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  1. is there a way to tell which mods are which? all the files have random numbers and i cant tell which is which except for the 3 folder for rag, the center, and val
  2. they would just reinstall the next time i started up the game and wouldnt let me play til they were installed. although this was before i unsubscribed
  3. help with pc mods how do i uninstall the mods that i do not want from my pc? i looked it up and unsubscribed from the mods but they none of them were removed from my pc and im not sure how im supposed to uninstall the ones i dont want.
  4. the bug where your bolas break as soon as you release them in the cave is also still happening in this cave as well, at least in singleplayer. i also posted about this bug about a year ago and its still happening.
  5. Old Railway Tunnel Cave loot bug is there a reason why the loot crate that spawns in the area you need to use a pickaxe and break a rock to get too is still giving me only scorched earth gear? i made a post about this shortly after aberration released and its still happening years later. this is annoying, i cant exactly use a mantis saddle or desert cloth armor bps on Ab
  6. - tek structure that can make a blueprint from a pre made item - make it so every time you spawn you get the cosmetics from the Ab boss like how it is for the alpha king titan. (its really annoying having to defeat him over and over again when you dont get anything after you defeated him once)
  7. - add the ability to change the color of the stat meters on the right side of the screen. the blue tends to blend in with the background making it difficult to see.
  8. the manager on nitrado literally has all the same exact settings you can change in your singleplayer setting except for a few including the event settings. it would be much easier and faster if you just needed to only back out to the games menu and quickly select what event to have then go right back into your save without having to close out your game and not everyone knows about and uses the wiki as i know a few people who dont and it still doesnt change the fact about consoles either.
  9. not everyone knows about that and how to get to and do it. its also not an "option" if you have to go into the code and change it manually yourself. and also console players do not have this option as well. im talking about something similar to how nitrado has it where you can click on a drop down menu in the settings menu and select the specific event you want to play. its much more simple and everyone can do it.
  10. to my knowledge it doesnt, i have yet to see the option in singleplayer or player dedicated at all
  11. - your imprints on your creatures should be bound to your account not the single character. (this would help with issues where a character is gone for whatever reason)
  12. reaper queen bug the console command to summon a reaper queen does not work at all on any map except for aberration on consoles (both xbox and ps4) but it does work on all maps on pc only. please fix this.
  13. - make foundations able to snap to ceilings in the foundation can be placed there
  14. yeah i understand the whole balancing act for the stats, i guess im just still used to how the wyverns used to be. i wish you could make saddles for wyverns, even if the armor had to be balanced like the quetzal and bronto saddle armor was adjusted i think it would work out great
  15. im a little worries about going 15k hp only because my friend tried to take on a 140 alpha rex with his fire and lost like 8k hp before giving up because he wasnt sure if he'd win
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