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  1. Well, since you didn’t specify MP or SP, who could tell. For MP, it occurs on daily server restart. On SP, who knows? That’s what tickets are there for lol
  2. You - you done? Damn, someone didn’t get their cradle rocked right last night. Do you need a new rattle? It’s an online FREE game. You aren’t owed ANYTHING. So, let’s scrap the self-entitled bullpoopy temper tantrum you’ve been throwing and analyze YOUR choices because, frankly, no one forced you to play the game. YOU chose to play the game of your own free volition with the knowledge that server closures are a potential future outcome. You whine all day about sound business decisions, yet you forget the simplest of things: you could have prevented this. You chose to play on official servers. You could easily have played on or started an unofficial server to avoid all your current troubles. You went into the gaming knowing this could happen, accepting the risks. Now you want to complain and blame someone else for the choices you made? Grow up. That’s the way of the world. Actions and consequences. Get over yourself. You aren’t that important. And honestly, no one cares about your whining. Accept your decisions and move on so that we can have some peace here. P.S. you don’t deserve my help but I’ll still offer it. You can save your tames by moving into single player and then you never have to worry about your whiny complaints again ? tell your whiny, cry baby friends too!
  3. You could always make it to the endgame before trying to cheese endgame content lol... and did you submit a ticket for the issue? It is the ONLY solution, for the third time this thread.
  4. Clearly you don’t understand how juggernaut room mechanics work... maybe you shouldn’t be doing dungeons if you can’t figure this out ?‍♂️
  5. See my response directly above your post. It tells you to submit a ticket if you are having a name change issue.
  6. You need to submit a support ticket.
  7. I’m not sure about single player. My former response was concerning multiplayer. However, have you tried doing a hard reset on your device?
  8. Didn’t they mention that it wouldn’t take effect until the next daily server reboot?
  9. @WarDrumJordan can you make it so the boxes don’t automatically despawn in daylight? They should stay spawned in until their timer expires like you did for the Halloween event in 2018. They’re already hard enough to find without them instantly despawning because night passes faster on most unofficial servers or an admin flips the time and something you searched so hard for disappears as you finally go to open it.
  10. @Krixasgaming and @SurviveWithTodd picture attached. I’ve only found one so far despite searching 60% of the map (which is 1 more than I found during the Halloween event), and it wasn’t a very good item for being ascendant quality and such a high item rating. Okay, does it work with PvX servers as well? Or only PvP?
  11. Thank you. I’ll check in the nitrado settings for this option. Wait... we can’t have dungeons be PvP on PvE servers? I play on a solo server so there’s no way to increase my element rewards? They spawn on single and multiplayer during the in-game hours of 5pm thru 6am. Unofficial servers should slow down the passing of night to increase the amounts of basket spawns per in-game day. When entering the game options/settings part of your inventory on the left side at the bottom will be a button labeled “Support Codes.” If you click on that, you will be able to enter your code.
  12. How are dungeons changed to PVP and how are the element rewards different?
  13. No, lol. Devices need a minimum of 2gb of ram just to load everything at the lowest possible quality. Then you have to have a processor that can handle rendering the graphics.
  14. Arthro damage updates are a pleasant surprise! Thank you! Awesome dungeon meshing fix! Thank you! I was wondering what we were going to be able to use the extra trophies for! Great TEK additions! However, is the TEK generator ever going to power implant chambers so we can use the full 10 slots? And fix the issue of tribemates turning the chambers off with screen taps that waste element in them when trying to access ones when they don’t have permissions to access? Dear God in heaven!!!! Thank you for the patch notes fix! Ughhhh, I’m so happy about this! The patch notes state that adjustments were made, but I haven’t been in game to check what has been affected. EDIT: Only walls, foundations, doorways, ceilings (all reduced to 5) and doors (reduced to 3) have seen drops in element cost. No other structures, including lights (still 10 element), have seen decreases.
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