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  1. Hello. There are a lot of people named "Human" running around, including myself. It would be very cool if we could change the name of our character.
  2. I feel sorry for the young people disconnected from the community like you who do not understand the value of time and hard work put in by the earliest members of the community... You would not be saying "get over yourself" if you have invensted over two thousand hours in to a single server, and when the structures you own on that server total the cost of around 1,000,000(1 million) ingots, and roughtly 600,000(6 hundred-thousand) cementing paste. People like you just build your little thatch huts, complain about the pillars that are stopping you from building over metal spawns, and then come on to the forums and rejoice over the fact that all of this games most loyal player base are about to be screwed over...
  3. So, what exactly does The old clusters lack, that the new clusters will have? and what stops them from simply adding these features to the old cluster? I have been playing this game since its release on steam, I love it, I have been playing on the same server all this time aswell... Now me and my beloved community are being thrown in the trash for the "new" cluster, because the wildcard team is too lazy to fix the problems with our servers. I suspect the issues with our "legacy" servers are an easy fix, but they just want to get a fresh start and an excuse to throw away all the pending support tickets. Why not just move our game files to these new servers ? you will release these game files to the public now right ? why not just stick them in to the new servers and get rid of the problems, so we can continue to play and continue to enjoy all the progress we have made over the past years of playing on our servers... Most of the veteran community are on the verge of quitting anyways, most people I know have already thrown in the towel, this is just the push everyone has needed to finally quit this game. I cannot believe they cut customer support from our servers aswell, this is unheard of... This is just a slap in the face to us all.
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