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  1. thanks, i wasnt too sure about flyers because of the no movement speed thing but i kinda figured like 50-55 ish and i had no idea for the deinonychus.
  2. question about base stats im just curious about around what stats to look for for certain creatures. i usually look for at least 45 points in certain stats. i was just wondering around what stats i should be looking for with deinonychus and flying creatures like pteranodons? and also around what stats i should be looking for with creatures like rock drakes, wyverns, and reapers as well if anyone knows?
  3. kinda figured but just wanted to double check
  4. i know about how to get more than just 20 mutations on one side, what i was asking was if you were able to get all 40 of a 20/20m, 20/20p creature to be nothing but say melee? i dont think you can get it that way but i know how to go past the 40 limit in general. sorry if it was unclear.
  5. oh crud, i ment is it possible to get all 40 mutations to be on the same stat or does it have to be 20 for one stat and 20 for another? (ill fix the original post) i dont think it can be 40 for one in that way but i just thought id ask.
  6. question about mutations when going for a 20/20m, 20/20p creature is it possible to make sure all 40 mutations are for the same stat or do they have to be 2 separate stats? i was just reading about it and the way someone worded it confused me a bit.
  7. a lot of games are going cross platform now so i dont think there would be too much issue. although im not sure if WC may have some sort of problem doing cross platform because of some of the differences between the xbox and ps4 versions of the game, like the night sky for example (although i dont think that should cause any issues).
  8. - cross platform between consoles
  9. is there a way to tell which mods are which? all the files have random numbers and i cant tell which is which except for the 3 folder for rag, the center, and val
  10. they would just reinstall the next time i started up the game and wouldnt let me play til they were installed. although this was before i unsubscribed
  11. help with pc mods how do i uninstall the mods that i do not want from my pc? i looked it up and unsubscribed from the mods but they none of them were removed from my pc and im not sure how im supposed to uninstall the ones i dont want.
  12. the bug where your bolas break as soon as you release them in the cave is also still happening in this cave as well, at least in singleplayer. i also posted about this bug about a year ago and its still happening.
  13. Old Railway Tunnel Cave loot bug is there a reason why the loot crate that spawns in the area you need to use a pickaxe and break a rock to get too is still giving me only scorched earth gear? i made a post about this shortly after aberration released and its still happening years later. this is annoying, i cant exactly use a mantis saddle or desert cloth armor bps on Ab
  14. - tek structure that can make a blueprint from a pre made item - make it so every time you spawn you get the cosmetics from the Ab boss like how it is for the alpha king titan. (its really annoying having to defeat him over and over again when you dont get anything after you defeated him once)
  15. - add the ability to change the color of the stat meters on the right side of the screen. the blue tends to blend in with the background making it difficult to see.
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