mechanics_for_ark_2/
  2. Kaho

    thinking about ark 2

    Don't forget some WIND MECHANICS as well, we need those Flyers Fixed to Fly Naturally and boats sail Fluidly with wind currents Weather effects Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Volcanoes, Flooding etc. BETTER AI, Predator & Prey mechanics/Food Chain, Smell Mechanics, Stalking Mechanics, Herd Mechanics, Creature Family Mechanics and Baby roamers, Herbivores eating, Creatures dying of Hunger Naturally, basically make it realistic MORE Creature Animations and Interactions BETTER BUILDING MECHANICS with Triangles More Building Custom Customization, Materials, Aesthetics, and Tiers More Materials Harvest able Fruits vegetables in nature Water Mechanics like Sea of Thieves Snow/Sand Mechanics like God of War 2018 More Flora and Plant Species
  3. Kaho

    sequel ARK: Survival Evolved 2 ?

  4. Kaho

    Dino TLC: Feedback! Suggestions?

    Posting it here for Visibility
  5. Kaho

    Make the Ocean relevant again!

    Maybe a Mod can make this happen I want so much more for the Waters of ARK
  6. Every ARK Video Maker is playing Pixark right now
  7. Kaho

    Make the Ocean relevant again!

    I think the Ocean creatures needs to have a PATHING PASS They should be able to SLIP past other sea creatures and don't get stuck through them since that's what water does and most of them are slippery anyway
  8. Unless he's busy patching the Undermesh Holes of The Center Yeah I think The Center needs to have its own UNIQUE Creature since Ragnarok has the Griffin I suggest The Center to have a SEA SERPENT since the map has plenty of water and looks kinda Eastern (aside from the redwoods) as oppose to Ragnarok which looks Western
  9. Kaho

    Dino TLC: Feedback! Suggestions?

    TLC PHOENIX SUGGESTION Transforms into a mini SUN as its Idle / Hovering / Landing Stance providing a Wider Range and a More Powerful source of Light and Heat which can be utilized for Cave Green Housing, making the Murder Snow Biome more Hospitable, and your Lonely Nights Brighter.
  10. Kaho

    Make the Ocean relevant again!

    Yeah the Oceans of ARK are seriously lacking It needs to be more Relevant from AI Food Chain, Water Mechanics to New Important exclusive Ocean resources and more (UPDATED) Ocean Biomes like Great Coral Reef Biome Friendly Fishy Biome Algal Bloom Biome Deep Dark Abyssal Plains Biome Marianas Trench Biome Mid-Ocean Ridge Biome with Lava Snowy Enigmatic Underwater Glacier Biome Great Deep Blue Hole Biome Sunken Ancient City Ruins Biome Sunken Ship Biome Kelp Forest Biome Luminescent Sea Flora Biome Bermuda Triangle Biome Archipelago Biome Other Related Biomes Volcano Lava forming Island Biome Dangerous Amazon River Biome Misty Mystery Lake Biome Great Expansive multiple WaterFalls Biome Ship Graveyard with Sharp Protruding Island Rocks Biome Water Mechanics like Calm Shorelines, Ponds, Rivers, Lakes and Bays Turbulent Cliff Bays Deep Rugged Ocean with meter high Waves Dragging Waterfalls River Rapids Water Currents Waves and Ripples when something meets the water Bubbles Ocean/Water Phenomenons like (Wind Mechanics can be incorporated like catching the wind) Tidal Waves Tsunamis Whirlpools Water Sprouts Hurricanes Tides and Riptides Flooding New Creatures like Sea Worms on the sea floor Flashlight Fish (for darker parts of the ocean) Cuttlefish able to camo like the rock drake Puffer fish poisonous and Sea Base defender Stone Fish (Rock Golem of the Sea also poisonous) Hermit Crab Sea Slug Sea Serpents Seals Walrus Water Turtle/Archelon Goliath Grouper Arapaima Giant Catfish Flying Fish Clown Fish Lion Fish Sword Fish/Saw Fish Barracuda Tuna Xuphactinus Tanystropheus Orthoceras Giant Clams/Oysters (water trappers) Sea Urchin (poisonous natural trap) New Floras like (for resources and recipes) Harvestable Corals (different kinds like berries and shrooms) Soft Corals Sea Anemone Clams/Oysters (for new recipes) Abalone Sea Grass Sea Weed Sea Cucumber Sea Grapes Harvestable Kelp Kombu Plant Water Species W (shoots pressurized water) Sea Urchin (for new recipes) Giant underwater Lily Pads Ocean Structures Submerged/Submersible Floating Platform Pressured Subs Ocean Cliff Platform Torpedo Launcher Massive Net launcher Artificial Stream/Wave Creator (for defense and fast transpo) Tek Underwater Base Cloaker (since most Underwater bases are vulnerable) Sunken Underwater Obelisk and Boss Hydra Kraken/Giant Octopus Leviathan/Giant Whale Giant SHINY Karkinos Sea Serpent Naga HippoCampus Poseidon Merman Giant Sea Turtle King Megalodon I made a post regarding the Water Mechanics you guys can check it out and maybe we can get this if the Devs want to add this in ARK 2 in the future Just make the Oceans more alive and relevant for a whole new experience, and Maybe we can get this if the Devs want to add this as a TLC Pass, a paid DLC expansion pack or possibly on ARK 2 in the future
  11. Kaho

    Sarco's Death-Roll

    I agree with everything you all just said The Deathroll seems like it's just copy pasted from the ptera's barrel roll. It doesn't feel natural and he can't damage creatures that he is unable to roll This video explains it Though I appreciate the Devs for the reply but I really hope this gets implemented https://dt.reddit.com/r/playark/comments/87bt20/tlc_sarco_an_oversight_on_the_death_roll/ Sarcos should be able to roll multiple times in the water and it should feel organic as seen from this gif https://media.giphy.com/media/9uIviZVkGarYL2sEkh/giphy.gif and here's a similar post regarding the sarco https://dt.reddit.com/r/playark/comments/8611sx/tlc_deathroll_not_working_for_medium_to_large/
  12. Kaho

    Dino TLC: Feedback! Suggestions?

    The Sarco is the biggest letdown imo The Deathroll seems like it's just copy pasted from the ptera's barrel roll. This video explains it.
  13. Kaho

    Apparent Bugs with new patch?

    TLC SARCO DEATHROLL NO DAMAGE AGAINST MEDIUM TO LARGE CREATURES The Death Roll should work like this as the Devs said on this quote But the Death Roll only works on smaller creatures and doesn't seem to work on Medium to Large creatures. It'll spin but won't GRAB ON or DAMAGE the Med to Large enemy creatures. I hope the devs address this issue coz the sarco feels underwhelmingly unfinished just rolling pointlessly. A large creature like the sarco could handle biting something along his size and rolling whilst not doing damage is just pointless, "it" working as intended seems out of place. I know Large/Medium isn't specific but it's just common sense that the creatures along the size of Carnos, Trikes, Stegos and below them are plausible for grabbing within a short period of time, and those above it (Gigas, Titanos) should take damage without the Sarco being able to grab them in place for obvious reasons. Added Suggestion: Death Roll should be thrice as many rotations and twice as fast in water