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  1. More than one adds the pack buff. Sooo... tame at least 2.
  2. @XaosRes good idea and thanks. I think I know a possible solution. @OP since you are on an android device, the play store default account may be your friends account since that is the one you used to access the game originally through the play games thing, even after switching to your own. You may want to go to the settings -> accounts -> google accounts and then completely remove your friend’s account. This may solve your problem. Let me know.
  3. nintendogamer7

    Blitz Week

    Do they roam freely or are they in combat rooms?
  4. Stop necroing this thread... Your post isn’t even relevant to this topic. How does having god console prevent you from taming creatures?
  5. nintendogamer7

    Blitz Week

    I’m tempted to waste time trying to get a lvl 400 eerie equus. Are jerboas and Megatheriums present in any of these dungeons?
  6. There’s at least one in each dungeon run during Blitz Weeks.
  7. Just farm autoturrets. Make, place, break... rinse and repeat.
  8. Your complaint is pretty minor as these issues are common with ports, even 1.5 years after release. Plus this is a mobile port of an incredibly resource intensive PC game. This issue may never be resolved since the game wasn’t built from the ground up for mobile. You gotta live with it. Plus, you’re complaining about placing defenses in single player... nothing can happen when you are logged off or outside of render, since the game essentially pauses. I guarantee you can create a perimeter of spikes with the occasional autoturret at intervals and be way more defended than you will ever need.
  9. Dear God in heaven... this is the mobile forum. Parasaurs don’t have any abilities in mobile.
  10. Never said it was the wrong place lol Just the last place
  11. I guarantee you that the mobile forum is the absolute last place you’d want to ask... however, no. It isn’t coming out Saturday.
  12. You can easily tell by seeing if you have any items upon respawning after a normal death. Death in the dungeons functions exactly the same as deaths outside, except your body bag isn’t accessible.
  13. They did give a reasonable amount of time for transfers, so you can’t blame anyone for having to start over. That’s a risk you take investing money into mobile games. I still think these data issues are on the provider side and not the game side, regardless of what people “think”. Data providers make small little changes and tweaks all the time that can have bigger seemingly “unrelated” effects on network users devices.
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