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  1. As the Title says It's kinda off putting since the IceWyvern's model is now NEW and every Wyvern has his own unique breath attack. Maybe some change in the Particle Effects of the attack or better yet make It's attack UNIQUE in its own way make it visually more appealing. Lastly I know that the Ice Breath slows the target but wouldn't it be cool to Freeze an enemy Solid if you continually breathe on the same target (similar to the phoenix mechanic) for maybe about 15-30 seconds. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTibNrgLcoQ 0:28 - 0:42
  2. Day Zero: Server Information

    WC can we also have a Unique Ice Wyvern Breath not just a recolored Fire breath, I know it slows and all but the visual appearance is just the same.
  3. Sponsored Mod Program: May Update

    Please make the Ragnarok Map Official.
  4. +1 I like this You're one Passionate Dude!
  5. New Dino Mechinacs

    Yes Please!
  6. VACCINES and Fortitude stat

    Really good to know.
  7. IMMUNE to Diseases for a Long Period of Time. or FORTITUDE = more resistant to Diseases.
  8. +1 for more saddle types custom saddles, saddles skins won from sotf or unique saddles found in drops or components found from relics then build like ancient puzzles.
  9. See you in a while Ark

    Try Overwatch..
  10. Raft Camera Distance

    Yes! Good Idea, We need this!
  11. Skeletons and Rotting Corpses.

    I like this maybe implement them on hardcore or extinction servers.
  12. Suspended Bridges

  13. Some suggestions...

    I like this and YES Sushi Yum Yum!!
  14. Devs please make an Indestructible Hollow Fallen Redwood Log, please please please.. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/hollow-log-78d96677-d4c2-43c4-8d49-c3a6b6ff0164