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  1. Colours and festive items are on, but rates are not boosted in Valguera even they said it is included? Have we waited for nothing?
  2. There are no rates event on Valguero.
  3. Ryuenji

    Valguero and X2

    Yea still no 2x on Valguero, I guess they forgot. We got the message but still no bonus.
  4. Well, most of us couldnt even use that extra time because not all of us had holidays during weekdays. Now I have my weekend and there is no 2x
  5. Only thing that annoys me , they spamm it No global cooldown on them lol.
  6. 6.9k hp 1610 stam 576 weight 425% meele 0 mutations, however hp is on a different spino and I have been failing to get hp and the rest together lol.
  7. Its not really a mutation , its a mutation colour which means just a colour that mutations can have. They spawn with these colours and if you are lucky enough , you can find the parents egg with the exact colour and lvl. I am so wanting a full white drake or yellow one. I got red ( not the event one red ) and magenta drakes . Its another good thing to make people find different goals ingame at least for me! I want to have pretty , cool coloured drakes for sure since drakes are my current obssession.
  8. 6988 hp 1600 stam and 355 meele is my best one.
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