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  1. AlphaDogYT

    Rex versus Spinoboy

    Epic artwork!!!!
  2. AlphaDogYT

    Shipbuilding by Fin

    Capt’, whar shall we pillage next?
  3. AlphaDogYT

    Raptor Pack

    Amazing artwork! Of my favorite creature, the Raptor!
  4. So, Martellus, the Human NPC helpers part of your essay popped out at me. As part of my idea-theory, I think that we —the survivors— would meet survivors from the Earth, from before the ARK project. They might be hostile, or could be friendly. But in my wildest dreams, it could directly be related to the Explorer Notes. We could meet the writers of the Notes!
  5. So we have been left off in a cliffhanger from Extinction. I have so many questions. Will we have a new DLC? If we saw that Rockwell escapes in the cutscene, what will happen now? Will this have to do with the Explorer Notes? If we are getting a new DLC, what will it be called? Will Rockwell stay evil Rockwell forever? Or will he be revived from his current state? Where will it take place? I have a small idea, though. Since all the ARKs have returned to Earth, it might have to do with them. If we got rid of the element, then the corrupted creatures are no more, and we will hopefully not have a desolate wasteland to roam. We might have a land spotted with ARK remnants. But what about the Obelisks? They have been a key in the function of the game ARK. Even Extinction had them, the Earth. Wait... this might lead to us on another planet! Oh, so many ideas. Do you have any?
  6. Well, on my Xbox One, it runs fine. Only twice has it crashed, and both times were explainable. The first is when I spawned an army of OP compys to fight the dragon, and the second was when I tried to spawn in a reaper queen. Both have to do with things on my end. Besides the on-off mount, boss summoning, return from arena, and occasional pause, those are the only glitches I’ve seen.
  7. It’s Ark Winston! Also, I am hyped to download it in a few days (skool)! Thanks so much Wildcard for making Ark the world’s best game!
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