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  1. dont know if its on all the maps but i just spent 30 minutes on the surface of Aberration and every loot crate had only base primitive items/blueprints in them
  2. - when taming my astrodelphis it showed i was supposed to get a 100% taming effectiveness tame but i did not get the levels it stated - when feeding it the element it would randomly reset how many element it wanted slowing down the tame for some unknown reason
  3. ive encountered 5 bugs so far while trying to tame a void wyrm - i get kicked off the void wyrm no matter what even if i feed them in time while they do their barrel roll which is extremely annoying - i noticed that the taming percentage that you would get from each feeding would increase with each consecutive feeding but then reset when i was randomly kicked off for no apparent reason making the tame take longer - i have tamed 2 LV 170 void wyrm and the both came out different levels in the end and did not get all the levels they were supposed to even though in the bottom right
  4. - make crafting skill bonus always give the maximum percent bonus for the amount of crafting skill you have ( its really a bit much to have to grind forever to craft 100+ saddles just to get around 18 ones you will use)
  5. why was my question moved? its a question about ark 1 but the cosmetics you get from watching the trailers
  6. i knew about watching the trailers but i forgot to on pc and now i dont think you can atm so i was hoping someone would know how to get them if you still can atm
  7. is it still possible to unlock the cosmetics from the ark 2 and animated trailers? im just asking because i just realized that i forgot to get them on my pc version of ark and was hoping that i still could
  8. - give all creatures that can walk on 2 legs the ability to turn like the spino can on 2 legs
  9. thats seems really weird considering they decided to add the ability to activate events in singleplayer not too long ago. i hope its just a bug and they fix it soon.
  10. that is not true, i was running the easter event somewhere around june 2020 and it had everything working correctly. it was somewhere around halloween that it started being bugged for me.
  11. not sure if this is happening on all platforms but when i try to enable another event on my nitrado server none of the event specific things activate except for the event specific colors for wild creatures. i have tried with multiple different events and none of them work properly. please fix this.
  12. - add a tek structure that increases the chance of any creature breeding within range to get the specific mutation that you choose on the tek structure
  13. i dont know if this is happening on other platforms but whenever i have an event enabled on my nitrado server the special event drops no longer appear and if you try to access the holiday folder in the cooking pot it locks up your game. this started after the tlc 3 update. i have switched to different events and this happens with all that i have seen.
  14. well like i said ive already hatched well over 40 eggs from them and the colors have never mixed in any combination. and the two parent have completely different top body, crystal, and wing colors so it just doesnt make any sense that they havent mixed at all yet.
  15. is there an issue with passing on colors with crystal wyverns because ive been trying to the past 2 days on my server and i cant seem to mix colors. all the babies hatch either looking exactly like the mother or exactly like the father and ive hatched at least 40+ eggs.
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