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  1. Try posting in the right forums mate, this is the mobile section.
  2. What’s the server name? It could just be temporarily down or permanently.
  3. If your tribe is full the option disappear
  4. I just wish creatures that didn’t have black as a natural color could at least get it as a mutation. Potent dust coloration isn’t based on chance, saturation is dependent on amount of dust used. Paint would be cool, sure, since it’s easier than breeding the colors,but I want to be able to accomplish them naturally.
  5. Yeah, you’re supposed to use something with very high health to distract it while you feed it pearls.
  6. @Peoper in the future, this is the solution I used when I just started playing to deal with alpha raptors. I would kite it to the water where I had a raft waiting and have a spear equipped. I would slowly pilot the raft out into the water, then run to the back of the raft and hit the raptor with the spear. This keeps the aggro. After a few hits go farther, more hits. Rinse, repeat until it’s dead. I did this multiple times successfully. The raft will take the damage instead of you and you can drive backwards to run forward for hits. A chest with supplies to repair raft may also help if you
  7. @ShadowKrio my thoughts. Megalosaurs are there because of their cool factor and usefulness in night raiding. For SP, they’re pretty much just like a trophy, but can be very useful for a variety of tasks during the night. Plus, unlike other cave mounts, they can carry creatures. Diplodoci are incredibly useful for lower level players. They are the easiest early game fast transport with large weight carrying capability. I used mine for mining transports. He is also incredibly useful in staying alive from predators... he has large health, decent speed and a knock back for hostiles. Also
  8. I think it’s funny how people say they don’t know how to work forums, which are all about READING, and then post before READING how to use them or even where they are in them when they post. It’s like trying to fly a commercial plane before even learning how a plane works and the basics of flying.
  9. This belongs in the advertisement forum
  10. It’s just a graphical glitch and goes away on relogging.
  11. Pretty sure they released new Primal Pass servers with the other server shutdowns... it was in the announcements.
  12. After you clarified, I said understood. But, I wouldn’t really look to the mobile platform for any serious construction gaming due to its severe limitations. If you want a challenge, though, try building a redstone computer/calculator in Minecraft mobile/pocket.
  13. @MikeSOTW so you replied to only the sixth month old posts? Not the one 3 days before your post that revived the thread? Or are you one of those who posts without reading the whole thread? One can’t be sure to whom you replied since you didn’t direct your reply to anyone and just gave general direction to everyone. And again, general direction that was incorrect. So claim what you want, but fact stands you replied to the whole thread representing a a specific situation as a general rule which can easily be misleading to less knowledgeable players and was inherently incorrect. I’d arg
  14. Not for the mobile game, and no, it’ll never be an option.
  15. Lol, he’s having trouble with his eggs expiring because he isn’t using fridges properly somehow. Far be it from me to assume he has the wherewithal to use and implant chamber properly, let alone get one as he’s already struggling with easier end game content ???
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