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  1. Well, since you didn’t specify MP or SP, who could tell. For MP, it occurs on daily server restart. On SP, who knows? That’s what tickets are there for lol
  2. You - you done? Damn, someone didn’t get their cradle rocked right last night. Do you need a new rattle? It’s an online FREE game. You aren’t owed ANYTHING. So, let’s scrap the self-entitled bullpoopy temper tantrum you’ve been throwing and analyze YOUR choices because, frankly, no one forced you to play the game. YOU chose to play the game of your own free volition with the knowledge that server closures are a potential future outcome. You whine all day about sound business decisions, yet you forget the simplest of things: you could have prevented this. You chose to play on o
  3. Does anyone actually read before posting anymore? Several important questions were ignored that may be crucial in solving your issue.
  4. You could always make it to the endgame before trying to cheese endgame content lol... and did you submit a ticket for the issue? It is the ONLY solution, for the third time this thread.
  5. Have you tried any of the solutions posted 100s of times concerning issues launching the game. SP or MP? How much RAM does your phone have? What type of phone is it? WHICH Android update was it? Every phone has a different “newest” update, with manufacturers/carriers often tailoring the OS for specific devices in different ways. Have you tried clearing the cache? A hard reset for your device while the app is installed?
  6. Well, that’s very helpful since there are about as many different versions of Android OS as there are phones to run it. How do you think people can even begin to help you with only the vaguest, most general and incomplete details? In my opinion, these types of people don’t deserve help.
  7. To OP, something else on your device could be causing the issue. What changes were made prior to experiencing this issue?
  8. Clearly you don’t understand how juggernaut room mechanics work... maybe you shouldn’t be doing dungeons if you can’t figure this out ?
  9. See my response directly above your post. It tells you to submit a ticket if you are having a name change issue.
  10. You need to submit a support ticket.
  11. Stop necroing this thread... Your post isn’t even relevant to this topic. How does having god console prevent you from taming creatures?
  12. They did give a reasonable amount of time for transfers, so you can’t blame anyone for having to start over. That’s a risk you take investing money into mobile games. I still think these data issues are on the provider side and not the game side, regardless of what people “think”. Data providers make small little changes and tweaks all the time that can have bigger seemingly “unrelated” effects on network users devices.
  13. I’m not sure about single player. My former response was concerning multiplayer. However, have you tried doing a hard reset on your device?
  14. Didn’t they mention that it wouldn’t take effect until the next daily server reboot?
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