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  1. Pretty sure it’s a plasma cannon. There’s an entry on the wiki for it being a plasma cannon. Definitely a new TEK weapon.
  2. Nothing of note is dropped by killing one in Mobile.
  3. Lots of MONTHLY things in real life don’t occur at the beginning of the month... so that’s a poor argument for that metric there lol. Monthly just means “every month at least once a month”. It doesn’t specify what time of the month something occurs, but the loot drops have been pretty consistently released in the first half of the month in the past. I was just warning that it was getting close to whining. All good, bud.
  4. Ummm... how do you get to determine what “on time” is? They decide and they have said on multiple occasions that it is released in that time frame. Entitled whining is the worst kind of whining.
  5. Yeah, I think once the next one comes out the previous are deactivated.
  6. Seeing as the turtle has legs and not flippers, I was considering it a land creature lol. But you’re right since it’s the only aquatic creature we’ve seen so far.
  7. Same thing here. I managed to get 2 mostly by accident. Plus, I’ve been traveling for work and not always had internet, but it would have been nice if there were noticeable announcements lol or something
  8. It is usually released around the 10-15 of every month, so just be a little patient.
  9. True, but are those machines or actual creatures? And does the wasp even have legs? A better evaluation may be that all land creatures.
  10. This would coincide with everything we’ve seen being hexapodal so far... as I surmised over a month ago the simulation must be filled with 6-legged creatures.
  11. cb9f873b-234e-4f27-a8ef-d85a1baac299 that’s the email response code, but it doesn’t seem to be working anymore.
  12. Pretty sure this glitch is caused by having infinite ammo on before equipping a bola. You have to equip it only after infinite ammo is off or relog and equip before turning infinite ammo on.
  13. That’s what transferring on servers is for... and what’s the point on single player since the only reason to create a new character is to restart...?
  14. No, lol. Devices need a minimum of 2gb of ram just to load everything at the lowest possible quality. Then you have to have a processor that can handle rendering the graphics.
  15. Exactly right. Plus, with each of the farming sims passes you had to buy another game. Same ARK, new season. Makes sense.
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