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  1. Lol, he’s having trouble with his eggs expiring because he isn’t using fridges properly somehow. Far be it from me to assume he has the wherewithal to use and implant chamber properly, let alone get one as he’s already struggling with easier end game content
  2. You were giving that advice to players who player on MP servers where real time is play time. I don’t play 48 hours in a row ever, but my implant timers don’t stop when I’m not playing unless they’re in an implant chamber. Taken at face value some kid on a server somewhere is crying because his unicorn implant expired because you said he had 3 weeks. It isn’t exactly helpful giving SP advice as fact to someone playing MP (tribemates was the second word in the post to which you replied). Timers don’t last 3 weeks. They last 48 hours. Always. The only difference is that time in single player stops when you logout.
  3. @XaosRes in all fairness I had the same issue you did, but as soon as I took my own advice and used google with those exact terms, the answer popped up at the top of the list. I had to double check because I wasn’t sure at first lol. You and I put in effort to find our answers. I just think others should do the same before asking others to help with something that can be easily found. Sometimes it’s easier to just look than to ask, Google is an amazing resource. And maybe the level of incompetency and laziness and entitledness on the forums is starting to get to me...
  4. Don’t know what version you’re playing where implants last more than 48 hours.
  5. It’s all the available information out there... so any intelligent person who gives even just 0.1% brain power to this solution should reach the conclusion that if the only thing that eats that particular kibble isn’t present in the game, simple reasoning would deduce that the answer is NOTHING. I know, it’s a hard concept to grasp, the concept of nothing. However, it’s a very true one However, this is not the case here. Please refer back to my very first suggestion, aka Google as if you took the 2 seconds it takes to type “baryonyx kibble ark mobile” you would find the first result contains information that baryonyx kibble became useful when they introduced the Megatherium into the Mobile game. I gave you the answers to the test and you still failed... in case you still haven’t grasped it, the answer is: MEGATHERIUM.
  6. Well, since you didn’t specify MP or SP, who could tell. For MP, it occurs on daily server restart. On SP, who knows? That’s what tickets are there for lol
  7. Ahhh, that’s makes more sense lol.
  8. I understand the appeal for it, but to come to Ark Mobile of all places and ONLY to build? It just seems strange to me lol
  9. You - you done? Damn, someone didn’t get their cradle rocked right last night. Do you need a new rattle? It’s an online FREE game. You aren’t owed ANYTHING. So, let’s scrap the self-entitled bullpoopy temper tantrum you’ve been throwing and analyze YOUR choices because, frankly, no one forced you to play the game. YOU chose to play the game of your own free volition with the knowledge that server closures are a potential future outcome. You whine all day about sound business decisions, yet you forget the simplest of things: you could have prevented this. You chose to play on official servers. You could easily have played on or started an unofficial server to avoid all your current troubles. You went into the gaming knowing this could happen, accepting the risks. Now you want to complain and blame someone else for the choices you made? Grow up. That’s the way of the world. Actions and consequences. Get over yourself. You aren’t that important. And honestly, no one cares about your whining. Accept your decisions and move on so that we can have some peace here. P.S. you don’t deserve my help but I’ll still offer it. You can save your tames by moving into single player and then you never have to worry about your whiny complaints again tell your whiny, cry baby friends too!
  10. Are you hitting save or exiting the game normally after making changes or are you just force closing?
  11. Try checking out @TranquilityEden’s videos and posts. He does building stuff for Mobile. Although, I gotta say I find it somewhat odd that you come to Ark Mobile of all places just to build when there are way better building games/simulators whose point is... building. Instead of survival.
  12. Simple Google search or Dododex can find this for you OP. Check it out: Megalania.
  13. AFAIK it only overwrites character data, but they included all this information in the original post.
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