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  1. So recently I did a crystal run with my argys after finished with it I landed on top of ally’s base and went afk for 10 minutes with me still on argy I came back to find myself spawned in with a new character and looked for my old character on other servers and everything I played on but couldn’t find it. So I submitted ticket and meanwhile made new character so my question have anyone experienced character get lost bug and do the devs restore or should I just keep on going with the new one? Because I have alot of eggs from event I wanna hatch but waiting on the support response on the situation so what guys do you think well they restore my character or should I just start my breeding as its pointless to wait? Thank you
  2. New people in server are one cause for this problem but the main cause I see is people using the server as storage for dinos to sell on later. I been on this server for couple months and there are 2 tribes I have never seen on and many of my server people complain about them to. Also, the other day someone cryoed over 100 dinos to hatch his wyvern eggs and 2 minutes later server got capped.. I think our server's case is someone trooling and just taming unnecessary dinos to block others during event I saw couple tribes taming over 10+ low event griffins just to block their spawns and block public traps usage..
  3. On my rag server people keep croying dinos on frequent basis to try and keep the server under cap but server keeps on hitting the cap almost instantaneously.
  4. I just wanted to share the fact that gachas dont need food to grow up just let them wander inside leash and leave pc on and gl
  5. So I had an anky with 750 melee and over 1.4k weight that just disappeared from my metal outpost with nothing in tribe logs to indicate what happened to him I was like it may have exceeded the stats possible cus i thought such stats r to high on anky and I just let it slip by then I had a crystal dedicated anky sitting in my base just spawn any explanation?
  6. I would like to buy a seat in i could bring everything other than rex if u still offering the run..
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