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  1. Ryuenji

    What are the actual in game Easter colors

    There is black too like black not greyish one.
  2. Ryuenji

    Easter Tames

    When its official , I can post
  3. Ryuenji

    TLC Phase 3 Suggestions

    Carno - Needs the hatchet bite to do either bleeding or do more damage like bear maul. They also need a visual update , they have some ugly colour tonation thats green and never goes off no matter what colour it is. And their stomping sounds can be reworked , when one walks around , it feels like a giant walking lol. Griffin - Yes , Griffin , its nerfed to death already and with rock drakes being added they become pretty useless. Either add a saddle for them or make them breedeble, I dont know why we cant breed them really, they are not that strong anymore. Anky - Bone crushing ability : The right click breaks the bones of the foes and slow them for 8 secs. Spike Shield back : When attacked on is back pshyically like biting its spiky back , it does thorns damage and do some damage to the attacker. Weak point : If you hit ankies legs or neck , it takes more damage. Like flyers taking more damage from projectiles. I like the way anky looks but Its size can be bigger and its walking/ running animation can be reworked aswell. Quetzal - Glide / Dive ability : An icon under stamina icon is put and when its filled after flying a certain of time, Quetzal can use its glide ability to fly faster like the griffin , if you hold the shift and direct your mouse down , it dives and flies faster , BUT consumes 3x more stamina than usual. If you fly straight with the ability , it glides and loses less stamina but fly slower. With these abilities , you can keep the balance between the abilities and quetzal can be viable again. Right now its pretty much turned in to a dino transport for most of us , Karkinos got its place on metal farming / weight lifting etc.. Bronto - Mega Stomp : Bronto gains a new ability called Stomp, when it stomps with its forelegs , it does an aoe damage and stuns the targets thats close to it, It gets a global cooldown after it uses it. Sabertooth - I dont get why saber is being rejected really. It should be stronger and It needs abilities than a visual update more imo. Pounce / Prowl : Holding the right click makes saber to change its stance to prowling stance , it prowls to its prey and pressing space makes it pounce on to the target and it does more damage to the prey.
  4. Ryuenji

    This Raporting Raptors!

    I was on my raptor to test out the new ability , but raptors couldnt pounce me while I am standing still lol. I am glad they are more dangerous now.
  5. Ryuenji

    Spino Breeder Stats - Wutcha got?

    6.9k hp 1610 stam 576 weight 425% meele 0 mutations, however hp is on a different spino and I have been failing to get hp and the rest together lol.
  6. Ryuenji

    x2 this weekend

    Well, so many people plan to do things according to 2x events. Saving kibbles and not taming in weekdays etc... We cant really ignore the fact that we get used to it, the feeling when you waited for something so much and its not happening or etc.. I have been playing ark since day 1 , taming was way longer those days and harvesting was way harder. WC made 1.5x perma and did a good job on that if you ask me , but right now giving events on each weekend made everyone to wait for the weekend weekends. We can not really deny that fact. So many people including me work in weekdays till evening and can only play in the evening.
  7. Ryuenji

    Rock drake mutations

    Its not really a mutation , its a mutation colour which means just a colour that mutations can have. They spawn with these colours and if you are lucky enough , you can find the parents egg with the exact colour and lvl. I am so wanting a full white drake or yellow one. I got red ( not the event one red ) and magenta drakes . Its another good thing to make people find different goals ingame at least for me! I want to have pretty , cool coloured drakes for sure since drakes are my current obssession.
  8. I have been killing reaper queens for weeks , to lvl my drakes / reapers or get pregnant and I used to walk on the pink water alot at some points. Last night , I was trying to find a high lvl queen to get me pregnant . I stepped on the same pink water and bamm my hazmat chest got destroyed instantly . When did they change it that way? Only my drakes feet were inside the pink water . The water wasnt even deep to get this happen? It started to happen after the last patch and there is nothing about it in the patch notes.
  9. Ryuenji

    Karkinos/ankylo duo

    Here thats what I do , solo myself. And farming great amounts of metal easily. Drop anky in the middle of like 3-4 nodes , swing your tail and unmount and grab it back and repeat. Farming alot of metal easily that way , simple but efficient.
  10. Ryuenji


    I hope "never" , I dont want any other map that will be dino dumped and capped =_=".
  11. Ryuenji

    When is the Valentine event?

    Have been up for event for hours and its 4.12 am for me and going work at 8.00am and still delaying the time...
  12. Ryuenji

    The Big foot is visiting Abberation?

    We want to watch the video man? where is it?
  13. Get ready guys , they are coming in 30 mins If they dont delay the update of course.
  14. Ryuenji

    Spino Breeder Stats - Wutcha got?

    6988 hp 1600 stam and 355 meele is my best one.