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  1. Please add a way to favorite mods you like so you dont lose them. i lost all my mods after the update and i dont remember them all so now i have to waste time searching the entire list.
  2. the wall maps are really nice and i think at later tiers you could get a 3d table map of all the maps and then maybe a tek 3d hologram map table as well. And If possible they could show peoples/dinos locations on them or something.
  3. please give us auto run/fly when you double click the sprint button twice quickly
  4. An official mod that adds quests to the maps that don't have quests. Meaning every map Except Genesis 1 and 2.
  5. add a structure that extends the range of generators like you can with water tanks
  6. the feathers dont effect the mutation just the chance for the higher stat to be passed on
  7. add an option to disable cryosickness in pvp mode on rented servers and singleplayer
  8. is there somewhere the devs have a list of all the mods that work on official?
  9. a new tek structure you can only get from the overseerer that you can select a creatures stat in it and any creature within a certain radius of the structure will have a 20% increased chance for a mutation on the stat you selected.
  10. are rider imprint buffs disabled on official servers? i dont play official anymore and im just curious
  11. just tested it in single player, same thing happens every time no matter what i do
  12. i knew that and thats how i was doing it but it just makes me jump off every time so i cant tame it
  13. i killed a 145 rex and claimed its baby but it didnt getr the extra levels like all the others, is this a bug or something?
  14. is taming the equus/unicorn the same as ASE for ASA on xbox series x? i found a unicorn and every time i try to feed it when im riding it it only makes me jump off making it impossible to tame. just wanna know if im doing something wrong maybe or if its just a bug.
  15. just curious, why are creatures that would be faster than humans in real life like 1/3 the speed humans can run? especially since this is supposed to be a survival game and them being slower makes it really easy. ie: like a triceratops and such.
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