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  1. That’s totally not cool... I work hard for my amber. Down with the cheaters!
  2. @Usuallyafk how the hell? That quetz has way too much hp for a medium server at that level and with that torpor... I’ve never seen anything like this, but I also only play on my own server so I have banhammer privileges.
  3. nintendogamer7


    The individual has to click to ride in their pouch...
  4. Just make sure tribe settings have all ownership set to personal only when you leave you’ll take it all with you. You may need to rebuild a few things before leaving after changing this if it was previously tribe owned.
  5. nintendogamer7


    People, yes. Pets, I’m not sure.
  6. Ummm... they already added these items... yo-yos, jump ropes and ball paddles.
  7. Yes, only on rooted devices. But then why not play pc?
  8. Expecting them to translate it properly is a huge expectation for developers... most games make it into foreign languages due to the efforts of the actual game community, not the devs.
  9. nintendogamer7

    Green dye

    Why is this so hard for some peeps? All the recipes are also on Dododex.
  10. Well first of all, why are you letting them take it? Take it back. Secondly, you can’t take their gold chain off a tame. Premium items are user locked until dropped (in the case that they can be transferred between players). Lastly, it is spelled fair. A fare is a price you pay for access or a service.
  11. If this ever is a thing, it is far in the future. I wouldn’t hold my breath.
  12. @Krixasgaming and @SurviveWithTodd picture attached. I’ve only found one so far despite searching 60% of the map (which is 1 more than I found during the Halloween event), and it wasn’t a very good item for being ascendant quality and such a high item rating. Okay, does it work with PvX servers as well? Or only PvP?
  13. nintendogamer7

    Blitz Week

    @XaosRes there’s literally no one but me on it lol if you change your mind let me know. We were only ever an adult community before everyone left.
  14. You’d have to use the account link option which seems to be disabled at the moment.
  15. There are only 3 color region variants on mobile, so this wouldn’t really have much effect. I can see why you’d want it though, since mutations can be unreliable. I’d just like to be able to remove dye from items to return them to their original colors. Same with pets, without having to use recolor.
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